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Weekly Guidance: Pick-a-Crystal Reveals


This is a powerful time where you are connecting more deeply with the sacred heart of Christ. This is a deep connection with the unconditional love that unites us all. This is also the core of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. As you choose to be present with the feelings and emotions that are arising and loving them so they can peacefully be released, you are aligning with your Union. Always choose love, no matter what arises. Your choice to surrender to peace and to love itself will guide you perfectly into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You can use the crystal Rose Quartz to help you align with unconditional love and support you in releasing any blockages.

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There’s no need to worry if emotions, feelings, and memories are resurfacing. These things are arising now because you have the tools to heal it and release it completely. First, they must be felt. As you feel your feelings, you love them, and they can be released. You cannot drown in the overwhelm of your emotions, even if it can feel that way. Love is bigger than what you are facing and will win every time. You can let the waves wash away all that isn’t you and reveal your true divine radiance. It is safe to call in your support here. The crystal Moonstone is here to support you through deep emotional healing, allowing you to release old patterns and bring peaceful balance to your heart.

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You are closer than you’ve ever been to achieving all that you dream of. Stay focused on your goal and call in your support. Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities being presented to you? It’s safe to reflect on how far you’ve come and be proud of all the progress you’ve made. There’s always more peace and love to expand into. Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and the life you dream of is here for you, waiting for you to claim it. The crystal Apatite supports you in claiming your goal and investing all of yourself towards your dream, letting go of anything that diverts your focus.

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About the Reader

Megan Campbell is a Vetted Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe and a Twin Flame Ascension School student. She is passionate about channeling love’s perfect message for you to help you ground into deeper peace. Her reading compassionately supports you as you grow into your deepest levels of love and transformation.

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