Yves & Lara

Yves & Lara

Yves and Lara met each other through the Twin Flames Universe community in 2021. They both felt strongly attracted to each other. Lara was already working as an Ascension Coach. Yves started his Life Purpose nearly at the same time as a farmer. After a year of deep healing of their relationship, Lara moved from Germany to Switzerland. They started to live as a family and building a life together as One based on the Teachings of Union.

Has at least one Twin Flame read Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and is a student of Twin Flame Ascension School One or All Class Pass?


Are you in a committed relationship, meaning both parties have mutually agreed to be exclusively committed to each other and to their Union?


Have you compared your Love Lists? Please describe how your Love Lists align, and explain about the Core Values that you share as a couple. Please provide specific examples of the Core Values you share as a couple.

Yes we compared our Lovelists. We compared them several times and also together with our Coach Laurentiu to get really and honestly clear about ourselves and our values. Our Lovelists align fully and completely, we describe our core values the same in every sentence.


We both desire to live our Life Purpose together, to serve God and to live in nature with a big farm and a lot of animals. We both value healing and to live a God-centered life above all else. We value the Teachings and we want to share them with others. We both have a great passion for food and natural and organic products. We value an organic lifestyle and love and enjoy nature. We both value loyalty and honesty and all of the 8 keys of Harmonious Union. We both desire financial freedom, an abundant and very rich life and we both desire to ascend together and create Heaven on Earth. We deeply value our peace and to take responsibility for ourselves when it comes to our healing. 

Approximately how much of each other's Love List do you match?


How long have you known each other?

Since 2021

Do you both feel that you are Twin Flames? Please describe why you feel this way.

Yes. We made deep core choices together at the same times in our lives that were the same, every time. We align in life vision, core values, interests, lifestyle, and experience things in ways that we never thought anyone could ever match. When we heal, the healing is reflected immediately by the other and we always go deeper into Love and peace in our relationship. Even in times of upset or when we find places in our consciousness that believe in separation, we choose to heal and honestly resolve the inner upset with Love. The other naturally and effortlessly steps up to Love in that space too. It’s a Divine partnership.

Can you describe the spiritual healing journey both Twin Flames took to arrive at the conclusion that you were Twin Flames?

We both healed on our own for years before we met and recognized each other. Lara joined the Twin Flames Universe community over five years ago and was dedicated to the work from the beginning. Yves joined the community when Lara started her Ascension Coaching business and we have continued to heal together since then.


We had a challenging first year with many difficulties. But we worked our way through the challenges together every time, no matter what. We only grew closer and closer to each other. We have both surrendered ourselves to God countless times and we both always and only come closer to each other. We feel more attracted to one another and more peaceful together as we heal and we see ourselves more clearly as our one True Love.

Have either of you healed through a false Twin Flame experience? If so, please describe how you came to the conclusion that they were a false Twin Flame, and how you have resolved the relationship and come to peace and clarity.

Yes we both had false Twin Flame experiences. 


Lara did the healing work for several years but she could never see how she could get closer to the false Twin Flame person on her Ascension path. All doors always remained closed, no matter what she healed and none of her decisions were ever reflected back to her by them showing her that this person was not choosing the same things. So eventually she came to the point of non attachment. It was a process, over several years. The peace and clarity arrived when she healed a deep abandonment wound with the help of her Ascension Coach. Three days later Yves came into her life. 


Yves also had several false Twin Flame experiences and all of them fell away as he healed and went deeper. He was never deeply attached to one specific person as he made the choice some years ago to only be with his perfect woman. He has always focused on God and followed the Teachings. 

Have you explored your Life Purpose together? Please share about your Life Purpose journey.

Yves grew up on a farm. He has a long history of illness and began to heal himself with nutrition. It was a natural step when he started following his passion to grow his own vegetables and sell them at the market. He trained as a landscape gardener and began to cultivate his father's land. 


Lara began to share everything she experienced immediately after her spiritual awakening and started blogging, writing, making videos, writing a book and later building her business as an Ascension Coach.


We are both passionate about healing and desire to bring humanity closer to God. We see ourselves as very complementary here, Lara works on the spiritual aspects and Yves is very grounded. This balance is important for both of us. 


Living together, we have focused a lot on Yves' Life Purpose, we put a lot of energy and Love into everything including the development of his homepage and social media, and above all into the care and  cultivation of his produce. But frustration grew the further we went, Yves studied Life Purpose Class and it became more and more clear that we needed to go in a new direction. 


Since we started working with a Health & Wellness Practitioner, it was immediately clear that this is not a location that supports us and there are no open doors here. We found that our vision can't be built in this area. We both want a peaceful place to live in nature, a lot of land on which Yves can grow his produce and where we can create a place to enable learning as well. With the help of Health & Wellness sessions, we found out that I have the greatest pleasure working with children and that this is part of our shared Life Purpose. Yves also desires to become an Ascension Coach. He is a great feeler and healer and would be an amazing Ascension Coach one day.

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