In 2019, following the conclusion of recording Twin Flame Ascension School, or TFAS, a small group of disgruntled former students began to maliciously feed the media with compelling and well-timed false narratives that portrayed Twin Flames Universe as a dangerous cult that only seeks to profit off of its students.

In reality, for over 450 hours of classes conducted over a period of two and a half years, Jeff and Shaleia helped TFAS students successfully overcome their inner blocks, which resulted in a happier, freer inner world for those students and success with their Twin Flames.

The small number of disgruntled former students ultimately became disillusioned and hostile when they began uncovering some of their own core inner blocks through the program. But rather than take advantage of the tremendous support offered to them, and rather than take responsibility for their own much needed inner work, they chose to project their blocks onto Jeff and Shaleia and the Twin Flames Universe community. Psychology Today states that projection is:

"The process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object... Unconscious discomfort can lead people to attribute unacceptable feelings or impulses to someone else to avoid confronting them."

In order to avoid confronting their own discomfort, these disgruntled students chose to create wholly false narratives, essentially claiming that Jeff and Shaleia were egomaniacal cult leaders, who use Twin Flames as a tool to manipulate people and who take pleasure in destroying the lives of those who disagree with them. This aggressive push of the false narratives to the media uncoincidentally began soon after a significant portion of TFAS students achieved Harmonious Twin Flame Union, with some of those students actually getting engaged to be married.

The false narratives and gossip sold well to the media. The disgruntled former students were willing to fabricate any support for their stories, including by lying, acting, distorting, withholding critical information, and taking quotes completely out of context to weaponize them against Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe. This partnership between the corrupt media and the few disgruntled former students resulted in the current distorted, fabricated, and sensationalized narratives we see being widely published and pushed by the media today against Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe.

twin flames in love

But these stories do not reflect the genuine experience of the vast majority of the thousands of students who are experiencing, or have experienced, the wonderful results of the work of Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe.

Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe attempted to work with the media extensively to bring the truth to light in the face of these false narratives, but their posture of openness, honesty and vulnerability was only further preyed upon by the corrupt media, who then distorted such openness to further reinforce the false, sensationalized narratives. The reality of the success of Twin Flames Universe and Jeff and Shaleia, and their students, and the extensive information provided to the media completely neutralized the false reports that the media and disgruntled former students were peddling for their own agenda. Of course, as is often the case, the truth was glossed over, avoided, and ignored as much as possible all in order to uphold the fake news and false narratives that the media wanted to promote.

Having been thoroughly rebuked by Twin Flames Universe and Jeff and Shaleia, the media companies, their associated employees, and the former disgruntled students, rather than concede that they had been peddling completely fabricated stories, have instead simply doubled down and ramped up their attacks as loudly and persistently as possible in the hopes that such hand-waving will convince the general public of their false claims. But the truth cannot be denied, no matter how loud and persistent the attacks become. 

Below are some of the false narratives created by the few disgruntled former students and being peddled by the media. We have provided the actual reality next to each false claim in order for you to see the real truth and understand what Twin Flames Universe really is and really stands for: truth, love, and happiness.

False Narrative

Jeff and Shaleia are egomaniacal cult leaders who use Twin Flames as a tool to manipulate people and who take pleasure in destroying the lives of those who disagree with them.

Actual Reality

Jeff and Shaleia are genuinely loving Twin Flame Spiritual Gurus who teach Twin Flames as an Ascension path to God. They find immense joy in helping others heal and grow spiritually and their body of work has undeniably successfully helped thousands of individuals with the process of coming into Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

jeff and shaleia in Sedona

False Narrative

An extensive network of well-meaning former students naively got themselves wrapped up in a dangerous cult. They are compassionately sharing their story and hope to prevent and liberate others from the manipulation and control of Jeff and Shaleia.

Actual Reality

A small handful of former students, who were given clear, consistent, and transparent expectations up front about the nature of the relationship they were engaging in when joining Twin Flames Universe classes. They became disgruntled when presented with the inner darkness they would need to overcome in order to heal, grow, and attract their Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

They quit and blamed Jeff and Shaleia for uncovering their own inner darkness. Unwilling to accept responsibility for the awareness they uncovered, they lashed out. They aimed to manipulate the narrative in order to avoid feeling through and healing some of the pain they have been experiencing inside which drove them to seek help in the first place. The Twin Flames Universe community has deep compassion for them and honors the choice they made to not heal and to leave.

False Narrative

The family members of TFU students whose family member decided to end the relationship with them were getting in the way of Jeff and Shaleia’s manipulation and control. Jeff and Shaleia saw to it that their relationship ended so Jeff and Shaleia could control their loved ones more easily. The ending of the relationship caused significant damage and trauma and Jeff and Shaleia and TFU are solely responsible.

Actual Reality

The family members of a minuscule percentage of TFU students, whose family member decided to end the relationship with them, were revealed as toxic relationships through the student’s own thorough process of inner investigation and relationship healing with their family member. Jeff and Shaleia teach that you don’t have to stay in toxic relationships where the other party is unwilling to work on the relationship, even if such relationships are with family members, as painful as that can be. This is an abusive relationship and you are worthy of healthy relationships. The ending of these toxic relationships brings peace to all parties involved because often for the first time in their lives, the family members are shown a healthy boundary where they had never before known one.

False Narrative

The media is playing a neutral and objective part in shedding light on Twin Flames Universe. It does its sincere best to provide unbiased, valid perspectives in order to tell the story like it is. It may present things in a way that is interesting for the publication’s audience, but it never deviates from facts. It is providing an honest representation of the situation. It has a significant trove of information from a variety of sources which have been vetted and engaged with in a highly professional manner to back up its position.

Actual Reality

The media is an industry comprised of for-profit companies. The expressed primary purpose of most companies is to produce profit for their shareholders. The media converts attention of any kind into profit. Journalists are paid by their companies, not to tell the truth, but to tell stories that get attention.

The media routinely stretches, manipulates, and distorts reality in order to publish sensational attention-grabbing content. Since the invention of the printing press, the media has a tenured history of lying, distorting the truth, and even blatantly covering it up in order to protect and further the careers of journalists, editors, and publishers. It does not matter if others are harmed, as long as the media feels that they can get away with it. They hide behind the first amendment and each other, point fingers, lie, operate in gray zones, and manipulate, among other standard industry tricks in order to avoid repercussions.

False Narrative

Twin Flames Universe promotes stalking your Twin Flame person, blatantly ignoring their boundaries, and obsessing over them, even to a criminal extent.

Actual Reality

Twin Flames Universe promotes respecting the boundaries of others and obeying the law in all circumstances. It teaches you to cultivate your own inner well-being to naturally attract your Twin Flame to you.

False Narrative

Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe promote forced gender identity changes in students.

Actual Reality

Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe encourage and invite students to gain clarity on their sexual and gender identity through the students’ own self-discovery and exploration. Whatever a person discovers about themselves, and even whether they choose to explore or not explore themselves, Jeff and Shaleia and TFU accept that person and their choices unconditionally. Twin Flames Universe is a safe and tolerant place for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

joyful lgbtq twin flames running together

False Narrative

Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe are charlatans and their system for bringing Twin Flames together is false and fraudulent. Desperate for a success around the time TFAS recording was concluding, and having a majority of women as their student base, they forced some students to change their gender identity from feminine to masculine, then arbitrarily matched them with a feminine student. Their manipulation is so profound and complete, many desperate students bought it and have taken masculine pronouns and gotten into relationships with their fraudulent Twin Flame.

Actual Reality

Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe have a specific, repeatable, scientific process for bringing Twin Flames together into Harmonious Union. They have discovered that all Twin Flame pairs are made up of masculine and feminine counterparts. After having completed years of intensive work many Twin Flames did discover one another and came into Harmonious Union together, which should not be an unexpected result.

Jeff and Shaleia teach that your soul is either masculine or feminine which the body you were born into does not necessarily reflect. Having done extensive inner work on themselves, some students discovered their own soul’s polarity to be different than that of their body. They chose, without any pressure from Jeff and Shaleia or Twin Flames Universe, to explore changing their gender identity to match that which they discovered their souls to be. Even if a student discovers their polarity to be different than that of their body and they decide to keep their body’s gender identity, Jeff and Shaleia always teach and demonstrate that the choices of individuals must be respected. Respecting the choices of another is a core tenet of the Twin Flames Universe teachings.

Everyone’s Twin Flame spiritual journey is unique to them and extremely sacred. Jeff and Shaleia do not control the process, dictate anyone’s Twin Flame person, or force anyone to do anything at all. They teach, very simply, to heal the inner blocks to love and to trust the love in their heart paired with common logic.

twin flames holding both hands

False Narrative

Jeff and Shaleia are getting rich by scamming, manipulating, and stealing from people.

Actual Reality

Jeff and Shaleia have extensive experience and education in business and spirituality, and they have an incredibly strong work ethic. This is no doubt part of the reason they were able to successfully establish Twin Flames Universe and the scientific and spiritual processes that underlie the thousands of success stories from their students. In fact, Jeff and Shaleia’s partnership and success is a testament to the power of Twin Flames in Harmonious Union. Unlike many other businesses and services that attempt to do what Twin Flames Universe achieves, Twin Flames Universe is always upfront with the costs associated with its programs and content: there are never hidden or required additional charges. Furthermore, what Twin Flames Universe offers is an invaluable path to happiness and love, and the vast majority of its students do not regret paying for such a guided path.

community together


Twin Flames Universe is a beautiful spiritual community on the cutting edge of spirituality and human culture. It is filled with richly diverse, wonderful, loving, extremely brave, compassionate, kind, smart, and generous people from all walks of life all over the planet. These gentle people want nothing more than to help others and to better themselves in the process. It is a place where people are courageous and determined in spite of the recent false narratives cultivated by disgruntled former students and the corrupt media.

Twin Flames Universe is a place where people can safely explore themselves spiritually and the spiritual nature of reality. It’s a place where so many people are deeply spiritually aware of themselves and develop that together with one another. It was founded by two people who refused to reject their own spiritual nature and experiences, despite unbelievable social and cultural pressure to do so. Jeff and Shaleia discovered something spiritual in nature that is so close to all our hearts and is only possible if we are truly eternal spiritual beings. Twin Flames are real. True, perfect romantic love and partnership is real and Twin Flames Universe is the place where you can be guided with full support on the journey to fruition and beyond.

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