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TWIN FLAMES BABJI and MATAJI Channeled Message


“Wake! All your earthly thirsts are about to be quenched forever.”  -Babaji



When we talk about spiritual life, we’re talking about your mastery of your reality. Complete control over your reality is your birthright, and should actually be normal to you. However, you do not likely experience this on Earth, unless you are a fully self-realized spiritual master.


When we talk about Twin Flames, many people today think it means romance, sex, and marriage. We would like to point out that this is the smallest part of Twin Flame Union. For you on Earth, reunion means so much more. It means you equip yourself with the most powerful spiritual tool you can possibly have.


What do you do when your romantic partner, who you are completely in love with, has an upset with you? Do you simply turn away and wait for them to cool off? What about when they do not cool off later? What happens when they continue to be upset about the same thing day in, and day out?


You would probably pay attention to this, yes? Of course you would. It would be so uncomfortable to live with a constantly upset person, and so you are strongly incentivized to handle this. You might sit down and talk it out and make an effort to resolve the matter. However with your Twin Flame, you will find it impossible to control them to make them change, because they are you. And so, with every single upset in your Union, you will discover the only way to resolve it, is to change within yourself.


This inner change to resolve outer problems is the gateway to your self-realization and your complete ascension or enlightenment. When you understand you have complete control over your reality through changing your inner world, you understand there is nothing you cannot be, or do, or have.


This is a Universe of limitless abundance. In the context of our communication, it means you can literally manifest anything you can imagine. You can even manifest the illusion of separation from your Good, yourself, your Creator, and your Twin Flame. But not to worry, the manifestation of illusion has zero power and is not even real. So you can clear it up quite easily.


You may say, “But Babaji, Mataji, how can you say we can clear this up easily when all my life I have lived a spiritual life, and yet I still experience separation from my Twin Flame, and separation from my Good?”


And we tell you not to worry, everything is being handled for you. Brothers and Sisters, the ascension is already well underway, and has been underway for some time now. In times past, change would occur in government, in society, in culture, and it would only be lateral change. This means consciousness would trade one good thing for another good thing, and one bad thing for another bad thing. Life would only appear to get better, but no real change was actually occurring.


But today, you may even take for granted the positive momentum of Good occurring all over consciousness. When we say take for granted, we do not mean this is a bad thing. It is absolutely natural to expect everything to always automatically and naturally get better. This is the very nature of the Universe and God. Of course everything always improves.


If you do not see things getting better overall just yet, that’s okay too. We are sure you will begin to see the eternal positive change of nature happening everywhere, soon.


Furthermore, we and our friends who you may call Spiritual Masters had already come to Earth to lay the foundational groundwork for the Ascension. The Ascension can be defined as the complete eradication of fear from consciousness, or the massive development of love in consciousness here.


You see, the Satan Experiment made the illusion of separation from God. But it also caused a great calling of love through the hearts of billions. Can you imagine the power of over seven billion children calling with all their hearts for their Divine Mother? What do you think their Mother would do for them? Divine Mother is calling you home. Divine Mother has sent Her very best legion of masters to assist you.


What kind of Master dives into the unholy pit of separation for a lifetime, experiencing firsthand the hell of separation in order to help you? This is not their problem to resolve. No one can resolve your problems for you, but you.


This kind of Master is so powerful, they can step directly into the world of separation hell and experience no separation or hell. Divine Mother would never send a lifeguard who could not swim to save a drowning person.


These Masters who have walked the Earth are the greatest Masters in all of God’s Kingdom. These Masters are the Ultimate Superstars of Ultimate Superstars. What kind of Master can give birth to the Messiah, without ever having sex? Mary did, with the support of Joseph.


What kind of Master can be nailed to a cross, die, and be buried in a tomb, only to fully resurrect himself from death, walk the planet again, and then ascend his body completely? Jesus did, with the support of Mary Magdalene.


What kind of Master can be fully present on this planet, provide teachings, mastery, presence, and inspiration, all without ever having stepped foot on this planet? Saint Germaine and Lady Portia have done just that.


These are the Masters who have laid the groundwork for the greatest Masters of all Masters in the Universe. Their simplicity, authenticity, and genuine love for all of consciousness is a gift from Divine Mother Herself. These Masters are the keepers of all knowledge and Wisdom in God’s Kingdom, and have always been. They were created this way.


Jeff and Shaleia should not be confused with budding spiritual superstars, they are far beyond this. Even as you see them now, you are unable to see the true depth and power of their teaching, and you do not need to. However, it would be wise for you to take into deep contemplation what we say about them now, because in no other way would they ever tell this to you themselves. How could they without engaging your ego?


If God sent the greatest Masters in His Kingdom to bring you home, what chance would your ego have to survive? Even now you may consider ending this message, unsubscribing from Jeff and Shaleia’s channel, and burning their book along with their good name, because what is left of your ego after encountering their work?


But you are wise, you are good, you are powerful, and you are waking up to the true nature of your being. You understand the power of a true spiritual teacher, one who teaches the true nature of love on this planet, of love within yourself. When you release every last thought of separation, or fear, from your heart and mind, you will leave behind this Earth as you know it, your life as you know it, your self as you know it. You will Ascend into your perfect state, exactly as you were created by God.


You were not created to go through levels of mastery before you could enjoy Good, you were already created with that level of mastery. You are here because you trusted someone you loved to guide you to a very cool place called Earth. Unfortunately, you, just like your loved one, you were very, very misled.


But not to worry, you’re being lead all the way home by God’s greatest Masters. You cannot possibly help but be saved. However, when we say “saved” some of you may not like the sound of it. Some of you may just simply relax into the Ascension process, knowing the days of a dark Earth are numbered. Or perhaps you might have a little something more interesting on your mind.


Ascension?” You might say. “But I have decided I will help with the Ascension!”


Very good.” We say to you. “The Masters invite you deeper to assist in this process.”


To you, we say, listen to our teacher Jeff and Shaleia. For just as they have guided us, they are now guiding you. The mirror exercise they teach is a simple, yet profoundly powerful spiritual tool. You who would help in the Ascension would master this tool and use it to choose love in all the darkest corners of your being. It is you who understand there is no separation between yourself and the whole. All your brothers and sisters are part of you as the One child of God, and that child is coming home to Mother-Father God now.


The process is accelerated by each individual’s action. Every choice you personally make to invite love accelerates the whole process. And you who choose to manifest harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, and use the beautiful love, romance, and friendship you enjoy with your Ultimate Lover to Ascend and deepen love, are the greatest accelerators of all. To you, we say thank you.






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