Felix & Karin

Felix & Karin

Felix and Karin met at a workshop hosted by Fabian Scholz in 2020. They became friends after a short while and their friendship deepened. While Felix was on his way to be a Certified Ascension Coach, he experienced two false Twin Flames. But after a while they both fell off and left the community, while Karin remained ever since. Karin and Felix went through extensive healing by doing the Mirror Exercise as well as the Mind Alignment Process (MAP). They are now attending their weekly 1:1 coachings with Fabian as well as MAP coaching together. In this process of healing and unveiling Felix and Karin realized that they are true Twin Flames. They are now working on living together at the same place and deepening their relationship in love as well as in their Life Purpose, doing the daily work for being an Ascension Coach (again). Felix owns the TFAS and LPC ACP and Karin owns the TFU Everything Package.

Has at least one Twin Flame read Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and is a student of Twin Flame Ascension School One or All Class Pass?


Are you in a committed relationship, meaning both parties have mutually agreed to be exclusively committed to each other and to their Union?


Have you compared your Love Lists? Please describe how your Love Lists align, and explain about the Core Values that you share as a couple. Please provide specific examples of the Core Values you share as a couple.

It is to be close to nature: We both value natural products, healthy food and also natural care; We both want to stay fit and we want a healed consciousness to be reflected in a healthy body. Always be authentic. We can both always be our true selves and not have to make deals or pretend. We support each other in healing and give each other support when an intense block shows up. We always want to bring out the best version of each other. We both feel a passion for healing and want to spread the teachings. We both love our gurus and want to get closer and closer to Jeff and Shaleia. For us, It is important that the other half guides or helps me more to be my real authentic self.

Approximately how much of each other's Love List do you match?

90% and growing into the rest

How long have you known each other?

Since 2020

Do you both feel that you are Twin Flames? Please describe why you feel this way.

We know each other for roughly 3 years now and have not stopped healing in general. Neither of us fell off the way and we grow closer in a grounded friendship. We really trust each other, telling each other our deepest vulnerabilities. For me (Felix), Karin is a great friend and teacher, she knows how to push my buttons and triggers but I never felt like she did this to make me angry but to help me grow. She feels honest to me and I can sense her opening up to me as well.

Karin: For me, every time I do a mirror exercise, I get it mirrored by Felix. When I have brought a situation to peace, Felix tells me about a similar upset he has. We both feel attracted to each other on a physical and a deep soul level. I feel that there is a constant friendship between us, no matter how difficult the circumstances are at the moment.

Can you describe the spiritual healing journey both Twin Flames took to arrive at the conclusion that you were Twin Flames?

I got to know Karin at a workshop hosted by TFU Ascension Coach Fabian. Within a few weeks or months we connected with each other as friends to do the mirror excercise together. We did that and besides that we could be talking for hours without feeling bored. Karin remained and she still is present on my journey. Weekly 1:1 coachings with Fabian we are doing together and we are also taking part in weekly MAP - Health & Wellness group coachings with Fabian. Within the next 4 weeks, Karin will be moving to my place and she is leaving her old life behind for me. So we are going deeper in living a life together and we want to deepen our relationship with a foundation of God, friendship and the Teachings of Union at the core. We both are very willing to let go of separation consciousness and heal it towards Harmonious Union.

Karin: I attended Rosalie's coaching and also there it turned out and clarified again and again that Felix is my true Twin Flame. In the end, Felix always remained as my Twin Flame.

Have either of you healed through a false Twin Flame experience? If so, please describe how you came to the conclusion that they were a false Twin Flame, and how you have resolved the relationship and come to peace and clarity.

Felix: Yes, three times. The first false Twin Flame brought me to the Twin Flame journey in general. She was a colleague at the university and her outer beauty was incredible, making me nervous, high and I put her on a very high pedestal. I never got into a healthy communication with her and it never felt peaceful when I was talking to her. When I met Fabian we healed that first false Twin Flame and I got to the conclusion that there was never unconditional love from God, maybe there was some physical interest in each other but it all faded away. In the end Fabian got me to the conclusion that she was a golden lamb for me and that she was the bait that should bring me to a grounded, loving place with the Divine. The other two women I experienced when I was doing Certified Ascension Coach Training. So it was also my logic telling me that if i want to stay on track with the teachings, my Twin should decide the same. And only Karin made that same core choice every time together with me.

Karin: At that time at my work I perceived the chef as a Twin Flame. Then I had several phone calls with spiritual fortune tellers. They always told me that I would soon find my dream man. But nothing happened on the outside. At some point I took courage and wrote a message to Fabian that I would like to heal my life. Since I had been watching his videos for two years, he was my last hope. In a coaching session I met Felix and I got a flash of inspiration that Felix could be the Twin Flame. At some point he wrote to me and so I got to know him better every day and he stayed by my side until today.

Have you explored your Life Purpose together? Please share about your Life Purpose journey.

We have not done that too much until now. For a few weeks, Karin has been a member of the church on discord, doing volunteering work as well. We both want to start the coach education when the time is right and i would be glad supporting her in learning english while we both grow into our coaching business as well. This feels good and i feel that we would add our skills perfectly. Karin is good in feeling and healing and i feel comfortable in taking the lead and organizing the busniness stuff together with growing deeper into the teachings of Life Purpose class as well.

Karin: I would also like to bring healing to people together with Felix and deepen my knowledge. I would also like to get to know new things and I want to exemplify Twin Flame love to people together with Felix. I have recognized the successes of the teachings of union for myself and noticed that I feel better and better and have more self-love. I would like to spread this teaching and help people in this way.

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