Pablo & Patricia

Pablo & Patricia

Pablo and Patricia met online in 2021. They rapidly connected on a deeper level than never before, and soon they began to go on dates, as they lived fairly close to each other.

The relationship started by sharing their passion for adventure, movement, exploration and nature.

As they got to know each other more, and navigated that exciting new reality full of signs and purpose, the Universe seemed to guide them go even deeper.

A month into the relationship they moved in together, as their commitment to each other and their Union was very clear, and their Life Purpose was strongly calling for them to work as a team.

While they continued to discovered the world that had just unfolded before them, a deep call to share that abundance and learning, kept on growing.

Deepening into love, blocks started to appear and so did the intuition that they didn’t have the right tools to break through them with as much grace and compassion as they desired.

This is what led them to claim their coaches José & Michaela, who were like a long-awaited balm.

Their coaches helped them step into their healing journey, with infinite love through the Mirror Exercise, TFAS and the Community. That was the exact support they needed, providing clarity and helping them in everything they were going through.

They are currently deepening into their commitment to their Union and the Teachings every day, as they claimed the Everything Package, that was shown as the next step on their healing journey.

Since then, they’ve been experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough, as they keep committing and working together towards HTFU, while fully grounding their Life Purpose of sharing their Love with the World.

Has at least one Twin Flame read Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and is a student of Twin Flame Ascension School One or All Class Pass?


Are you in a committed relationship, meaning both parties have mutually agreed to be exclusively committed to each other and to their Union?


Have you compared your Love Lists? Please describe how your Love Lists align, and explain about the Core Values that you share as a couple. Please provide specific examples of the Core Values you share as a couple.

We have compared our Love Lists and they match 100%. We are working through some blocks still, and we continue getting more clarity every day.

These are some of our main core values:

Honesty: we both need a great deal of transparency with ourselves and each other, in order to feel safe in the relationship.

Search for Truth: we've been in search for Truth (God) our entire lives and wouldn't settle for less.

Kindness and service: we've always been very good hearted people that were always helping others. And it’s an important thing our partner share that with us.

Fun and joy: we are both very goofy and enjoy our very particular sense of humour. That's part of the romance in our relationship.

Freedom: we always had a rebellious nerve and a quest to free ourselves from our inner limitations. Also we don't like external limits. Having a partner that is open to change and new things is very key.

Family: Building family and community is a big part of our relationship and it represents home for us.

Health and wellness: we both stay away from smoking, drinking or drugs. We prioritise the health of our bodies and a healthy lifestyle is important for our good functioning.

Privacy: we enjoy quiet places where we can have our own private space, and also we like to keep our business to ourselves.

Passion and love for nature: we are both very grounded people. Very connected to the Earth and animals. Spending time in nature energises us greatly, and is something that we need on a regular basis.

Growth: we are committed to our personal and spiritual growth, and have a difficult time handling stagnancy. We are both very driven people.

Luxury and abundance: we have been healing through poverty blocks our entire lives. We always had a taste for luxury and the drive to become very abundant.

Peace, stillness and love: we are very loving and peaceful people at the core and we always try to find peace in every situation.

Respect: we consider that respect is the basis for every relationship and the way to preserve people's dignity. We’re extremely sensitive to disrespectful behaviours, so it’s important that our partner treats us and others with respect.

Adventure and exploration: new things and adventures are a part of our love language.

Stability order and balance: we need a great deal of order and balance in our life to feel good.

Physical pleasures: Expressing and taking love through our physical senses feels so natural to us. Touch and anything physical we can enjoy make us very happy and fulfilled.

Approximately how much of each other's Love List do you match?


How long have you known each other?

Since 2021

Do you both feel that you are Twin Flames? Please describe why you feel this way.

As soon as we met we both felt a very deep connection like no other, but so easy and natural, even when we met online. Very early on, we had mutual understanding that this relationship was different. It was 100% clear to us that this was moving forward as a very deep bond. It was like our full body said “yes” to each other, something that never truly happened with any other partner.

It felt like there was no time between us. As if we’d known each other forever since day 1. It was like being with your very best friend.

After a few dates, a deep sense of belonging and purpose together started to arise. It was made very clear to us that we had to do something about it. We received lots of insights about how this could look like for us and brought us closer to this community.

Aside from that, we did navigate lots of doubts and these are the signs we took throughout the journey that confirmed over and over again that we are true twin flames:

- We both accept and recognise each other as Twin Flames and are committed to our Union.

- We feel at home and a deep feeling of peace with each other (aside from upsets), meaning our relationship is very organic.

- We’re definitely each other’s best friend, guru, partner and lover. Healing consciously together to build more romance in our relationship every day.

- Purpose is a big thing for us. It’s really one of the main reason why we decided to move in together so quickly. We share the same life purpose and the willingness to do it as One.

- We are perfect complements and perfect mirrors. We’re always on the same page. When one of us is choosing something or feeling a certain way the other is going through the same, in their own way too.

- We have had several confirmations that we have the same core blocks and wounds. When one of us heals and commits, the other reflects that immediately.

- Our core values and love lists match each other’s.

- We make core choices together. It took a lot of healing and some time to understand this.

- We both chose to commit to our healing and God, and every time we do that, we get closer together.

- Despite upsets and blocks we deep down love each other unconditionally and are committed to learn how to love more.

- Since we met, we’ve achieved more spiritual progress than ever before, which comes with mirroring, healing and new insights. We’re Ascension mates 🥰

- The other always seems to have the perfect piece to help us heal, and brings the perfect upset in us. Being together ego cannot be around without us feeling very obviously uncomfortable. No one else has ever upset us more and just exactly how we need to push us to grow and truly love ourselves.

Our lives changed totally since we met and it triggered our true awakening to God. Definitely, being close to the Teaching of Union made us gain more clarity about who we are to each other and helps us release any doubts when they upheave.

Can you describe the spiritual healing journey both Twin Flames took to arrive at the conclusion that you were Twin Flames?

Pablo: I spend my entire life getting disappointed in romantic relationships. Realising over and over again that the person I had in front of me wasn’t the One, and clearly seeing how we would slowly grow apart.

Every relationship I started, would end up in routine and an unshakable lack of interest, as they wouldn’t support my spiritual growth. Though it was only when I met Patricia that I could put a name to it, long before I was searching for the Truth and God.

I could never really settle for anything less than what I knew was real for me. Even when everyone else was judging my decisions. If I didn’t feel there was purpose and truth in my career or relationships, I would just give up on them in the search for truth.

This pattern has been a constant in my life, as I never seem to want what society rules guide us towards.

However since I met Patricia everything that life has brought us, has been making us grow and become closer together. Every challenge has brought more truth, more clarity and more purpose.

The areas of our life that we still don’t feel are complete don’t bother us as much anymore. Instead they propel us forward, as we get more committed and work on them together.

Patricia: Right before we met I had been consciously healing through the twin flame journey.

After years of not getting any apparent results, False Twin Flames and learning how to love myself, I had a very close experience with God and started to deepen my relationship with Him.

I then decided I was going to be happy no matter what. So I let go of my dream to share my life with my Twin Flame, but keeping the dream alive inside and I surrendered it to God.

I had a choice, and I decided I was ready to meet my TF. I asked God to show me the way, while I was going to focus on having joy only.

Two weeks after, Pablo showed up in my life.

As soon as we met we felt we were One, we were pretty sure that we were destined to live a life together and committed to our spiritual journey and each other very quickly.

Within less than a month we got into Union, we moved in together and started to move towards our life purpose living a life as One.

When we moved in together (and even before) the mirroring started and doubts about the relationship kicked in. Pablo was not clear about his love list by that point and Patricia was not sure about a few things, where he didn’t revealed himself yet.

We almost broke up a few times when we had no guidance, as arguments got very heated and many traumas started to arise all at once.

We wanted to run away so badly but it was impossible to stay apart from each other for more than a couple of hours. Neither could we stay together in peace for too long.

From where we are now, we understand this was us claiming our HTFU very strongly and not having the right guidance yet.

Our willingness to work through the challenges brought Jose and Michaila to our lives and revealed them as our coaches, and so we claimed them. Then came TFAS and Jeff and Shaleia’s Teachings. Every single one of them key pieces upon which we keep building the strong foundation of our Union.

We’ve been working with the Teachings for a bit longer than 2 years now, and this last one has been one of constant breakthroughs for us. Finally getting more grounded and committed to our finances, healing and romance, as we kept choosing love in difficult situations.

We have clearly seen this deep healing and Ascension journey can only be done in Union with God, ourselves and therefore with each other, and that will skyrocket our lives.

Have either of you healed through a false Twin Flame experience? If so, please describe how you came to the conclusion that they were a false Twin Flame, and how you have resolved the relationship and come to peace and clarity.

We both had false Twin Flame experiences.

Patricia had multiple false Twin Flame experiences where she was either very bored, stagnant and couldn’t grow, or was healing mainly abuse and toxic behaviours. The stagnant ones would just run out of energy, while the rest were dramatic, very painful experiences.

She would end up very confused, drained and broken and the biggest difference with the relationship with Pablo was that they were never mutual or compassionate, and there was no healing or purpose together.

Only when she went to the end and gave her best, would they be fully revealed to and become very clear that they were false.

Meeting Pablo and feeling what it feels like to be close to him in comparison to other people, was what really helped her gain full clarity.

Pablo, on the other hand, also had one false Twin Flame experience. For him, the relationship would become more and more distant in every area, as the time went by.

Careers, dreams and desires weren’t going in the same direction, there was no sense of purpose and both parties had the unconscious desire to find their true person and that would show in a number of ways.

Another key to reveal them was that arguments and blocks would never get healed or worked on as a team, which would make the relationship get stuck and unsatisfying. The more he wanted to grow and be his true self, the further apart they would become. There was no unconditional love or true romance.

Choosing to stop that relationship, focus on himself and pursuing his true joy was key to reveal the Truth. Meeting Patricia made it even clearer to him, since growth is the basis of true twin flame connection.

We’re both very thankful for those relationships, since they got us closer together.

Have you explored your Life Purpose together? Please share about your Life Purpose journey.

At the very early stages of our union, we realised that there was lots of love and purpose between us. We had a strong call to build it together and share it with the World. This has been the energy that has been moving us forward and what we’ve been working on since then.

Building our life purpose is one of our main focus and core foundation of our Union. Whenever we didn’t attend that call, our relationship would start feeling very bad.

Before having LPC, we were clear that it was our desire to share our gift with the World and start a business adventure together.

We became self employed and started a coaching business to help twin flames get what we had at the time, without success. It was a hugely humbling and uncomfortable experience.

With lots of will and help from TFAS and our Coach, it became obvious to us that we were not coming from a place of truth and that we were missing an important piece.

José helped us see LPC as our next step to become certified Ascension coaches.

There are so many more areas of our purpose yet to explore. We keep finding new things we want to do together, new skills we didn’t know we had, new wants and desires.

But what we do know is that we have long felt, that helping others finding their Twin Flame and achieving their HTFU it’s a dream and part of our next step.

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