Oh my gosh I am so honoured to be you and Shaleia’s student. I honestly couldn’t ask for more, but my heart and arms are wide open! I am overflowing with love. The teachings you have brought us, not only brought me to my Twin Flame – but transformed my ENTIRE LIFE.  You have and continue to show us the way home and for that, there are not enough words to thank you. I am living the real-life fairy-tale that I only spent my entire life dreaming of.


Is It Time For You To Find A Life Partner?


What do you expect the next step will be?

Will you tiger-eye the next attractive person you see, hoping they will be interested in you too?

What about dating websites or services?


Do you expect to sift through hundreds of profiles or be “matched” to the best available person by a computer?

What about spending thousands on a dating professional to help match you or coach you along the way?


What if the “right person” isn’t available right now?


How would you know?


Do you pick someone because they look attractive and have some things in common with you?


How would you know

when it was the right time

to take yourself off the market

and commit?


Do you expect whether you might have to be flexible with your morals as you date around, looking for the right partner?

What if a better person became available

just when you decided to commit to someone else?


What if you did find a good match,

but you both change as the years go on,

drifting apart?


A HUGE percentages of marriages today fail, what is your hedge against this daunting statistic?

What if you had invested deeply in this person, what happens to your investment if you break up?

How many break ups could you stomach before you settle or decide not to try any more?

Do you feel like this is the inevitable result of partnering with someone unless you get very lucky or are willing to settle? Do you actually enjoy dating, or somewhere in your heart do you dread the awkwardness of it, expecting a temporary success to only end up with another ex?


What if there was something else?

What if there was a way to avoid all this and guarantee yourself the perfect partner? What if you could find a person who is exactly like you, but complements you perfectly in every way?


Could you imagine

what it might be like developing a friendship with the perfect person for you?

Could you imagine

what it might be like falling in love with your person?

Could you imagine

partnering with your perfect person for life? Would it be easy, fun, and rewarding?




What if you knew how to successfully work through the challenges of your relationship in a healthy way,

even without that person having to work it through with you?



Would you feel in control of your romantic life?

Would you feel safe and powerful in your partnership?

Would you finally allow yourself to let down your guard and let that person in, so you could experience deeper love?



What would a relationship like this with your perfect person look like after

a year,

or ten years,

or fifty years?

Would you find relief and security in the knowing this person is right for you?

Would you expect to have all the same kinds of challenges as other “best match” relationships?



What if there was a scientific process to finding your perfect partner?

What if there was a way that guaranteed perfect success every time?

What it would take for you to try that way? Are you worth giving it a shot?



Would you expect that way to look like every other way,

or would you expect that way to be fundamentally different?

Do you expect to continue doing the same thing and get dramatically new results,

or do you expect you might need to try something very different to get very different results?



What if there was a way you

could safely do ALL this from the comfort and privacy of your home,

WITHOUT having to intrude upon the life of another,

OR have your life intruded upon

by the sometimes burdensome and discerning eye

of a potential partner found in traditional dating?



Would you be willing to try this other way if it was safe, even though it was different?

If you started getting positive results with this other way would you give up if you weren’t immediately married to your perfect person?

Would you allow this way time to work, or would you give up after an hour, or a week, or a day?



What if you saw dramatic results happening, but they weren’t finished yet?

Would you give up then?

What if others had already successfully attained the results you sought? Would you continue trying out this other method?



If there was even a tiny chance that this was possible for you,

how much effort do you think it would be worth investing before giving up?

OR would you persevere to ensure your success?



How long before it would be a good idea for you

to go back to the old way of doing things

that got you the old kind of tired results

that failed to provide a




and sustainably hot






What kind of world would be built on a perfect romantic relationship like that?

Would you want to be part of building that world,

just by being in love with your perfect partner?

What kind of dreams and adventures would you live out with that partner?

Would you let them be boring, draining, tiresome, or monotonous?



Would you accept the opportunity

to learn more about how to get this perfect person

if you were shown the way?



We are Jeff and Shaleia (sha-lee-yuh) and we both went through the kind of turmoil endless dating offers.

We experienced the heartbreak,

we knew the loss,

we pushed through the awkwardness.

We put in the effort and we got the unsatisfying results so many times before we found another way, a better way.

We’re going to show you that way. It is not a fantasy or a hypothetical.

We found the perfect person and we can show you how.

It is real.



Today we are happily married.

Truly, happily married.

We WAKE UP every day with the perfect person next to us.

We LAUGH together,

we LOVE together,

we DREAM together,

we PLAY together,

we LIVE life together.

We WORK together and EXPLORE together.

We even SHARE our greatest secret and most valuable treasure with the world together:

this process with you.



We learned a counter intuitive process that anyone can do to find their perfect partner.

It doesn’t cost any money, does not require any products, and does not require you to do anything you might consider to be in the morally gray zone.

You don’t need to go on dates or scout through endless profiles.

And you DON’T need to settle!



We KNEW when we had discovered this, it would be the most valuable thing in the world to people.

But we also knew it might be challenging for people to accept it at first,

because it requires you to do the exact opposite of dating.

Some people can sometimes have a challenging time changing the way they approach something,

even if the old way of thinking didn’t produce satisfactory results.



We have a school called Twin Flame Ascension School

where we teach students how to find and develop a relationship with this perfect person.

We have allowed a limited number of students to attend so we could give intimate,

personal attention to each student as they learn this one invaluable lesson and skill which brings them their perfect partner.



As we developed our school and explored what we have in our own marriage,

we discovered what we have is much more than just an exquisite romantic fit.

We have something transcendental to current romantic relationships.

There is absolutely NO comparing our relationship to what people traditionally have.

People decades older than us have come to us, who have had decades of experience in marriages.

They tell us unequivocally their old marriages were nothing compared to what we have shown them.

They are incredibly happy today with the results our work provided them, and we can show you the way too.



Love for us has always been both a scientific pursuit,

utilizing logic, facts, and real information,

as well as an emotional and spiritual pursuit.

If the partner did not fit, they did not fit. It was simple,

and we both would quickly move on to the next person, hoping the next one along would be a better fit.

We each realized after extensive journeys in society’s dating world,

exploring all kinds of normal and radical concepts,

that our standards had become so HIGH,

we would likely never find an even acceptable partner for our liking…



We knew we would be settling unless a huge set of criteria were met, just for us to be comfortable accepting another person as our partner.

We also knew our ideal criteria would be so impossible, no single person could possibly fulfill the level of desire and particularity we had each developed.

Our tastes for a significant other had become so developed and refined, absolutely no person could possibly fulfill our highest wishes.



It would appear that we had each arrived at the end of the dating road,

and in truth,

we had!

There was nowhere else to go.

We had to let go of the idea of dating,

and maybe even having a significant other at all.

We knew it would be a BIG, expensive mistake to settle.

To partner with someone is to intertwine your life with them.

We both valued ourselves highly, and knew it would be a waste of time to burden ourselves with the wrong person.



But then we found each other.



We each had done extensive personal development, self-discovery, self-exploration, and inner spiritual work to get to know ourselves.

The Love List

In knowing ourselves and in exploring dating, we had each developed extensive lists of our perfect partner.

Jeff quit writing after one page, realizing this person was likely impossible. Shaleia had 12 pages just to cover the basics.



But then when we found each other, the lists were inadequate to describe the perfection we discovered in each other.

That same perfection we still experience to this day!

And, it has a significant track record (over four years from this writing, to be exact) of not just remaining,

but actually GROWING…!



The love we experience today is unspeakably beautiful.

Unquestioningly Divine.

Unequivocally magnificent and fulfilling in every way.

Finding this perfect person, we later discovered, is a repeatable process that anyone can do.

It is not an accident.



We consciously retraced our steps.

“How did we get this?”

Statistically speaking, this was in another realm beyond outliers.

This wasn’t even off the charts or out of the ballpark.

It was in a completely different Universe.

The level of compatibility is unspeakably perfect,

comparable only to the perfection of nature in its infinite wisdom, balance, abundance, and harmony.



We had both experienced enough quality partners to know when we had struck gold in love.

And the first thing we worked to do was begin to share this love with others.



You might think finding this person is impossible, but it’s not.

Of the 36 students in our school,


We assure you when we say this, you can have your perfect partner too.

Yes, you.

You can have your perfect partner too.



In fact, we are so certain of the science of our work, we guarantee it.



Imagine a life where you do not have to feel alone anymore.

Where someone understands you,

is just like you,

gets all the depth of your uniqueness,

knows your humor, and loves you for YOU!



Would you find it incredibly easy and wonderful to be with this person?

Do you choose to step into a life where you can be completely in love with someone perfect for you,

who is completely in love with you too?



This is the world we would like to introduce you to,

it is the world of Harmonious Twin Flame Union.



Everyone has a Twin Flame, including you.

You did not create yourself, and we did not create your Twin Flame for you.

You and your Twin Flame were created together in the same instant,

the moment you were Created by your Source, to be perfectly complementary for each other.

To be together forever as best friends, eternal partners, and ultimate lovers.

You and your Twin Flame are meant to be together, and with no one else.



Our work has proven this over and over and over again.

In fact, if you decide to subscribe to our Twin Flame Ascension School, you can literally watch it happen to our students!


The process we discovered is very simple

and is founded on a very simple understanding

and mastery of how reality works.

Here is literally the whole thing:

(we told you it was free!)



1. The Universe is made up entirely of vibrational frequency at its foundation.
Everything has a particular vibrational resonance.
From matter to energy, from experiencing to being, everything is frequency at its most essential level.
Everything vibrates at very particular and unique frequencies.  (Science!)

2. Like vibrations attract (are magnetized to!) like vibrations.
However you are vibrating, you will attract vibrational experiences to you which vibrate just like you do.
This is why, for example, some people can never seem to get ahead financially or in life, while others can just succeed so easily comparatively.
Each of these experiences is a vibrational experience these people attract to themselves.
This is how we attracted for ourselves our Twin Flame, and you can too!

We will show you EXACTLY how, without leaving a hint of confusion or ambiguity in your mind.
Through our work, you will know clearly and unequivocally what you must do to have your Twin Flame in permanent Harmonious Union.
(That means forever.  You and your Twin Flame, happily ever after.)

3. You can change your vibrational frequency specifically and intentionally by making new choices in your mind.
Your choices actually change the frequency of your consciousness, thereby creating new experiences for you.
Fully engaging in our work will not only prove this to you as a concept,
you will literally watch the lives of others and yourself transform as a result of this.
You will be able to pinpoint it with exact scientific observation.

4. In your heart, you desire something beautiful and perfect for you in romantic love.
This is someone special to you. Many people have called it your “Soul Mate” but we understand it to be something even more special.
This person is your one and only, they’re your person forever. This special person is called your Twin Flame, and they are your perfect partner.
We live this every single day and all 36 of our students know this to be absolutely true from their own personal experiences too.

We have very intelligent, logical students including PhD’s, scientists, lawyers, business people,
and critical thinkers from all over the world with all kinds of spiritual, social, and cultural backgrounds.
They all agree, everyone has a Twin Flame, and they met theirs.
Isn’t it time for you to be with yours?
Here’s a sweet little video you can check out as a small reminder:
Somewhere Out There Video + Lyrics
(opens in new tab)

5. When you decide to be with your Twin Flame, your world will begin to shift, drawing the experience to you.
Everything which is not vibrationally in harmony with this experience of your Twin Flame will come to you.
You will need to say “no” to all these frequencies and “Yes!” to all the frequencies in alignment with your Twin Flame.
This is a process.  Our work is designed to support and guide you through this process.

6. You identify everything out of alignment with the vibration of your Twin Flame by
how each experience and opportunity to make a choice feels to you.
Your feelings are a highly sophisticated system for sensing vibration in the Universe.
You were created this way for a reason.
If it feels bad in your heart, you do not choose it.
If it feels good in your heart, you choose it.
Simple as that!
Don’t worry,
our work trains
and attunes you
to do this
like a

7. After sorting through all the vibrations in your consciousness through
your choosing process which are not in alignment with your Twin Flame,
you will meet them.
It has happened every. single. time.
for every single one of our students,
and it’s happening to people all over the world right now.
We literally have the whole process recorded
and you can watch it in our Twin Flame Ascension School.
We’ll link you again below.


We have arrived at a very special time in human evolution

where a great many people are beginning

to look around and say

“Why am I here?”

“How did I get here?”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“How can I get what I want?”



We were not satisfied with the answers to these questions society today was providing for us,

and so we sought to find our own answers using the scientific method combined with vigorous experimentation

in the area of our own consciousness and reality itself.

We discovered the keys to perfect romantic love, and we lovingly offer them to you.



This process we outlined above is very simple.

We will express it completely in one sentence to simplify it for you.

“You choose your Twin Flame, which changes the vibration of your consciousness,

and you keep choosing them until they arrive.”

This is simply stated, but as we said before,

can be challenging for some people to accept in its simplicity

because most of us are so used to an immensely

complicated dating and romantic life.



Attracting your Twin Flame is an ongoing process.

You don’t need to worry if you make a mistake and miss an opportunity to make a choice.

The Universe you live in is a vibrational system.

It will continue to offer you opportunities to make a new choice again and again

until you either drop your choice to be with your Twin Flame, OR you finally meet them.

It will always seek balance, and will naturally help you to find the balance you seek.



It’s okay if you don’t fully understand this yet.

This page is meant as an introduction into the world of Twin Flames and our work.

We have plenty of resources we have created to assist you in this process.

Many are free, and some have required so much investment from us, that we do charge for them.

But don’t worry, we are extremely generous with what we have because

our deepest desire is to share this fantastic, beyond words experience of Harmonious Twin Flame Union with you.



Because this can be so radically different than dating,

it can take some support and reinforcement for you to

change the way you think and go about attracting your Twin Flame to you

so you can enjoy permanent Harmonious Union with your true Twin Flame.



There is so much we have to share with you!

We have spent years preparing this body of work for you and are absolutely delighted

and honored to concisely share extend to you what we have learned.



The following resources we provide are your next steps

in mastering this process and coming into

Harmonious Twin Flame Union yourself


Our free Facebook group “Twin Flame Ascension School: Open Forum” is a place where people from all over the world discuss their Twin Flame journeys.

This is a beautiful community of people who are on their Twin Flame journeys.

You can come, learn from the experiences others are having, share in their successes,

ask questions, make friends, share your journey,

and when you become experienced enough,

you can help others on their journeys if you like.

The Facebook group is free to join.



Our YouTube channel is a collection of OVER 200 videos we have created to assist you

into meeting your Twin Flame and coming into permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date as we do release new videos.



Our book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” is a fantastic place to start and develop deep mastery over the subject of Twin Flames.

It will equip you with the most powerful tool we have for helping you through the whole process of your Twin Flame journey, and so so much more.

The first ten pages are free to read, and you’ll find it absolutely a fun, informative, easy, and extremely empowering read.

Check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you.



If you like guided meditations,

we have a meditation CD available which will help you tune your consciousness

to the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The first track is free to listen to on our YouTube channel HERE and you can find the entire CD HERE.



We offer two e-courses for students who desire to take their journey deeper and understand the power of what we offer.

  These students know how powerful a gift having their Twin Flame is, and are willing to invest deeply into themselves.

  The first one is called “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” and helps you prepare and magnetize your Twin Flame through an 8 lesson course

designed to massively amp up your vibration of romance to attract your Twin Flame and deepen your romance.

You can watch the first lesson for free HERE.



The second e-course is called “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.”

It is 24 lessons long,the first 4 lessons are free.

It is special because it is an in-depth course which guarantees Harmonious Twin Flame Union as a result of the teachings of course.

It gives you the whole process clearly, concisely, and with a powerful and expansive teaching with exercises around it.

It will inspire and focus you from lessons 1 to 24, and is vibrantly rich and deep, yet very easy to smoothly work through at any pace.

You can check out this phenomenal e-course HERE.



We found, however, that for some people,

they desired an exquisitely intimate experience for their Twin Flame journey

beyond what can be offered through e-courses, books, or other products.



Some people wanted to know everything there is to know about Twin Flames,

the Twin Flame journey,

and how and why it works so perfectly every time.

They wanted support through every step of their journey.

They asked us to show them the way personally from not knowing their Twin Flame to

enjoying the divine experience of permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

We created Twin Flame Ascension School for YOU!


Every week for two years we are conducting three classes of twelve students maximum for an intimate journey

to completely transform their lives into lives of


  We record the classes so you can follow along with the journeys of all the students

and see our process dramatically change the lives of all our students.



You can interact with them and other students on our Facebook forum as well,

which is designed as the perfect complement to the rest of our Twin Flame work.

Here you can learn with expert observation and some of the deepest teaching possible,

all while having access to a community of people where you can openly discuss your own Twin Flame journey,

and your journey with Twin Flame Ascension School.



Dramatic transformations into lives of love and divine romance are happening right now.

We offer five free Twin Flame Ascension School classes you can watch to get a feel

for whether Twin Flame Ascension School is right for you.

  Begin your Twin Flame Ascension School journey HERE.



If you haven’t found something you love yet, scroll back up and click on anything that seems like it might fit you.

  We can absolutely show you the way, but you have to take the steps.

You are worth it!