Aahh, Aquarius season; the fixed air sign brings a new wind of opportunities with your Twin Flame. Everything was stale up until this point up until this point, but things will suddenly shift into place this new astrological month. I’m talking revelations, clarity and declarations of love!

Read the blog and find out how this new energy is affecting your sign.

I’m an Aquarius writing on Aquarius season!

This blog isn’t just about Aquarians. But, I can’t help but think about the synchronicity of my blog this week being on Aquarius season! Life is funny that way. But honestly, I don’t believe in coincidence.

Because who better to help you understand the energy of Aquarius than someone born after January 20th? Or when Aquarius season ends on February 18th?

An example how I can help you: are you, or the person you think is your Twin Flame, an Aquarius? I’m sure you’re wondering who is Aquarius’ Twin Flame. What is their zodiac sign?

It’s not rare to see people talk about being compatible with only 3 to 4 signs. In these scenarios, Aquarius is often paired with Libra, Gemini or Virgo. Indeed, Aquarius’ calm and openness and kindness pairs well with Libra’s need for grounding, Gemini’s curiosity and Virgo’s matching intelligence.

However, Twin Flame compatibility has nothing to do with signs. There is no sign more perfect than the other for Aquarius. Twin Flames are One. They’re created way before this life. Astrology helps them overcome this life’s challenges.

But what actually helps Aquarius recognize their Twin Flame?

As an Aquarius, I am considered as someone who is independent, kind and humanitarian. I recognize my uniqueness.

My perfect partner likely shares my love of liberty and supports my outlandish ideas. My Twin Flame would recognize and respect my need for independence and space, while also participating in intellectual and philosophical discussions with me. They would not only accept but also appreciate and support my originality and creative ideas.

But humans are way more complex than just their zodiac signs. I have a whole list of different qualities and desires that I’d like my Twin Flame to possess. That is how you get clear on who is your true Twin Flame.

That list is called the Love List, it goes into detail about the common goals and core values you have and would like your partner to share with you. Knowing what your perfect love feels like is the best way to identify your true Twin Flame. And it is more logical than we commonly think it is.

Aquarius season reveals your Divine mission with your Twin Flame

How are you feeling about your Life Purpose workWhat fuels you to get up in the morning and do what you need to do every day? Do you feel passion when connected to a universal ideal that supports a brighter, happier future for all?

Remember, your Twin Flame Union is a Divine bond that is strengthened by a deeper sense of purpose. When you obey the strong sense of Love in your heart and move only in the way Love asks you to move, you naturally flow in step with your Beloved Divine counterpart.

Your Union gets grounded sustainably when you both start serving your Life Purpose together. Whether you are in Union or not, you can start work on your Life Purpose to make a solid foundation for your Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Later they can join you. You both can thrive together. Serving Life Purpose connects you to your authentic self and that is very magnetic for your Twin Flame.

You can utilize Aquarius season energies to tap into your authentic self and start working on your Life Purpose. 

Keeping these questions in mind this Aquarius season will help you to develop a deeper sense of purpose, naturally drawing you and your Twin Flame more closely together.

What you can expect for your zodiac sign during this Aquarius season 2024

Aries: New Beginnings 

Fresh starts and exciting opportunities! You are exploring new paths professionally and personally. Your Twin Flame is encouraging you towards an energy of renewal.

The places where you felt resistant to change will be compassionately highlighted by your Ultimate Lover, and you’ll be called to heal this energy for good.

Taurus: Patience

Patience will be key in your relationship. This doesn’t mean to wait for a breakthrough. It means to trust in the steady flow and progress you’re making with your Twin Flame. Cultivating compassion for your current situation will bring deeper understanding and connection.

Gemini: Communication 

Clear and open communication will be key during this season. Share your thoughts and listen actively to your Twin Flame.

Are you also listening to your inner voice? Do you feel connected with your inner child? Allow your inner child part of you to communicate with you clearly and openly through your feelings. You are always safe to do that. Once you do that, it will be very easy for you to communicate with your Twin Flame as they are you.

Cancer: Emotional Healing

This period may bring emotional growth healing. It’s a time to address past hurts.

Emotional healing is important part of Twin Flames Journey. Connecting to all emotional upsets may be challenging but you are safe to do it. A Twin Flame Certified Ascension Coach can help you with your deepest challenges.

Leo: Creativity

Your creative energies are at a peak. Channel your passion into artistic or creative projects. Use your creative energies to enhance your Twin Flame relationship. Find new, creative ways to express your love and keep the spark alive. Trust in yourself to find the perfect way to romance your Union.

Virgo: Organization

Your daily routine may need a change. Each part of your life is connected with your Twin Flame Journey. As you continue to organize your life. you allow space to be created for your Union.

Libra: Balance

Are you addicted to over-giving? Do you feel satisfied with your receiving? Bring balance and nurture yourself. Allow yourself to rest and relax. Love yourself. Don’t sacrifice and you will see your Twin Flame’s interest in you renewed forever.

Scorpio: Transformation

Changes are inevitable. You might feel fear of unknown, but give safety to yourself in your heart. Have faith; you are decluttering your relationships. It might be good to keep healthy boundaries even with your Twin Flame if necessary.

Sagittarius: Adventure

Come out of your comfort zone. But not in the way you usually do. You are adventurous, but are sometimes resistant to the feelings you need to explore. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with yourself. Your next beautiful adventure is inner, where you will find your true Twin Flame.

Capricorn: Grounding

Focusing on your goals is so sexy to your Twin Flame. Ask yourself what are your goals, heal your blocks to them and take guided action afterward. You can write a love list for all of your desires; to build a house, for your profession, your relationships, etc.

Aquarius: Innovation

This is your time Aquarius, shine with that unique energy your radiate in the Universe!

Are you trying to get fit in any frame? Are you trying to leave your uniqueness to please others? You can choose to release these patterns. We all are blessed with unique qualities, perspectives, and visions. Embrace your unique self.

This unique self is magnetic to your true Twin Flame.

Pisces: Intuition

This is a time for spiritual growth and tuning into your emotional insights. Thrust where your intuition is leading you, and be humble when you are facing the uncertainties of life. Focus on your spiritual work and fast-track your way to Twin Flame Union.

An oracle card reading for Aquarius 2024

The Angel Razbar – Rumi oracle cards by Alana Fairchild

Angel Razbar helps you face the music of your destiny. Are you ready to make significant changes in your life in order to have different results (aka Harmonious Twin Flame Union)?

You are supported in more ways than you realize in order to have your dream life. Your next step is this:

Utilize Aquarius Season to thrive in your Twin Flame Union.

Remember that you have the ability to convert any energies in your favor, and it all begins with your decision. What do you decide? Are you willing to choose to transform what is no longer serving you?

Do you feel properly supported on your Twin Flame journey? We offer resources that help Twin Flames dissolve any block and manifest loving, peaceful Union with their beloved. Check out our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Written by Briana Manalo

Edited by Komal Aravind, Yoreen Marcin