Germán & Roxana

Germán & Roxana

After several years of intense healing Germán and Roxana found themselves in the TFU Spanish community in June 2022. They became friends and began healing together in the following months on zoom calls. They discovered they were Twin Flames in July 2022. They intuitively felt they should explore their friendship further and shared their Love Lists together on a video call and the lists matched. As they revealed the truth to each other it was like a veil fell from their eyes and they felt a wave of love and peace, which they understood to be the presence of God. It was a sincere and humble feeling of having arrived Home.

There are 12 years between them which they believe is a block they’ve had to how they believe a relationship should be, stemming from a lot of family conditioning and misaligned beliefs. Before coming into Union physically, they had to heal these blocks around unworthiness of God’s plentiful love in order to be able to live together. They’ve also had to heal a lot of blocks to receiving support and of being loved completely and continue to go deeper here.

After discovering that they were Twin Flames, Germán traveled from Mexico to Chile in August 2022. Living together they have experienced many blocks, challenges and misaligned beliefs which they have had to heal to be able to make progress. They learned to see the circumstances as opportunities to grow and the way to manifest an abundant and healthy life which is what they chose. They are firm in their belief that everything is possible with God, knowing that putting their faith in Love means no block can stand in the way of the life of their dreams. This is their only truth and they continue to work towards it.

They would like to highlight the importance and guidance of their Coaches José Sánchez and Cristina Fernández who, during the first months they were in Union, supported them in deepening their healing with the Mirror Exercise. With all the resistance that can come up with healing, they felt empowered to take the reins of their healing as a Twin Flame couple. They would also like to mention how inspired they are by Jeff and Shaleia since they first arrived in this community – they are grateful for them sharing their healing journey and feels it has helped them to commit to their healing too.

Germán and Roxana have lived together in Chile for the past year. Germán is currently working on getting his resident’s permit so that he can formally remain in Chile. They continue to heal and choose to create a completely Divine and harmonious life together by following God’s guidance and every step he shows them.

Has at least one Twin Flame read Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and is a student of Twin Flame Ascension School One or All Class Pass?


Are you in a committed relationship, meaning both parties have mutually agreed to be exclusively committed to each other and to their Union?


Have you compared your Love Lists? Please describe how your Love Lists align, and explain about the Core Values that you share as a couple. Please provide specific examples of the Core Values you share as a couple.

Yes, we compared our love lists the day we talked about exploring whether we were Twin Flames, our love lists coincided in their entirety and in the aspects that have not yet been finalized (like finances, for example) we both agree and we have the desire in our hearts to be financially free, successful, abundant. We also both have the desire in our hearts to live a full and happy life in the service of God, we identify as fundamental values: empathy, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, commitment, responsibility, respect.

Example: during this year living together (after expressing many disagreements in living together), we have learned to support each other, to reach agreements with domestic tasks, putting ourselves in the other's place and being compassionate when one of us feels bad, we are also capable at this stage of being sincere with each other, communicating with love and respect to address the differences that arise with the intention of reaching a balance that benefits our union. We have both been very persistent and on the occasions when one of us wants to give up or complain about the path, the other is always willing to support and encourage each other. We are both very committed to our healing and the responsibilities we take on to make the relationship work. We are both committed to continuing to heal and grow together even if there are challenges and discomfort.

Approximately how much of each other's Love List do you match?

90% and growing into the rest

How long have you known each other?

Since 2022

Do you both feel that you are Twin Flames? Please describe why you feel this way.

Yes, we both recognize each other as twin flames, we have both walked this healing path in search of our twin flame, we recognize that we share the same blocks and core values, we are willing to go through all the challenges together and we continue to choose each other each time despite of the discomforts we have been going through, choosing Unconditional Love. When waves of discomfort occur, we quickly focus on healing the discomfort to re-center ourselves and feel well-being again. As we have progressed so far, we go deeper into our Union with God. Every resistance and every discomfort between us has reflected our illusion of separation from God, we attend to it with full awareness that this path is a path of returning home, of returning to God. We feel safe with each other, we constantly challenge each other to grow, we accept and love each other unconditionally, that's why we feel like we are Twin Flames.

Can you describe the spiritual healing journey both Twin Flames took to arrive at the conclusion that you were Twin Flames?

Starting around 2020 (during the pandemic) we both began to have discomfort and discomfort with our current reality, we began to be interested in spiritual healing and manifestation, we experienced obsession with tarot readings, we saw mirror numbers everywhere. , which led us to explore its meaning on the Internet, reading all that information we came to the terms souls and twin flames, as a result of that began the search for that Perfect Love designed by God for us, we experienced a lot of contrast, excess of ego , need for love from the outside, we were looking for someone who would fill voids and give us the love that we did not know how to give to ourselves.

In 2021, after watching many videos on YouTube that talked about twin flames, (each on their own and in different months) we arrived at the Twin Flame community in Spanish, we both bought the book “Finding your ultimate lover”, we both committed to finding our twin flame and decided to do the internal work so we both hired group coaching services with José and Michaela (in different groups), we did not meet nor do we remember having met in classes or in the TFAS public forum until 2022, that André Furtado (who knew us both and regularly spoke with both of us separately, since he had shared a coaching group with both of us in different classes) had the initiative to create a group to share the healing process and deepen friendship in a healthy environment of people who were going through the same process, at first we were afraid and insecure about delving into these spiritual topics with strangers, but intuitively it felt good to explore friendship with André's group of friends .

So far it has been the boldest decision we have made on this path, daring to talk to other people about the crazy things that were happening and the obsession we had with our false twin flames, we met on the first group call that André made, We became friends online, this group was a very loving and compassionate space at this stage of the process, we shared our spiritual healing process for a few months through video calls, at first there was no attraction between us, nor any sign that indicated us that in that group was our twin flame, each one talked about their false flames in the group calls, after weeks we began to coincide in calls with just the two of us for hours, we supported each other in our discomforts and cleared blockages together like good friends, as that we began to reveal our false twin flames (together) we intuitively felt that we could explore the friendship relationship we were having, we talked about it, we reviewed our love lists on a video call and the list matched, we discovered that we were Twin Flames, when When the truth is revealed, we feel as if a veil falls from our eyes, we experience a waterfall of love and peace (which we identify as the presence of God), a surge of energy that we have never experienced before, a feeling of sincere and humble love, a feeling of having arrived home and that there was nothing more to look for.

To be honest, we have lived this path as if it were a marathon with many obstacles. Since we bought Jeff and Shaleia's book, we have worked intensely on our discomforts, we have addressed our blockages with the mirror exercise, we have done many guided meditations and we have attended to our emotional traumas childhood with a lot of commitment, with the hope of healing each wound definitively, so when we revealed ourselves as true twin flames we felt that we had reached a goal and that all the discomfort had ended there, what we did not know was that this was just beginning … Currently, although we continue to be constant in our healing, we are enjoying the process more, we have relaxed and we have released a lot of control over how and when the things we want happen.

Shortly after the physical union we experienced contrast between that sensation of unconditional love and that excess of ego that due to inexperience we confused with spiritual growth, we believed ourselves to be better than the other, one more advanced than the other, we believed ourselves to be better than the others because Having achieved union, we constantly sought validation and external recognition, luckily God has taken us by the hand at all times to address these discomforts and has provided the support that we have needed to advance in the process.

We recognize the kilos of ego that we have experienced in this stage of revelation and the following ones, we couldn't even stand ourselves at times. Luckily this path is to return to love, to return to God and open the heart with humility to let go of the ego and illusions.

Until now we have experienced many childhood wounds, at some point it was difficult to even sit down to eat in harmony and take on household chores to make things work. Now we can say that we are better organized, we eat better, we dedicate time and energy to self-care. Each wave of discomfort that we have experienced has been an opportunity to support each other, to choose God in every moment and to choose us, each learning and each obstacle makes us better and better people each time, as we go deeper we grow and more we draw closer to God. We know that we still have a long way to go, but we are sure that God is leading our process, and we are willing to move forward, which is why we came to the conclusion that we are true twin flames.

Have either of you healed through a false Twin Flame experience? If so, please describe how you came to the conclusion that they were a false Twin Flame, and how you have resolved the relationship and come to peace and clarity.

Yes, we both experienced false Twin Flames, (Germán experienced 3 false Twin Flames and Roxana 2). We came to the conclusion that they were false twin flames because as we healed these people they moved away from our reality and although we wanted to force things they did not fit into our love list, so externally we sought to idealize the next person to try to put the title of twin flame, we experienced contrast, obsession and lack of attention with all of them, with each of these people we did the mirror exercise and attended to the reflections they presented to us until they stopped making sense.

A few days before revealing ourselves as twin flames, Germán revealed his last false flame. We were working on the blocks together and he dared to write to her to explore if they were twin flames. She replied that she didn't know the term and that she didn't believe they were twin flames. Twins, we both felt disappointment and a lot of frustration, we worked on it, we released a lot of negative energies of obsession and a few days later, from a state of peace, we revealed ourselves.

Have you explored your Life Purpose together? Please share about your Life Purpose journey.

This is a very interesting topic for us, in the previous form we confessed that we were not sure what our purpose in life is since we have tried to force it on several occasions, with this second form we allow ourselves to take the time to delve deeper into this area, we We realized that before we were trying to create from fear and lack. We are integrating the truth here.

Currently we are exploring together two economic activities that are teaching us to create from Love, are helping us grow as independents and are our income channel to cover our expenses. That is, Thetahealing therapies (for inquiry - reprogramming of childhood beliefs) and the vacation rental agency through the Airbnb platform. Roxana, for her part, resigned from her corporate job a few months ago to dedicate more time and energy to internal healing and to share the activities of our company.

It has been a great challenge for us to leave behind all ideas of victimhood and economic co-dependence. We have been working to recognize God as our only Source, to recognize that Source manifests in our lives in infinite ways, mainly through ourselves. . Previously, it was comfortable for us to depend on a salary, with this decision to work together on our own, creating the ideas that the Creator has placed in our hearts, many childhood wounds and traumas have emerged, fears of failure, not believing ourselves capable of satisfying our needs. needs, fears of assuming responsibilities and commitments, which we have attended to and continue to attend to, undertaking with Unconditional Love all the activities that we are undertaking.

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