If you desire to ground into Jeff and Shaleia’s core teaching, Sermons of Twin Flame Ascension School is what you have been looking for. The sermons are a compilation of the juiciest, most essential excerpts from Twin Flame Ascension School. They provide the potent dose of wisdom and inspiration you are looking for to guide you along your Twin Flame Journey.

Whether you are a long time Twin Flame Ascension School student, or you simply desire to dip your feet in, these sermons offer exactly what you are looking for. Each sermon covers one topic in depth, so it is easy to find the message that will speak directly to your heart. They are the perfect complement to the full classes, and a great starting point for those who desire to learn more.

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The latest Twin Flames Universe release brings you all of the most direct and powerful lessons of Twin Flame Ascension School.

With 55 sermons and over 25 hours of video, you can find guidance for every part of your journey.

The Sermons of Twin Flame Ascension School will teach you how to:

  • have a relationship with Source
  • get to know the deepest parts of yourself
  • heal emotional trauma
  • harmonize with your Twin Flame
  • achieve your wildest dreams

These lessons will empower you to achieve Permanent Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Guaranteed.

Let us light the path to your One True Love.