José & Michaila

José & Michaila

José and Michaila are long term students of the Teachings of Union. Michaila was a live student in Twin Flame Ascension School, and José a subscriber to the classes. They first met over video call in the Twin Flames Universe community when José signed up for a free consultation with a community member in 2018. He was assigned to meet with Michaila, though neither of them realized they were Twin Flames for another few years. They did feel in their hearts something was different about one another but dismissed it because they believed they had already met their true Twin Flames. 

They both followed each other’s journeys throughout the years and did their individual healing work, which eventually led them both to recognize one another as Twin Flames. They attained Harmonious Twin Flame Union in January of 2020. Two weeks later, Michaila moved to Spain and they have been together ever since. They got married in September of 2021 in the Church of Union. José and Michaila are both Master Certified Ascension Coaches and are devoted to this work of helping other Twin Flames attain Harmonious Union, and sharing the joy and unconditional love of Twin Flames with all.

Has at least one Twin Flame read Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and is a student of Twin Flame Ascension School One or All Class Pass?


Are you in a committed relationship, meaning both parties have mutually agreed to be exclusively committed to each other and to their Union?


Have you compared your Love Lists? Please describe how your Love Lists align, and explain about the Core Values that you share as a couple. Please provide specific examples of the Core Values you share as a couple.

Yes. Our love lists match 100%, it was the first things we got clear on together when we realized we were Twin Flames. As we both grow we continue adding things to our love list and we always make our core choices together. Our love lists are both long and we share all the same values as one. These are our top core values:

Relationship with God and our spiritual path
Drive, passion and work ethic Beauty and self expression
Humor Ambition
Life Purpose and making a difference in the world
Wealth and abundance,
financial stability
Healthy lifestyle
Constant and continuous improvement of our lives
Love and commitment to our spiritual community
Family Being social

We share all of the same core values. Even things that we get clear on as we go and add to our love list are things that we discover within one another and grow together.

Approximately how much of each other's Love List do you match?


How long have you known each other?

Since 2018

Do you both feel that you are Twin Flames? Please describe why you feel this way.

Yes. Our spiritual journeys both led us to one another. We always reveal one another as Twin Flames as we continue our journey together, and as we heal we always go deeper into love with each other. We both had the awareness that we'd been there for each other all along, we just couldn't see each other correctly because we didn't see ourselves correctly. We make the same core choices and we are always on the same page. Our lives align perfectly and we are each other's greatest teacher, best friend, partner and lover. Our love continues to grow and deepen the closer we get to God, and our romance only ever increases with progress on our journeys.

Can you describe the spiritual healing journey both Twin Flames took to arrive at the conclusion that you were Twin Flames?

We both focused on our spiritual healing with TFAS, Michaila for 3 years and Jose for 1 and a half. We both had false Twin Flame experiences that we resolved at the exact same time without realizing it. Michaila finally healed her core block of unworthiness and Jose healed his core block of control. Both of us experienced being mistreated and not loved by our false Twin Flames which we needed to heal. The very next day after we both healed those blocks we realized we were Twin Flames. Everything led us perfectly to that moment and we both realized we had been there with each other all along even when we didn't see that on the outside. The moment we saw each other we knew, and took our time on a 2 hour video call comparing our love lists and talking. We came into the vibration of HTFU on that call and both of us came to a deep state of awareness of who we are to each other. It was like all the work we had both been doing was immediately and perfectly reflected in each other and we realized how easy and peaceful it really is to be with your true Twin Flame after you've done the healing work.

Have either of you healed through a false Twin Flame experience? If so, please describe how you came to the conclusion that they were a false Twin Flame, and how you have resolved the relationship and come to peace and clarity.

Yes. I (Michaila) realized my false Twin Flame was false when I healed my core block. It was a peaceful, joyful conclusion. I realized that this person simply isn't one with me. Once I healed the core block of worthiness I could clearly and objectively see how he doesn't make the same core choice as me, he does not value the same things as me and is heading in a totally different direction in life. It was very logical and relieving because I feel the core wound that my false TF was always reflecting to me was the belief that I'm unworthy of love. Jose had the same experience in his own way where he healed his core block and suddenly saw how the person he believed to be his Twin couldn't be because she doesn't choose the same as him, value the same things as him, or reflect any of the healing that he had been doing. We both logically and peacefully came to that conclusion after healing and loving those relationships fully, then we were able to see each other clearly.

Have you explored your Life Purpose together? Please share about your Life Purpose journey.

Yes, we are both dedicated to serving the Twin Flame movement. We are very passionate about helping other Twin Flames achieve Harmonious Union as we feel everyone deserves and should have this life of love. We are both Master Certified Ascension Coaches. We both work every day to expand the Teachings of Union, that's our whole life and everything we do is built around our purpose. We are very dedicated and driven in our Purpose and it's one of our core values together, it brings us a lot of joy and freedom.

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