“You may say that I’m a dreamer…”

Ahh, You know after reading that quote you have a little John Lennon playing in your head at the moment. And if you didn’t…well you do now. You’re welcome! =)

So… I’ve always been a dreamer, not only a daydreamer but also a nighttime dreamer. These dreams that I have had, even as a child, have always stuck out in my mind and I intuitively knew that there was a deeper meaning behind each one. Even looking back now, my dreams were like signs pointing me towards the next step in life or like a golden nugget, a piece of information about something that would be unfolding in my life. They always seemed so vivid and real. If there was anyone around when I had woken up after having a dream, you best believe that they would have an ear full since I was always eager to share the information that was revealed in my dreams. Most would say, “Oh it’s just a dream,” but I just knew that there was a deeper meaning that was yet to be discovered.

What exactly is a Twin Flame dream? I have found that our dreams are manifestations of our thoughts and desires from within the subconscious and unconscious mind. You can learn so much about yourself from paying attention to your dreams. What I have learned from my Twin Flame dreams, is that often upsets are revealed and brought to the surface so that they can be healed within the union. I would like to share one of my beautiful Twin Flame dreams with you…

In this dream I was walking through what appeared to be a maze, the kind of maze you might see at an amusement park. It was a long tunnel with many twists and turns with a lot of dark and well lit areas. I felt very confident walking through the places that were lit up but once I would approach the darker areas, fear would creep in.

I was alone but felt a presence with me. This presence kept slightly pushing and guiding me forward. I had no idea where I was headed but continued to trust and kept taking each step that was in front of me. Eventually, I saw two double doors directly ahead, and joy and happiness overwhelmed me as I took off running towards the doors! I pushed my way through and ran outside to be greeted by the warm sun. I quickly noticed a woman sitting on a bench off to the right. I made my way over to her and said, ‘I did it, I did it with God!” This woman had a grin on her face as if she had already known what happened; this woman was my Twin Flame.

This dream is very symbolic to the Twin Flame journey itself. You may not have the slightest clue which direction you are going but you continue to trust and have faith knowing that you are being guided perfectly in every moment. Surrender to what is and allow the magic and miracles to unfold.

Dreaming about your Twin Flame is very easy to do and it is a compassionate way to reveal blocks within yourself and your union. Since you are in a complete state of surrender during sleep, this allows for desires and feelings to come to the surface without any resistance. You can choose to set the intention to dream about your Twin Flame before falling asleep. Also, you can ask God to help you to remember your Twin Flame dream upon waking.

You may be wondering why I am writing a blog about dreams and what this has to do with Twin Flames and the teachings of Union. Well let me share with you…

I met my Twin Flame in 2008 and a friendship blossomed between the two of us. I did not spiritually awaken to the Twin Flame journey until the beginning of 2016. When I realized the truth of the connection that we shared, I started to search for information and ended up following a lot of different Twin Flame teachers on Youtube. I ordered readings and even some webinars from some of them but all of it was a dead end and I started to feel a bit lost. But hey, little did I know that, just like in my dream, God was guiding me perfectly to exactly where I was meant to be.

I came across Jeff and Shaleia’s Youtube channel sometime around the beginning of 2017 and the words that they spoke seemed to ring true in my heart. There was a nudge inside of me so I decided to contact Jeff and asked about joining in on one of his Twin Flame Ascension School classes, just as a test run. That same week I was a guest in the Sunday evening class. I felt nervous but also felt joy in my heart that maybe this is what I had been searching for all along. Needless to say, I was all in after the first class.

Jeff and Shaleia gave me such a warm and loving welcome, nothing that I had ever experienced before. Everything that was taught and shared in that first Sunday class felt right and made complete sense. Whatever information that I had learned prior to this quickly fell away as my consciousness soaked up all of the truth and love. It felt like there was a way after all and this wasn’t just some fantasy. I finally felt at home.

I officially joined TFAS in May of 2017 and I also purchased Jeff and Shaleia’s book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.” This book is incredible and also goes into detail on a spiritual tool we use called the “Mirror Exercise.” This is an easy and simple way of going within and loving the upset parts of yourself. Since you and your twin share the same consciousness, the upset is healed for the both of you. Pst….this is all you need to attract and attain Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Go purchase this book now and find out for yourself the amazing juiciness of it!

As my journey began with the school and I committed to using the Mirror Exercise daily, my spiritual gifts slowly started to emerge. During the Christmas Holidays of 2017, the truth behind my dreams really started to be revealed.

In a one week time frame and six consecutive nights in a row, each night I had a dream about other students from TFAS. I felt guided to share the dreams and each one was confirmed as truth by the student themselves. I was blown away by the accuracy that was given in my dreams and not only this, I was super happy to know that I had a gift to share with others. The details of the dreams ranged from revealing blocks and upsets to a simple dream about a student browsing around online looking for an ugly sweater. Indeed, it was confirmed that two days before I had this dream, the student had been searching for ugly sweaters online. God threw some fun into the mix!

The deeper I went with my “dream gift,” the more it was revealed to me. Not only did I receive messages in my dreams but I could even connect to the energy in a dream that was written out and receive messages and meanings to the dream. And with this, pieces of my life purpose began to unfold.

Life purpose, what does this have to do with the Twin Flame journey? It’s simple… God created you with a purpose! Every single one of us was born with a purpose and living out your life purpose is extremely fulfilling and highly attractive to your Twin Flame, especially because your life purposes are either the same or complimentary! Union with God, yourself, and your Twin Flame along side your purpose is all the same. And your life purpose is a journey that will forever be unfolding. There is no end, it is an eternal dance between you and the Divine.

My dreams have played an important role in my life, they still do and always will. The only difference is now I know that I hold all the power within me to manifest all of my dreams and heart’s desires simply by always choosing love. It is as easy as this.

I am so incredibly thankful to Jeff and Shaleia for showing and leading us the way to creating our own Heaven on Earth. My life before meeting Jeff and Shaleia and becoming a student of TFAS was very mundane to say the least. I didn’t have a true sense of direction in any area of my life and especially with my Twin Flame journey.

I have now invested in all of the teachings of Union, not only Twin Flame Ascension School but I am also a subscriber of LPC (Life Purpose Class). The life that I live now is one that is completely filled with purpose. So much so that I was able to quit my previous factory job that I had for eleven years and fully dive into what I love doing now, which is being a Twin Flame Coach and a Channeled Dream interpreter.

I love co-creating with God in all ways and each moment only becomes richer than the last. With that being said, I would like to extend an invitation to you…Are you ready to take the next step forward in your journey? To take back your power and create the life that you desire to live? To turn your dreams into a reality? If so, book an introductory session with me! What are you waiting for?!

Breann is a Twin Flame Coach, Divine Channel, and a Channeled Dream Interpreter at TwinFlameUnionWithin.com. She has been a live student at Twin Flame Ascension School since May of 2017. Breann has experienced transformations throughout all areas of her life since following the teachings of Union. While exploring her life purpose, she has discovered that her true heart’s desire is to share this work and to assist others into their Harmonious Union. The Twin Flame journey is one of self discovery, self love, and oneness with God. Breann feels very passionate when it comes to helping others and gently guides each one of her clients through upsets and wounds as they are lead into deeper levels of love. Hand in hand, Breann aspires to show you how to manifest all of the desires within your heart while leading you the way to creating your Heaven on Earth.