Twin Flame Ascension School Praise


“I joined TFAS recently and after just two classes so much in my life is coming together not only in regards to my Twin Flame but in every aspect of life.  The energy we share during class and between the students sharing our experiences with each other is without a doubt divine love! ?” -Christine Kay (a few days before meeting her True Twin Flame)


 “I thank God everyday for TFAS! When I joined I didn’t even understand the concept of a Twin Flame. Now I’m proudly in a video telling the world that my beautiful Twin Flame’s name is Marc. ?? I can’t express enough how much I love Jeff and Shaleia for the work and information they have provided for me and for all of us. The beautiful souls that are in our classes and in this face book group. The friends that I have made . Your posts are so inspiring . I’m so excited for you . Your mirror work help me see some things that I had to go deeper with. Thank you for that . The magic is the work. Since I’ve met Marc, my life has changed in so many ways . I would never be in such an amazing place in my life if it wasn’t for the incredible Twin Flame journey I’m on & the support and love ❤️ from everyone at TFAS! Morethanwordslove to all  ?? ” L.K.


“Twin Flame Ascension school is awesome! I’m so close! Love you all! Just do it. Really!” – Contessa (just days before attaining Harmonious Union)


“Before TFAS, I didn’t even know who my Twin Flame was.  After attending TFAS, I was able to recognize my Twin Flame just after a few weeks! Now I’m in Union and working on achieving Harmonious Union and it’s all with the help of Jeff and Shaleia and also everyone in school because we’re all one big happy TF family working on helping each other to achieve the same goal of Harmonious Union. The connections you form in class and the loving guidance you receive from Jeff and Shaleia are priceless.  Attending TFAS was the best decision I ever made in my life and I’m so thankful to Jeff and Shaleia and also to God for guiding me to them. If you do the work, you WILL achieve harmonious union. No doubts about it.”  -Crystal Rose (shortly before attaining Harmonious Union)


“Twin Flame Ascension School is beyond getting into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame!! It is life changing. You start to see life completely different altogether. As you start to see life differently, of course, you attract your Twin Flame more and more.  That is exactly what TFAS helps you do!  If it wasn’t for the help of TFAS, my Twin would probably still have my phone number blocked!  You learn how to CRUSH the blocks to your Union, and if you stick with TFAS, you will make it all the way there!” -Anastasia


“After watching multiple Twin Flame “gurus” I found Jeff and Shaleia’s channel. They really resonated with me. Their Down to earth, approachable, no bullsh*t way of explaining this journey is refreshing. Every class in TFAS you get to learn something more about yourself, your connection to the Divine and your Twin. Simple practical steps toward union laid out by the Divine and beautifully explained in terms anyone can understand. They speak to your soul and you lift yourself through this process. The students in the school mirror so much of my own journey but seeing it through a different lens, having Divine guidance makes it easier to heal. I can’t imagine trying to go through this blind again.. that is truly painful. I truly appreciate the work and gift that Shaleia and Jeff have offered to all of us. TFAS totally worth the investment! Go all in- you’ll have nothing to regret! <3″ -Nym



“How could I ever say Thank You enough to Jeff and Shaleia for providing such an Amazing opportunity. If anyone were to ask me, what does TFAS provide? I would say, The Way, The Truth and The Life you’ve always desired. TFAS is sophisticated, yet a simplistic pathway to achieving Heaven on Earth. So whatever your Dreaming…Dream Bigger!!! Many Blessings to Jeff and Shaleia!!! – All my Love, Anthony Yannotta”


“One week after using the simplest techniques the Jeff and Shaleia shared, my twin unblocked me. I feel more connected with the Universe and the shifts within me are more positive. I have learned to love myself more. This is a safe environment for you to explore spirituality and your path, with no influence. The only influence comes from your inner guidance and your connection with God. The students all share the same aspiration of Twin flame union, but this is just the catalyst for deeper spirituality. If you want to see new depths to your inner guidance and connection with God, attend this school!” -S.K.


“I wish I had found this school 2 years ago. Jeff and Shaleia take the mystery out of Twin Flames. They’ve created a sacred space where there is normalcy in a journey that at times seems crazy. The students are incredibly caring and for every one’s breakthrough feels as though it’s your own personal victory.- regardless of where you are in the journey. The most beautiful part of the school is how your connection with the Divine and Self grows and in turn your connection to your twin. Union is inevitable but this is a whole lot faster to Harmonious Union and guaranteed  It’s like coming home. Namaste” – SJRH



“TFAS is a great place to learn and grow with others experiencing the same issues I am. Jeff and Shaleia are really great at keeping us all on point and focused on the main goal. I love the way they just say it as it is and don’t deviate. I would have never been this far in my growth without them! Thank you so very much! Best thing to happen in my life! Really!!!”- C.Z.


“Yesterday’s class was my very first ever, and I really liked it a lot!  I could feel the connections between everyone and it was cool to see that everyone has a piece to a puzzle, something to share and learn from each other, and that amazes me!  The class holds a very special energy and everyone contributes a piece to create it. It’s very exciting and beautiful!” -New student

 “I will always be eternally grateful for TFAS and to Jeff and Shaleia for making this happen for us. When I first made the decision I was going to join TFAS, I literally felt like I had nothing left to lose. My Twin Flame journey was going nowhere and anytime it did go somewhere… it was just like a yo-yo. Sure my Twin and I were friends, but in my eyes… he had this whole life 8 hours away that it looked like I would never be a part of. All I knew was that I loved him and knew I could never live without him regardless of how bleak it looked. I had watched Jeff and Shaleia’s videos and read the book and as inspired as I was, I knew I needed something more.


I was very much stuck in separation consciousness even with doing the mirror exercise, I still felt lack… I needed support through this. I’ve mentioned this many times that when I made that final confirmed decision I was going to come to TFAS… miracles immediately started happening.  My Twin out of the blue told me he was coming home to live, we started communicating more.. it was wonderful. No greater sign from God that I was on the right path! I couldn’t wait to start class! All that was on my mind was getting into my Harmonious Union and living my life of love with my true love that I adored. What I didn’t expect was meeting all of these wonderful people.


The love and support I have received since the first day I joined this group and the friendships that I have already made with many. It’s no longer all about me. While I am still focused on getting into Harmonious Twin Flame Union… I also want to see each and every one of you get into yours. I’m always going to be here to cheer you on… every breakthrough, every moment.. I’ll always be cheering you on as you have all been cheering me on. Same goes for every upset or challenge you face, I will still be cheering you on and supporting you because you can make it through them. Yeah it would be nice if there was some sort of magic wand that could wave away all of our fears, blocks and illusions but where would be the lesson in that? Every single challenge is a learning experience which is why the mirror exercise is so powerful. Yeah it sucks when you get stuck in your head, but look at the bigger picture… every block you clear is one step closer to your Harmonious Union. So please post in the TFAS group when you need support.. every time you feel an upset and feel stuck. Every one of us is in this together. So please reach out. You don’t have to do this alone… that’s why this school exists. I know there are moments when it feels hopeless and trust me, I know. A year ago, my Twin Flame wasn’t even speaking to me, he had me blocked on Facebook and pretty much quit his job just to get away from me… and now look… I only started school this month. Like I said, miracles happen here and everyone of you is a miracle. Thank you all!!!”  A.M.



“I am enrolled in this school… it is amazing! Jeff and Shaleia are amazing. And you will get helped into harmonious union… there’s really nowhere else you can even get help to achieve this. They’re are the only ones that have it! AND their clients. So if you’re serious… do it!!!! With them! God will provide the funds.”  A.S.
“I found Jeff and Shaleia on YouTube. I’d heard of Twin Flames before and had read up on them and watched other YouTubers talk about Twin Flames but no one stood out quite like Jeff and Shaleia. Their energy, as I’m sure you can see, is very powerful and very loving. They speak the Truth from the heart. That truth is true Divine love. They have it, you can clearly see it! And they are here, teaching it to you. You can’t place a value on true love. What you learn from them will be the most valuable thing that you’ve ever been taught because Love is all there is. And when you learn how to love unconditionally yourself and our Creator, you align naturally with your Twin Flame and everything else just falls perfectly into place. This work has shown consistent results (if you are consistent with doing the work). It requires much growth and change but it’s all for the sake of True Love! The people in the school become your family. It’s a very high vibe space full of love, support and camaraderie. It’s so much fun too! Epiphany after epiphany. It’s all so peaceful and fun. Nothing comes close to this experience and journey. I’m so appreciative to have found Jeff and Shaleia and to be able to work with them and all of my loving spiritual friends in Ascension School! ???”  -Crystal Rose


“Twin Flame Ascension school with Jeff and Shaleia is on the cutting edge and it is helping me tremendously; my heart continuously sighs with relief at the clear, wise, and fun guidance that I receive.  This is a very high vibe space filled with divine love.  Join and you will feel the love settle into your entire being.  The progress that I’ve made since I have been in school is something that I’m eternally grateful for.  I was seeking direction with my own twin flame journey, and I found the perfect teachers!” -Aldyn


“I must say I am a student hiiii Jeff and Shaleia <3, they know what they are talking about and they are in harmonious Twin Flame Union and spreading love who else to lead you thru your journey nut them?  Don’t listen to all the bs out there about Twin Flames because its false.  I am so blessed to be under their guidance!!  I have tried it all and it doesn’t work.  I’m finally in the right place and I feel the difference already, please do your self a favor and invest in yourself you will be glad you did!! blessings” -Ledia



“In this school you receive immense support that’s all love and divine guidance. It doesn’t matter where you are on your TF journey. It doesn’t matter if you know who your Twin Flame is or not (like me)…there is space for you. I’ve had miracles occur surrounding getting order in my life and spiritual alignment which are only accelerating me into union and oh yea more money and resources too. It’s immediately a space where there’s no need to worry about judgement. Thanks Jeff and Shaleia ! ?”- Janine Brown (shortly before meeting her Twin Flame)



“I started this school wanting support during the very rough time of upset. After realizing that both Jeff and Shaleia are showing love, even when I couldn’t see the truth of it in the beginning, I’m now trusting and believing what they teach is true. This is the way. The support you have is invaluable. I’m grateful!” Tori Weinstein



“If you’re absolutely serious about choosing to be with your Twin and being in union there is no other place to be than Twin Flame Ascension School” -Jason Emerick