We guarantee permanent harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame

through Twin Flame Ascension School


“I wish I had found this school 2 years ago.” -SJRH



Wed 1pm EST: FULL

Wed 7pm EST: FULL

Sun 7pm EST: FULL


In Twin Flame Ascension School class sizes are kept intentionally small, with no more than 13 students per live class.  It’s a gentle yet dynamic class that accelerates you quickly and easily out of Twin Flame separation and into your permanent and harmonious Twin Flame Union, with the support of a true Twin Flame Teacher and like-minded students with whom you can interact with in class and on the School’s beloved Facebook Group.  It’s easy to make friends in Twin Flame Ascension School!


Twin Flame Ascension School was created because of a desire from our clients.  They wanted to be around our energy, our teachings, our information, and our focus not only as a reminder and guide on their journeys toward permanent harmonious Union with their Twin Flames, but as a general and expansive example of True Twin Flame Love.


“You start to see life completely different altogether. As you start to see life differently, of course, you attract your Twin Flame more and more.” -Anastasia 



 Weekly classes are 90 minutes long, and are very affordable. Classes are ongoing , so you can start any time you like.  You can choose to pay monthly recurring, or quarterly recurring (for a discount), and cancel any time.


“Best thing to happen in my life!”- C.V.


In addition to classes, you’ll also get a supportive community of others on their Twin Flame journey through the facebook group.  As an active student, you will have comrades in our Facebook group where all our active students can connect, share, ask questions, and give and receive support from us and each other.  We allow anyone to join the facebook group, and everyone who remains committed to serving love may stay for free forever.


Classes are round-table in nature, rather than a pyramid.  Everyone is important, and everyone’s true voice deserves to be heard. Love runs our classes, not ego. So as the teachers, we are responsible for maintaining the vibration of love in our classes. This means students are in a safe, respectful, and protected environment where they can safely ask vulnerable questions and feel supported on their journey.


“The class holds a very special energy and everyone contributes a piece to create it. It’s very exciting and beautiful!” -New student


Classes are ongoing, and not curriculum based. This is possible due to the nature of the Twin Flame journey. It begins with a choice, then you choose love in every situation in your reality. So, even someone who already has manifested their permanent harmonious Twin Flame Union who is looking to deepen their union with their Twin Flame may ask a question, and that question will still be perfectly relevant to someone who has only just begun their journey.  There is no re-hashed material. All information comes directly from Love\Source as a result of the asking and desire of the students.


“One week after… my Twin unblocked me.” -S.K.


Classes are conducted via Google Hangouts. You generally will need a Google account in order to join, the link for the class will be provided to you. Simply click the emailed link which is provided five minutes prior to class start time, and you will be in the class.


You can choose to ask as many questions as you like, whether they are general or specific to only your situation. You can choose to have video and microphone on, or either or both off. You can choose to sit back and enjoy the class energy as it flows forward, or be intensely involved in it, or any combination you choose. . The degree and level of your involvement is your choice, and the classroom is balanced by the teacher and by love. All benefit perfectly from every interaction in the classroom.  Most students prefer to have their microphone and video chat enabled, and engage vigorously in class discussions.


You can discuss the class afterward in our Twin Flame Ascension School: Open Forum Facebook group with your other classmates and students of the Twin Flame journey, or share your thoughts or experiences halfway through the week as well. The level of community support you experience is in direct relationship to the support you invest into the community.  There are other people out there you can connect with who are also on their Twin Flame journeys, and who also study and follow our work. This is a safe place for like minds to come together.

Classes are recorded and recordings are available to people who subscribe to www.TwinFlameAscensionSchool.com for a fee, and a subscription is included free for students who are part of the live classes.



“Before TFAS, I didn’t even know who my Twin Flame was.  After attending TFAS, I was able to recognize my Twin Flame just after a few weeks! Now I’m in Union!” -Crystal Rose



We hope you choose to join us for Twin Flame School. Class space is limited, so reserve your place now. Prices for classes are in USD, and payment is made via credit or debit card through PayPal below. If you have any questions about whether Twin Flame School is right for you, feel free to reach out to Jeff at JeffAyan@gmail.com We are happy to help, and look forward to seeing you in class!



Jeff and Shaleia


“Twin Flame Ascension School is beyond getting into harmonious union with your Twin Flame!! It is life changing. You start to see life completely different altogether. As you start to see life differently, of course, you attract your Twin Flame more and more.  That is exactly what TFAS helps you do!  If it wasn’t for the help of TFAS, my Twin would probably still have my phone number blocked!  You learn how to CRUSH the blocks to your Union, and if you stick with TFAS, you will make it all the way there!” -Anastasia



Wed 1pm EST: FULL

Wed 7pm EST: FULL

Sun 7pm EST: FULL

Please select your class time when signing up for Twin Flame Ascension School.  If you experience a scheduling conflict, we can swap you into a different class time temporarily for a $15 administrative fee.  If you plan on missing or being late for a class, messaging Jeff is appropriate and polite.  Please show up a few minutes early for every class so we can begin on time and respect all students and the class.  Your active subscription to TFAS includes a free subscription to the live recordings of our Wed at 7pm class, a discount on your Life Purpose Class subscriptions, as well as a bonus for your additional subscriptions to additional TFAS recordings.


Prefer to enjoy the weekly recorded classes of Twin Flame Ascension School? Join us and enjoy the class from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. PLEASE VISIT WWW.TWINFLAMEASCENSIONSCHOOL.COM TO JOIN OUR RECORDED CLASSES.


We also offer LIFE PURPOSE CLASSES at www.LifePurposeClass.com



4 classes recurring 4 Weeks (199 USD)


12 classes recurring 12 weeks (499 USD)

Disclaimer: We sincerely guarantee the result of our teachings.  You will be in permanent harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame when you follow and work the process we share all the way through to its final end result. The final end result will be the same for every person who sincerely engages in the work we set forth in our classes.  You are responsible for your own results and your own progress.

By ordering classes you automatically agree not to harass, annoy, bother, or intentionally attempt to harm any other class members inside or outside of class in any way. You agree to help uphold and maintain the principle of love we set forth for Twin Flame Ascension School. You agree to choose to come only from a place of love, and never ego. Choosing ego within the classroom or the work is grounds for immediate expulsion from class without refund.  All sales final, no refunds.

You agree to maintain the confidentiality of all the personal information shared by your classmates in and outside of class, and in and outside of the Facebook group, and understand your classmates are also maintaining this same level of confidentiality. Private recording of classes is strictly prohibited.

You may be muted or your video or text banned temporarily or permanently at the sole discretion of the teacher in order to maintain the love vibration in the classroom. You may be blocked or removed from Twin Flame School’s Facebook group at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of the teachers. Refunds will not be given if disciplinary action is taken. Disciplinary action will only be taken in order to maintain the love vibration of the community, and never if someone is experiencing upheaval, upset as a result of real spiritual work, or is genuinely unsure of how to choose love. Love is the order in Twin Flame Ascension School.

You are not expected to take steps forward along your Twin Flame journey in class. You can take as long as you like, or move as quickly as you choose. Twin Flame Ascension School is here to support you on your Twin Flame and spiritual journey, no matter how you choose to go about it.

We love our students and school, and you understand we will do everything appropriate to care for and protect our students and Twin Flame Ascension School. You also agree to do your part to love yourself, Twin Flame Ascension School and your classmates unconditionally and within your appropriate balance.  All intellectual and recorded property is owned by Jeff and Shaleia.