It’s officially Aquarius season!

Energy is being freed up across the planet as we move out of structured, sensible Capricorn into more independent, freedom-loving Aquarius.

How will this play out? What does it mean for you emotionally for the period of January 20 to 18?

During this time, you may feel an expansion of energy. This energy will serve your career and relationships very well.

The fixed sign, of the air signs, Aquarius, is intelligent, high-functioning, and diligent. Aquarians are happy to carry out their responsibilities, so long as they are in tune with the deeper needs of humanity.

Aquarians are loyal to their causes, bright, sensitive and loving. They have a talent for making their loved ones feel supported, heard, and cared for.

People born at this time will feel at their best being part of a community. They thrive where equality is present and embrace diversity, different cultures and religious backgrounds easily. They see the shared vision and Oneness in everyone.

We can all learn from a powerful and innovative Aquarian.

How Does Aquarius Season Help My Twin Flame Union?

How are you feeling about your Life Purpose work?

What fuels you to get up in the morning and do what you need to do every day?

Do you feel passion when connected to a universal ideal that supports a brighter, happier future for all?

Remember, your Twin Flame Union is a Divine bond that is strengthened by a deeper sense of purpose. When you obey the strong sense of Love in your heart and move only in the way Love asks you to move, you naturally flow in step with your Beloved Divine counterpart.

Keeping these questions in mind this Aquarius season will help you to develop a deeper sense of purpose, naturally drawing you and your Twin Flame more closely together.

twin flame under the aquarius sky

Releasing Attachments In Favor of More Joy, Meaning and Purpose

This Aquarius season, it is out with the old and in with the new!

As you connect more deeply with your intuition and sense of purpose, all that is not in alignment with this deeper sense of purpose will fall away.

What’s holding you back?

Do you have clutter in your home? Or maybe an unhealthy relationship or friendship that is weighing you down? Do you have any old items from past lovers hanging out in the back of your closet?

Recognizing all that is out of alignment with your divinity helps you clear out old energy. Lovingly releasing these things, with respect and gratitude, will help free your soul and open you up to even higher vibrational experiences and opportunities.

Remember, your Twin Flame desires to be with you just as much as you desire to be with them, and Union can be manifested easily the more you surrender to the Divine’s unique path for you.

What is the Divine Masculine Up to This Season?

twin flames unite

Massive energetic shifts are occurring in the Divine Masculine collective this Aquarius season. The Divine Masculine feels his Divine Feminine intimately at this time, and is immediately affected by his Divine Feminine’s powerful choice to heal.

With every block cleared in their shared consciousness, the Divine Masculine is continuously reminded and drawn back to her; his heart receiving the assuredness and Love it needs.

The Divine Feminine is encouraged to persist in her inner work and creating that safe, peaceful space within her heart where her Union truly lives.

Loving your man unconditionally and continuing to choose patience, respect, and devotion to Love Itself is very healing for both you, him, and the collective consciousness.

The Mirror Exercise is your best friend when it comes to healing things out of alignment and naturally aligning to the peace and Oneness that is your Harmonious Union.

This Aquarius season, remember your intention and practice mindfulness, especially going about your everyday life.

The Divine Masculine recognizes his Divine Feminine when she is calm, surrendered, and able to receive him with an open and receptive heart.

Main Astrological Events & Notable Holidays for this Aquarius 2023

Here are 6 notable holidays as well main astrological events you may like to keep in mind this Aquarius season:

New Moon in Aquarius Jan 21: New moons represent beginnings, potentiality, and visions. This new moon, take time to clear your energy and open yourself up to embracing new ideas or opportunities.

Uranus goes direct (it’s been retrograde since August 2022) on January 22: During a Uranus transit, recognize that change is good. Where have you been resistant to receiving the Love of the Universe? Use this new energy and decree: “I choose to release resistance and allow Love in now.”

National Spouses Day Jan 26: Happy National Spouses Day to all Twin Flames! “True marriages are made in Heaven and celebrated on Earth.” Whether you are married in the 3D or not, this day is the perfect day to remember the deep, unending Love of your Twin Flame Union.

zodiac aquarius architecture

Venus moves into Pisces and your twelfth house of the unconscious and dreams January 26: Venus, the planet of Love, romance, and pleasure moves into the dreamy and romantic water sign Pisces.

Full Snow Moon in Aquarius Feb 5: This full moon is all about peace, tranquility, and harmony. Use this energy for reflection, re-balancing and checking in on your emotions. Avoid taking action from a place of restlessness or uncertainty; clarity and calm will make for an easier experience.

Valentine’s Day February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! Embrace the romance vibes of the day with a celebration of Divine Love. If you are single, take time to heal any upsetting or triggering feelings this day may bring up, and remember that romance is an inner experience first, and something you can give yourself any day of the year.

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Written by Briana Manalo

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