Six of Earth:

Don’t worry if you’re moving into something completely new and feeling a bit unbalanced. When you move forward in a big way, your natural state upgrades to the next level. This means your current way of balancing must evolve too. Trust where your heart calls you to invest your energy. You are worthy of receiving all the abundance, comfort, and love you desire. Every step you take forward, every place that you heal, and every place you receive love is invested into the reality you desire to create. These investments build the foundation for your Heaven on Earth. Keep going!

Seven of Earth:

If you’re feeling a bit lost in life, there’s no need to worry. Even though you may see many paths and choices in front of you, your heart always leads you towards the perfect choice. When you have the strong voice of love within your heart guiding the way, you know you can never truly be lost. Every piece of your journey is a great adventure. Whenever you’re feeling unsure, take a moment to connect more deeply with the love within your heart and allow that love to guide you. Every choice of love leads you deeper into your Heaven on Earth, with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union.

Page of Water:

Peace flows into every place where you feel overwhelmed and plagued by fear, mistrust, and doubt. The light of love sets you free, bringing an oasis of life into every part of you. You may have experienced many challenges and hardships before, but you are ready for the life you desire, a life where you are free to experience Heaven on Earth, unconditional love, and unlimited abundance. It’s time to let go of the past, so you can begin the life you were created for. Love is who you are. Let love shine into every place within you, and light up your whole life. You are ready to move forward into love.

About the Reader

Megan Campbell is a Vetted Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe and a Twin Flame Ascension School student. She is passionate about channeling love’s perfect message for you to help you ground into deeper peace. Her reading compassionately supports you as you grow into your deepest levels of love and transformation.