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Your TWIN FLAME ORACLE CARD MESSAGE (Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2017)


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

-Lao Tzu



In today’s Twin Flame reading, it is emphasized to remember you need not struggle to enter your harmonious Twin Flame Union.  Yesterday’s reading with the Lotus Flower touched upon this, that the lotus does not force change or growth, but merely allows its growth to happen in perfect Divine Timing and Order.  The lotus knows it will bloom when it is meant to, and so does not worry, or fear, or control when and how it will bloom.  It knows that its job is to simply receive the Sun and the water, and that God is in charge of when it will bloom, and it will be perfect.



Be open to receiving your harmonious Twin Flame Union in perfect Divine Timing and Order.  There is much healing that goes into vibrating into a higher state of consciousness to match your harmonious Twin Flame Union.  The pace of healing is perfect and compassionate for you. Trust God in that.  Know that periods of rest are essential in growing into your harmonious Union.  During these periods of rest, it is essential that you specifically focus on what gives you comfort and nurturance, and do that.


It may appear from the outside that you are doing nothing, but the truth is that on the inside there is much happening and shifting within you. Society as a whole does not honor or value inner work and healing (unless you’re in a hospital bed) because it looks like you’re doing nothing, but when in fact you are doing something VERY big, loving, and compassionate for yourself and the world at large, and it takes a significant amount of your energy to accomplish this job of loving yourself into your Twin Flame Union eternally.



Trust this process of coming into your harmonious Twin Flame Union, and just relax as everything perfectly and naturally unfolds in Divine Order.  God knows all the secrets and desires of your Heart and is bringing them to you, but it’s essential you remain open to receiving love, and part of this receiving right now is releasing all control over to the Divine, and giving yourself proper rest and comfort as you upheave from doing your spiritual work.



Blessing your Twin Flame Union forever,

~Jeff and Shaleia~




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