Valentina Vettini

Valentina is a Certified Ascension Coach, and has been studying Jeff & Shaleia’s teachings since December 2019. Since immersing herself in their teachings she has had break-through after break-through. She finds Jeff and Shaleia’s body of work to be invaluable, and completely transcendental. She speaks from a place of truth when she says it is the key modality for One to come into union with their true Twin Flame, and to harmonise with their true Twin Flame, and beyond. She desires Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union for herself and for all.

Valentina offers Twin Flame Ascension Coaching and Card Readings.

Healing specializations: False Twin Flames, Sexual Abuse, Narcissistic Abuse, Father Wounds, Mental Health, Art & Creative Expression, Romance, Sexuality, LGBTQ+.

Language Fluencies: English, Italian.

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