Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) is your way to everything you have ever dreamed of. Jeff and Shaleia have refined the methods of Twin Flame Ascension for years. As Twin Flames living in Harmonious Union, Jeff and Shaleia know the keys to success on your Twin Flame journey.

You will learn:

  • How to have a relationship with God
  • How to heal emotional trauma
  • How to achieve Harmonious Twin Flame Union
  • How to manifest your dreams

Nothing can get in the way of your Harmonious Union! TFAS will show you how to overcome any challenge and tackle any hurdle.

From the most advanced spiritual students, to those brand new to spirituality, relationships, love, and inner work, Jeff and Shaleia communicate in a simple, yet profound and powerful way that gets straight to the core of your heart.  They will guide you all the way home to your core self, where you realize you are perfect love, perfectly loving, and perfectly lovable. You are deserving of all your Good, and attaining harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame dissolves the foundation of the painful illusion of separation from your Good.   In other words, take the class and embody the teachings, and you’ll find a state of consciousness within yourself which creates your reality for you perfectly.

Classes are uploaded weekly with students you will come to know and love as you watch their Twin Flame journeys unfold.  You’ll develop a relationship with each of the students, and with Jeff and Shaleia as love moves through them to share with you your specific message each week.  Love is the real teacher, and you’ll come to find that even though classes are recorded, you are treated with limitless personal attention and consideration by your Creator through this class.

In addition to recorded classes, we maintain a facebook group where open discussion of classes takes place.  The group is cared for intensely by Jeff and Shaleia, and you will find a safe and loving place to open up, share, and discuss your Twin Flame journey, and connect with others on theirs.  Joining the group is absolutely free. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP.

The first three classes are free, so you have an opportunity to deeply explore this path for you, get to know some of the students, and learn how this scientific process of coming into harmonious Union works.

Over and over again Jeff and Shaleia’s work on Twin Flames has proven that yes, everyone does have a Twin Flame created for them by God.  Yes, all you need to do is choose love and move forward into your loving choices. Yes, all is handled for you by God. And yes, Jeff and Shaleia are lovingly guiding you in the fastest, most direct, and most compassionate way possible.

Manifesting your Twin Flame is easy, and coming into harmonious Twin Flame Union is simple.  Join Jeff, Shaleia, and their beloved students in Twin Flame Ascension School. It will be the best decision you have ever made in your life.


Consultations are held over video conference with one of our highly trusted and skilled Vetted or Certified Ascension coaches. The consultation lasts 20 minutes. If you have purchased and read the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, your consultation will be 30 minutes. 

Once you have signed up for a consultation, one of our Divine Channels will intuitively pair you with the coach that is best matched with you (unless you request one of our coaches specifically). Your coach will then reach out to you to schedule the consultation at a time that suits you. 

In your consultation, your coach will introduce you to the Gold Standard of Twin Flames Universe: Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class, which brings about the permanent end to separation with your beloved and complete alignment with your highest destiny. This is the total solution for your life that your heart has been calling for. Your coach is there to answer all of your questions and show you how to take your next steps in manifesting your perfect life.

 The consultation is also a time for you to explore whether you and your coach are a good fit for a fruitful and supportive coaching relationship. They are there to hold your hand and gracefully show you the way to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and complete harmony with your true Life Purpose. The way has been paved; all you must do is walk it.


The community is amazing

TFAS has changed my life in so many beautiful ways. One of my favorites is the depth of connection and friendship that I have now with others in this community. This work is such a gift and I am so grateful that we get the opportunity to share in it together.

This pic is from our TFAS girls night last night where we planned moving forward with local Portland events to talk about twin flames, the mirror exercise and TFAS. My heart is so full! 

(See Katie live in class now – click here).

Katie Meyer


The love and wisdom that Jeff & Shaleia bring to each class enables me to easily expand in love, awareness, and peace..Thankful for Jeff & Shaleia as well as these classes because they have helped me understand the depth of my journey and gain spiritual knowledge I was previously unaware of.

Ryan McIntyre

Permanent, life changing results

I felt lost as if my heart’s desire, my Twin Flame, was always out of reach and I became anxious and depressed. While searching, I discovered my spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia on the internet. When I read their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and joined this school my whole life changed. The Mirror Exercise they teach gave me permanent results. Not only did I resolve upsets and feel closer to my Twin Flame, but also my symptoms of anxiety and depression were healed. My friends and family have all noticed my progress since joining Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class. I am truly grateful.

(Watch Leesie’s Twin Flame story in the Wed 7 PM classes now – click here).

Leesie Mappes

Life Purpose Class is an epic education in mastery you can receive from Jeff and Shaleia, who are already living it. 

Life Purpose Class, or LPC for short, is a 150+ hour class given over the course of 100+ sessions, designed to help you become rich, happy, and free in a way almost unheard of on the planet today. It truly is the next level in lifestyle reserved for those willing to learn the very well taught lessons by very seasoned and professional teachers demonstrating and sharing it with you.

Check out Life Purpose Class here!