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What Are Twin Flames? The REAL Definition

Mirror souls, sparkly violet flames, two halves of a soul that were dismembered by an annoyed Zeus…there are a number of theories out there about what Twin Flames are, but what are Twin Flames REALLY?

Book Reveal: The 2nd Edition of ‘Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover’ Is Out! 

Jeff and Shaleia’s groundbreaking book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, is now out in paperback after nine months of hard work! 

7 Signs that your Twin Flame Union is Imminent.

So you’re committed to your Twin Flame Union. You might be even diligently loving yourself with the Mirror Exercise which makes you irresistible for your Twin Flame. But how do you know when you’re close?

The best decision ever

“Oh my gosh I am so honoured to be you and Shaleia’s student. I honestly couldn’t ask for more, but my heart and arms are wide open! I am overflowing with love. The teachings you have brought us, not only brought me to my Twin Flame – but transformed my ENTIRE LIFE.  You have and continue to show us the way home and for that, there are not enough words to thank you. I am living the real-life fairy-tale that I only spent my entire life dreaming of.”
Sama Amlashi
Teacher & Live Student

Meet Jeff and Shaleia Divine

Jeff & Shaleia found each other because of very specific choices, and things both did. Jeff & Shaleia endured tremendous struggles, upsets, and challenges in order to discover their Twin Flame; and then devoted themselves fully to Love, in order to attain permanent Harmonious Twin Flames Union. They achieved this for themselves, and now they share with you how you can also manifest your own Union.

Jeff and Shaleia lovingly and humbly present their life’s most valuable treasure, so that you too may experience the eternal, rich, perfection of your Twin Flame forever.