A Success Story from Twin Flame Ascension School



“When my best friend of many years was revealed to me to be my Twin Flame, I immediately looked for resources to help support me on my Twin Flame journey. It was imperative that I wisely navigate this seemingly delicate situation! I wanted to find a united pair of Twin Flames to help me into Union with my Twin Flame. Uniting with my Twin in a romantic relationship seemed impossible and potentially disastrous, so I made it a priority to find the best help possible. I knew there would be many questions and doubts that would be blocks along the way, so I sent the intention to find a united Twin Flame pair (aligned with God’s highest and greatest Good for all involved) to help me on my journey. I began sifting through the myriad of Twin Flame content on YouTube, when I came across one of Jeff and Shaleia’s videos. I felt my intuition nudge me and synchronistic signs revealed to me that they were the ones that were best suited to help me in my situation.


They were the answer to my prayer. I trusted my guidance to work with them and chose to do so without hesitation! I had just enough money to pay for one session and immediately chose to invest ALL my resources in manifesting my heart’s desire, harmonious Union with my Twin Flame. I went ALL IN! During our first session there were several signs that I was indeed in the right place with the right people at the right time.


 My Twin and I had already begun discussing who and what we are to each other prior to my seeking out the services of Jeff and Shaleia. All the feelings of desire and love were washing over us both. But it wasn’t cut and dry…it seemed complicated. One of us was married, both of us mothers of children, neither one of us had been living “out of the closet”, and we lived many hours away from each other. So many fears came to the surface: Is this real? Will there be willingness to leave the security of financial stability, social acceptance, traditional family structure, etc. for the chance at authentic love or is that a fantasy of movies? Would it even be for the best for everyone (including both of our children)? What if we make the wrong steps towards union in the wrong order and it all fails and causes destruction in both of our lives? Although my list of fears and doubts seemed endless, I was reassured by working with a united couple that it could be done. This helped me to keep my faith in what I believed to be God’s plan for my life and I committed to the process, to the Twin Flame journey, and to the path of unity with God and Love.


I bought Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and read it that same day. The insights and tools shared in the book were of immediate use. Everything started to move fast and everything was intense! I was not sure where the resources for my sessions would come from, but I knew that if my intention was supported by God, the resources would surely manifest. Sure enough, I was soon able to pay for three more sessions with Jeff and Shaleia for our work to continue.


There were times when I felt elated and times when I felt as if everything was falling apart. The emotional volatility was often overwhelming; having the support of Jeff and Shaleia to augment my own spiritual practice proved to be of immense value. When I would reach out to Jeff and Shaleia with upsets that I was experiencing, they were able to guide me back to the perspective that resonated with what I intended to experience, the alignment with Love and Truth. They were able to point out my blocks and support me in my process in a way that was (although sometimes questioned) ultimately effective. It is important that I mention to you the questioning and doubts because when I would doubt my own inner guidance and own advice, their guidance would seem questionable to me. I even found myself using their guidance or suggestions as a means to manipulate and attempt controlling my Twin Flame Union because of my fear of separation and powerlessness. But, the accelerated process of the Twin Flame journey quickly showed me my error. So, I just let go of control and continued to use the mirror exercise to heal the upsets in my life experience as they would arise. Jeff and Shaleia remained in their aligned point of reference through all of my upheaval and doubting.


After working with Jeff and Shaleia for another three sessions, I found myself having more and more communication and deep connection with my Twin Flame. The inner work I was doing (with the help of Jeff and Shaleia) to come into a continuous conscious connection with God and remain in a state of self-love was manifesting into my life experience the increasing connection with my Twin. And after only a few months, my Twin Flame and I were united! We discussed plans for our future together. I was blown away with appreciation!


Months later, here I am…writing this testimony for you, whoever you are. I am living life in Harmonious Union with my Twin despite all the apparent obstacles and it is an experience that is beyond description with words. I could not have imagined a better lover or friend for myself than I have in my beloved Twin! No matter what your situation, no matter how impossible it may seem…it is possible for you. If you want to manifest your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you can…it will require you to make that choice and to commit to the process. And, If you want to speed up and/or ease the process (as I did), I recommend seeking the help of those who have already made the journey and have acquired the insight and specifically designed tools for this work…Jeff and Shaleia were those people for me. And I am ever appreciative.”

-ANNE IRWIN from The Twin Flame Way



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