Sermon 1: Free Twin Flame Ascension School (Our gift to you)

Sermon 2: Only What you Choose Matters

Sermon 3: Developing a Relationship with Love Itself

Sermon 4: The Final Wed 7pm Class

Sermon 5: The Inner Knowing of Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Sermon 6: You are here to fall in love for the very last time

Sermon 7: The Essence of Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Sermon 8: The Juicy Riches that Await you at the Core of the Work

Sermon 9: The Formula for a Perfect Life

Sermon 10: How to Relate to Love

Sermon 11: The Final Twin Flame Gateway & Portal

Sermon 12: How to Lead Within Your Union

Sermon 13: The Doorway to Your Union

Sermon 14: What happens after Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Sermon 15: Christmas Day with Christ Consciousness

Sermon 16: If You Know What You Want, Choose to Move Toward It

Sermon 17: TFAS: God’s Abundance Channel

Sermon 18: God is the Source of Your Good

Sermon 19: Going Deeper Into Your #1 Upset

Sermon 20: The Core Principle of Harmonious Union

Sermon 21: You Must Walk the Path of Your Consciousness

Sermon 22: The Everflowing Language of Love

Sermon 23: The Second Coming of Christ through Twin Flames

Sermon 24: The Real Way to Your Twin Flame

Sermon 25: A Lesson in Spiritual Upheaval & How To Master It

Sermon 26: True Sincerity and Innocence (How to Approach Union)

Sermon 27: The Happy Result of a Spiritually Disciplined Life 

Sermon 28: Ego – The Manifested Consciousness in a Belief of Separation

Sermon 29: Healing Twin Flame Rejection (Like a Boss)

Sermon 30: How to Not Give Up On Yourself or Your Twin Flame

Sermon 31: Clearing Ego is Critical to Attaining Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Sermon 32: What Does It Mean to Love Another?

Sermon 33: Jeff Discovers Gratitude and is in Awe of God

Sermon 34: Jeff Cries A Lot

Sermon 35: Seeing Yourself as Divine

Sermon 36: Coming Full Circle, And The Importance of Boundaries

Sermon 37: The Juiciest Romance Ever

Sermon 38: How Jesus Loved God 

Sermon 39: Live In NYC!

Sermon 40: Subtle Vibrations of Love Achieved Through Mastery

Sermon 41: No, No, Drama!

Sermon 42: Happily Ever After

Sermon 43: The Final Surrender

Sermon 44: Overcoming the Hardest Block

Sermon 45: You don’t want your Twin Flame and here’s why

Sermon 46: The Only Lover

Sermon 47: Finally Surrendering the Bad Feeling

Sermon 48: The Cycles of Love

Sermon 49: Reminiscing On The Work

Sermon 50: The Atonement

Sermon 51: The Nectar of Perfect Union

Sermon 52: Walking with Christ, as Christ

Sermon 53: Opening to the Divine Mind

Sermon 54: Final Juicy Sun 7pm

Sermon 55: The Very, Very, Very, Last Class