Jonathan & Anna

Jonathan & Anna

Anna came to Twin Flames Universe in 2018 while moving through a false Twin Flame experience. She committed to her inner work with daily practice of the Mirror Exercise and watching Twin Flame Ascension School. Then in August of 2020, she met Jonathan on a dating app after fully surrendering who her Twin Flame was and opening up to what was really meant for her, she learned that what God had for her was so much more delightful. They came into Union within one week of their meeting. Jonathan and Anna moved in together in November of 2020 and currently live together with their blended family of 4 kids, a cat and dog (the Newfoundland Anna had long desired, who came as a package deal with Jonathan). Anna is a Certified Ascension Coach and stay-at-home mom, while Jonathan works in Sales. They attribute all of their success to working the process that Jeff and Shaleia teach and know by their own lives that “the work, works.”

Has at least one Twin Flame read Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and is a student of Twin Flame Ascension School One or All Class Pass?


Are you in a committed relationship, meaning both parties have mutually agreed to be exclusively committed to each other and to their Union?


Have you compared your Love Lists? Please describe how your Love Lists align, and explain about the Core Values that you share as a couple. Please provide specific examples of the Core Values you share as a couple.

Yes, our Love Lists match pretty perfectly. I notice that when I see somewhere I feel Jonathan is not meeting me, I can always see where I am not meeting myself in that place and the value always aligns when I do my inner work. Jonathan was not familiar with the Teachings of Union when he wrote his Love List, so he wrote down things he did not want in his partner, being guided by Jeff and Shaleia, I took the additional step to write down what it was that I DID want after getting clear on the things I didn't like about past relationships. I'll give some examples of what we each of us have on our Love Lists. Jonathan - " I choose a woman, someone who embraces femininity." Me - "Masculine" lol.; Jonathan - " Financially smart and cooperative." Me - " We partner financially. He is financially stable."; Jonathan - " Wants to raise my children with hers." Me - " Values his relationship with Dempsey. Also, values my relationship with his kids."; Jonathan - " Loves herself, knows that she is lovable." Me - " Nurturing - spiritually, physically, emotionally."; Jonathan - " Lust for learning." Me - " Strong desire to learn, values truth even if it's uncomfortable. Curiosity."; Jonathan - " Prioritizes/manages time for our Union." Me - " He desires to build a home with me. Kid's are important but our Union comes first."; Jonathan - " Self aware, always working to grow spiritually." Me - "He takes personal responsibility and self-governs."' Jonathan - " Sexually free." Me - " Values physical intimacy and is a conscious sexual partner."; Jonathan - " Has my back. Supportive, unconditional in her approach." Me - " He is supportive and encouraging of me."' Jonathan - " Intuitive, can read a room and act accordingly." Me - " Confidently engages with others."; Jonathan - " Family oriented, driven to take care of our castle." Me - " Spends quality time with me and his family. He values respect for me, himself, and our kids."; Jonathan - " Respects me and longs for me to lead." Me - " I desire for my man to be the leader in our home and guide with love and respect."; Jonathan - " I desire someone that feels pets/animals are an integral part of our family."; Me - " Enjoys animals, desires to have pets, loves and respects animals." Jonathan - " She doesn't over-promise or under-deliver." Me - " My man is consistent and reliable, he does what he says he is going to do."; Jonathan - " I desire someone who is playful and not always serious." Me - "He continues to romance and date me."

Approximately how much of each other's Love List do you match?


How long have you known each other?

Since 2020

Do you both feel that you are Twin Flames? Please describe why you feel this way.

Yes, because our Core Values and vision for our home and future are the same. Jonathan feels that he can act on intuition without my knowledge and know that I will feel similarly about any given situation. TFP is real! We are always filling in the gaps for one another. Even if it's picking up something at the store that one of us forgot to put on the grocery list. Where I am not so strong or knowledgeable, he is, and vice versa.

Can you describe the spiritual healing journey both Twin Flames took to arrive at the conclusion that you were Twin Flames?

We both had to learn how to feel our feelings, we had been stuffing them down and were pretty unaware of how to even feel our emotions, and when we did, we realized individually before knowing each other that there was a lot of very similar type of abuse, self loathing and abandonment that we had to heal through. We both were tolerating terrible relationships with other people and had to learn to prioritize and respect ourselves enough to claim more for our lives. We both had a journey to realizing that if we could not have our perfect partner, we were not interested in anything less. We both had to remember that we mattered and did not deserve mistreatment and abuse. Neither of us believed that we were even supposed to be in a truly loving relationship, there was a lot of apathy we both had to heal through. The true test was when we met and compared Love Lists after about a week of knowing one another. We had been talking/texting non-stop when one day I felt very certain that he matched my Love List just from talking and getting to know him. I then shared my Love List over the phone with him and he told me he had a similar list he had made, when we compared them every one of our values had a parallel with the others Love List. It was wild because we had both written ours before ever having met one another. That is how I really felt certain that he was my TF. The Love List made it easy. Also, the other huge piece that was affirming for me was how when an upset would arise even early in our relationship, I could work through it with the Mirror Exercise and he would immediately meet me.

Have either of you healed through a false Twin Flame experience? If so, please describe how you came to the conclusion that they were a false Twin Flame, and how you have resolved the relationship and come to peace and clarity.

Yes, I have. I had to once again, remember that I deserved more than bread crumbs, which was always what my FTF I had to realize that I was more important than just someone to quench a mans sexual needs and that I was deserving of real love. As I healed through the doubts around my FTF, God guided me to see that he was not meeting me and did not fulfill my Love List. After two years of healing the FTF, God guided me to go back on a dating app where I finally met Jonathan. I was very resistant to dating again and told God I was ready to have the person He had created for me. I had to FULLY surrender who I thought my TF was. Within a couple weeks, I met Jonathan and we came into Union within a week of meeting.

Have you explored your Life Purpose together? Please share about your Life Purpose journey.

Yes, Jonathan is always helping me with my coaching business. Whether it's showing me how to use Google Docs, brainstorming YouTube video content ideas, teaching me to use AI to create content or sharing with me his knowledge of sales. Just about every week there is some conversation like "Babe, what should I do my video on this week?" or something to that effect. Jonathan also likes to come to my workshops, and my clients always love that, I usually get messages from my clients afterwards saying how something he shared hit home for them. I feel people just love to see Twin Flames together and it gives them hope to persist on their own journey.

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