Sermon 1: Making The Choice.

Sermon 2: Life Is A Game: You Must Play To Win.

Sermon 3: The World Of Possibilities.

Sermon 4: Shift Into Your New Life Purpose Vortex.

Sermon 5: Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try.

Sermon 6: The Power Of Love.

Sermon 7: The Story Of Jim.

Sermon 8: Only You Create In Your Reality.

Sermon 9: If You Have No Will, There Is No Way.

Sermon 10: Follow Your Bliss.

Sermon 11: The Metric Of Success.

Sermon 12: Creating A Dynasty With Low Hanging Fruit.

Sermon 13: How To Create And Share Value.

Sermon 14: Love Is The Answer.

Sermon 15: Love And Following Your Heart Is Your Foundation.

Sermon 16: Building An Unstoppable Foundation.

Sermon 17: It Has To Matter To You.

Sermon 18: You Always Get What You Want.

Sermon 19: Serving Your Divinity.

Sermon 20: Love God By Living Your Purpose.

Sermon 21: The 4 Business Models.

Sermon 22: Life Purpose Is A Spiritual Quest In Mastering Productivity.

Sermon 23: Drawing Eternal Energy Into Your Life Purpose.

Sermon 24: How To Learn From Experience.

Sermon 25: The Purpose Of Living.

Sermon 26: Life Purpose Review.

Sermon 27: Jeff’s Life Purpose Story – From Poverty To True Wealth.

Sermon 28: The Cycle Of True Abundance.

Sermon 29: The Power Of Surrender.

Sermon 30: Exploring Divine Health And Support For A Richer Life Purpose.

Sermon 31: How To Increase Your Financial Vibration.

Sermon 32: Will Power Ensures Your Success 100%.

Sermon 33: Why You Have To Pay To Live.

Sermon 34: Meeting Your Maker, Facing Your Destiny.

Sermon 35: God-Mode Activate.

Sermon 36: The Impossible To Go Back From.

Sermon 37: The Happening.

Sermon 38: The Miracle of Following God’s Way

Sermon 39: Mastering Vision.

Sermon 40: Live In NYC.

Sermon 41: Committing To Artistry.

Sermon 42: Goodbye, It’s Time To Live Your Life.

Sermon 43: The Secret Of Life.

Sermon 44: The Never Ending Fairytale Of Life.

Sermon 45: Eternal Success.

Sermon 46: The Refreshing Waters Of Eternal Persistence.

Sermon 47: Creative Self-Expression.

Sermon 48: Being Unstoppable Is NOT An Option.

Sermon 49: Final Ever Life Purpose Class.