LPC 1: How To Discover Your Purpose. (FREE CLASS!)

LPC 2: How To Pursue Opportunities Of Wealth And Money (FREE CLASS!)

LPC 3: Your Life Purpose Is A Partnership With Life. (FREE CLASS!)

LPC 4: Shift Into Your New Life Purpose “Vortex.”

LPC 5: Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try ~Yoda.

LPC 6: Screw It, Just Do It.

LPC 7: The Story Of Jim.

LPC 8: The Balance Between Giving Your All And Leaking Your Energy.

LPC 9: Clarity Is Where You Start And Healing Your Wealth Consciousness

LPC 10: Give All of Your Self And Get All In Return

LPC 11: Only You Create In Your Reality

LPC 12: The Magic Of Moonlighting

LPC 13: If You Have No Will, There Is No Way

LPC 14: Follow Your Bliss

LPC 15: Infinite Abundance

LPC 16: Becoming Unstoppable

LPC 17: The Metric Of Success

LPC 18: The Garden Of Your Mind

LPC 19: Rocketman Elon Musk And The Path To Immortality

LPC 20: Creating A Dynasty With Low Hanging Fruit

LPC 21: How To Create And Share Value

LPC 22: Love Is The Answer

LPC 23: Love And Following Your Heart Is Your Foundation

LPC 24: Fabian’s Journey

LPC 25: Moving On Up and Out of Separation

LPC 26: Building An Unstoppable Foundation

LPC 27: It Has To Matter To You

LPC 28: The Importance Of Honoring All Aspects Of Yourself

LPC 29: Baby Fever And Life Purpose Upgrades

LPC 30: You Always Get What You Want

LPC 31: How Do You Get Money?

LPC 32: Serving Your Divinity

LPC 33: Following Your Creative Flow

LPC 34: Remember Why You Started And Don’t Ever Give That Up

LPC 35: Love God by Living Your Purpose

LPC 36: The 4 Business Models

LPC 37: How Your Life Purpose Is A Spiritual Quest In Mastering Productivity.

LPC 38: Porsche Edition

LPC 39: The Line Of Separation

LPC 40: The Power Of Trust

LPC 41: The Soul Design Of Leaders & The Soul Design Of The Majority

LPC 42: The Purpose Of Passion!

LPC 43: Drawing Eternal Energy Into Your Life Purpose

LPC 44: How to Learn From Experience.

LPC 45: The Purpose Of Living.

LPC 46: Don’t Be A Pussy.

LPC 47: Abundance & Discipline Go Hand-In-Hand

LPC 48: A Life Purpose Review.

LPC 49: Jeff’s Life Purpose Story – From Poverty to True Wealth

LPC 50: The Core Teaching Of Life Purpose Class

LPC 51: To Give Means You MUST Receive (The Cycle of True Abundance)!

LPC 52: The Power of Surrender.

LPC 53: Stepping Through The Portal Into The Next Chapter Of Your Life Purpose.

LPC 54: Partnerships In Life Purpose Work.

LPC 55: Exploring Divine Health And Support for a Richer Life Purpose.

LPC 56: Aldyn’s Life Purpose Conumdrum.

LPC 57: How To Increase Your Financial Vibration Right Now!

LPC 58: A Miracle Happens In Jeff And Shaleia’s Life Purpose.

LPC 59: Jeff And Shaleia Clearing Significant Life Purpose Blocks.

LPC 60: To HAVE ALL, Give Your ALL To The ALL.

LPC 61: Mastering Your LP Creates A Stable Foundation To Build And Rest Upon.

LPC 62: J&S Read From Author Copy Of “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover”

LPC 63: Willpower Ensures Your Success 100%.

LPC 64: Aldyn’s GRAND Success And Why It’s An Incredible Gift For You.

LPC 65: Jeff And Shaleia’s Juicy LP Breakthrough.

LPC 66: Why Was Jeff Singing In The Shower Before Class.

LPC 67: Why You Have To Pay To Live.

LPC 68: Jeff And Shaleia Answer The Questions About Themselves.

LPC 69: Meeting Your Maker, Facing Your Destiny.

LPC 70: The Mosaic Of Higher Perspective.

LPC 71: God-Mode Activate.

LPC 72: The Impossible To Go Back From.

LPC 73: Wherein We Science The Heck Out Of This.

LPC 74: How Relationships Form The Basis Of Success.

LPC 75: Deanna’s Miraculous Life Purpose Story.

LPC 76: The Happening.

LPC 77: Using LPC To Manifest Your Perfect Life.

LPC 78: Miracle Consciousness In Life Purpose.

LPC 79: The Miracle Of Following God’s Way

LPC 80: The Last Place You Look.

LPC 81: The Fruits Of Your Efforts.

LPC 82: Mastering Vision

LPC 83: Two Words To Save Your Life (Christmas Special 2018)

LPC 84: Live In NYC!

LPC 85: How To Follow Your Heart

LPC 86: Committing To Artistry

LPC 87: Non-Attachment = God’s Nectar

LPC 88: The End of LPC

LPC 89: Fundamental Nutrition

LPC 90: Goodbye, It’s Time To Live Your Life

LPC 91: The Secret Of Life

LPC 92: The Never Ending Fairytale of Life

LPC 93: Eternal Success

LPC 94: Sharpening The Cadence Of Your Life

LPC 95: Don’t Get F*cked

LPC 96: Jeff And Shaleia’s Sweet Conclusion

LPC 97: The Refreshing Waters Of Eternal Persistence

LPC 98: Chrissy’s Core Life Purpose Mission

LPC 99: Scheduling, Routine, And Discipline: Level 2 (No J&S Audio)

LPC 100: Creative Self-Expression

LPC 101: Clearing Debts, Coming Alive, The Secret Of Riches

LPC 102: Being Unstoppable Is NOT An Option

LPC 103: Fabian Got Fired! (And Deanna Replaced Him As CEO!!!)

LPC 104: The Eternal Fruits Of Living Your Life Purpose

LPC 105: Don’t Take S**t

LPC 106: Jeff And Shaleia Review The Last Two Years Of LPC

LPC 107: Learning Faith; Time To Fly

LPC 108: Final Ever Life Purpose Class