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The Ascension Coach Training Program is split into two phases with 13 weeks of training in total. Members that join will work intimately with a selection of highly skilled Twin Flames Universe Certified Ascension Coaches. The first 10 weeks are primarily focused on embodying the teachings and mastering the Mirror Exercise. You will be invited into a weekly group class where you can practice coaching with your peers. After the first 10 weeks, you will be invited into our TFU Sales and Coaching forum, here you will spend the last three weeks learning about sales and prospecting. You will be given all the essential training resources needed to learn how to sell, prospect and build your Coaching business.

To qualify for enrollment, you must be a Twin Flame Ascension School student with an All Class Pass for at least two months.

You have two options to pay for your Ascension Coach Training Program.

*All-in option: one payment of $2,999


**Monthly payment plan option: three monthly payments of $1,111 ($3,333 in total)

See more details about payment below:

* All-in option: After making your payment, your membership in the Ascension Coach Program is completely secured.

Monthly payment plan: three monthly payments of $1,111 ($3,333 in total)

**Monthly payment plan option: Choosing this option will immediately grant you membership in the Ascension Coach Training Program. By choosing this payment plan, you understand that you have up to 3 months to make all of your installment payments to receive full membership in the Ascension Coach Training Program and eligibility for obtaining Certified Ascension Coach status.

If you wish to make an early payoff, the remaining balance can be paid at any time. When paid in full, you will receive an email to confirm that your installment payment program for the classes has been fulfilled. If you end your membership before the 3-month payment period is over, your remaining balance will immediately be due in full. If you fail to pay your remaining balance within 30 days of cancellation, Twin Flames Universe reserves the right to begin legal proceedings against you for your breach of contract.

Please be aware that if you choose the payment plan option and you decide to cancel your payments at any point in time, you will lose all of the investment you have made up until that point. If you wanted to rejoin after cancelling, you would end up having to start over from the beginning with payments. We recommend joining when you are ready to go all in and stay committed to the path. Committing to these payments is choosing to commit to yourself, your Life Purpose, and your Ascension path. Choose wisely