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Lesson 1: Opening To Love

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The romance of my dreams manifested right before my eyes! Within one week of investing in this course, I attracted and met my true twin flame. This e-course is so powerful that I attracted all love to me like a magnet. This was made possible by the classes helping me harvest the love within myself first. Love started sprouting and blooming all around me after the first class.


When I did the exercises at the end of each lesson of Twin Flames Romance Attraction, that’s when my spiritual learning really started integrating into my own life. One of the exercises involves clearing physical objects to make room for my twin – especially objects that were related to past relationships. I made room in my bedroom, my closets and even my fridge for my twin. I got rid of even expensive objects that were given to me by a past partner.  I was sending a powerful message to the Universe that I was ready to be with my Twin Flame, and him only, going all in, with no back door. Forty days later, I am now living with my Twin Flame! God has a sense of humor: I moved in with him instead of him with me. I’m so pleased with this course and grateful to Jeff and Shaleia – it really works if you work it, and I feel I can go even deeper and watch it again and get new results! It’s the gift that keeps giving. Do not give up! Persist, and you will arrive there.


Almost completed this course and am loving it!

One of my favourite things watching this course is how Jeff looks at Shaleia while she is speaking. It fills me with so much love seeing how he looks at her. I cant explain it any other way but the love he has for her just exudes when he stares and listens to her speak. Just makes my heart melt.

This course not only teaches us how to romance ourselves, but you can see and feel it through them both.

Thank you both for sharing this with us all. I truly have enjoyed every minute of it 💗