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Twin Flames: The Freedom of Single + The Power of Marriage


Twin Flames: The Freedom of Single + The Power of Marriage


I’d like to share a story with you which will show you the power of Twin Flames and your ability to be free, be yourself, and feel completely uninhibited by having your Twin Flame. In this blog I also discuss how to reveal your True Twin Flame within your relationship\Union and continue to prove your Union to yourself and each other.


Many people enjoy the “freedom” of being single, and weigh that against the freedom of having a partner. Many people realize at some point that life is a whole lot easier when you partner with someone in it, and so they get married or do something of the like. In a way, this is a bonus. Bills are less expensive, chores are easier, you have more social access and a bigger family, etc.


However, in getting married to someone other than your Twin Flame, you give up a lot of things. Let me show you an example in my real life, so you can see how it works.


Shaleia and I work from home and can work pretty much whatever time of the day we desire. We work a lot, but we tend to take mornings off. After a while of this, we started to sleep in a lot. Then we would sleep in so much, it would be sometimes late into the afternoon that we would actually wake up and start doing stuff.  This would propel our days to normally end sometime between 3am and 5am.


I had some appointments recently which required me to wake up in the morning around 6am. My honest desire is to wake up in the morning like most people, preferably before the sun rises. I like having a lot of daylight, especially in the winter times when in Michigan, there is a lot less sunlight than in the summer.


I have been naturally enjoying waking up early recently, but this has caused me to be almost completely on opposite schedules from Shaleia. I would wake up just after she went to sleep, then after she completed her morning routine and woke up, we would only have a very short day together before I went to sleep again.


This appears to be not optimal for our Union, and yet I still desire my schedule and I do not foresee her wanting to change how she sleeps. She likes her sleep and her schedule very much, although I know we desire the same thing in our hearts.


If we were not Twin Flames, a choice like this on my behalf would be a very serious problem in our marriage. If I continued to make choices like this, it would cause our marriage to eventually be completely sapped of life and energy, because my choices would be bringing us apart from each other. However, in Union I can be completely free to honor my heart’s highest choices without any fear of our Union being damaged. In fact, I know when I follow my heart I grow our Union, and never harm it.


“And so, I am completely free and that freedom grows my Union.”


Someone else we encountered recently who appears to have it all was discussing her marriage with Shaleia. She loves dogs and wants to get a second dog. However her husband is not interested in having a dog. This is very hard on this person’s heart, because of her love for dogs in her home.


Shaleia mentioned to me how hard this must be, to have to have disagreements on so many levels of life with her partner. This person had to make a concession in her life and marriage on something so important to her.


Recently in our lives, Shaleia and I decided we definitely wanted a Burmese kitten. It took just a few minutes of researching breeds to decide upon our perfect breed. I had been interested in a Bengal (which looks like a small leopard!) which is a very powerful cat breed.  Shaleia knew she did not want this cat breed, and she gently made me aware of it.


But I did not listen to her opinion, although I took it into consideration. I listened to my own heart. Each day, all day, we are testing our Union by standing upon it. If she does not follow my heart’s truest desires by following her own, and vice versa, we are not Twin Flames. And for us, this relationship is not worth it. However, each and every day, our Union proves itself to us again and again.


I considered fitting the Bengal into our lives and quickly knew it would not make me happy because it was not the best fit for our family. Shaleia did not try to persuade me, did not try to control me, and did not even bother telling me why I wouldn’t feel good about this choice. She gave me space to discover my own heart’s desire. Then when she was clear and I was clear, we reconvened to discuss.


If there is ever a discrepancy between our individual desires, we get clear on what our true mutual desire is. This allows us to refine our desires even more deeply and become very clear on our direction always.


And so, we discussed quickly what we desired in the cat, and found the Burmese.








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