Jeff & Shaleia

Jeff & Shaleia

Jeff and Shaleia are the founders of the Teachings of Union. After meeting online, and using the  Mirror exercise to heal their blocks, they soon realized that they were Twin Flames. By continuing their process of inner healing this naturally led them to a state of deep and permanent harmony with one another. In 2014, they coined the term “Harmonious Twin Flame Union” (HTFU) after achieving the vibration together. Being the first to achieve and discover HTFU, they went on to distill, step-by-step, their logical and scientific process of inner healing and purification. They began sharing this process through their body of work and have changed the lives of countless students, who have also come to achieve these same results in their lives. 

Jeff and Shaleia were married in 2016, and then in 2023, their daughter Grace was born, completing their family. They are dedicated to their Life Purpose of helping all Twin Flames achieve permanent Harmonious Union and build the lives of their dreams together.

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The pure love and ecstatic bliss of Harmonious Union is for you in this lifetime. With expert help, and through your willingness to learn and change, you can heal all blocks to your Harmonious Union and receive all the support you need.

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