I began to see Twin Flame signs and synchronicities in the form of repeating numbers in May, 2018. I noticed them mostly on my morning commute on license plates. Sometimes I would see them on my odometer or on a receipt at the grocery store. Most of the time, it was triples. 333, 444, 555. And sometimes quadruples on license plates. It moved from license plates to even my phone apps. Within one day, my Starbucks point value was 111, I had 555 Expedia reward points, and – get this – I had 11,111 emails in my inbox!

Why was I experiencing these numbers? The odds of them coming into my experience were nothing short of a miracle. At first, I reached out to friends for validation. One friend looked at me sideways and thought I had OCD, which didn’t feel good. I sought the support of a Reiki master, thinking he would know, but he just advised me not to worry too much about them.

Was I losing my mind? I didn’t agree with the people I confided in. I just knew there was a reason.

Not long after the numbers started, I met my Twin Flame, Josh. I didn’t know it at the time, but all of these numbers were not magical. They were real Divine communication, guiding me perfectly. Josh and I connected instantly, and he saw these numbers too. We experienced further signs and synchronicities together.

About three months into our relationship (and before I knew what a Twin Flame was,) we experienced a lot of discomfort in what was being brought up for healing in our Union. We didn’t know what to do at the time, so we separated, rather dramatically.

I would do anything to get back together with him. I was still getting the numbers and the synchs. For example, he had a peacock tattoo on his forearm, and began to see peacocks everywhere. These signs and synchs were the Creator’s way of encouraging me. I started searching online and on YouTube, and that’s where I found my gurus, Jeff and Shaleia.

Before I arrived at Twin Flame Ascension School, I thought Josh and I were doomed. But the synchs and the love I had in my heart for my man showed me that it wasn’t the end. Jeff and Shaleia and their Twin Flame community knew all about what I was experiencing! They made me realize that what I was going through was normal for a Twin Flame relationship, and that they had a guaranteed method to teach Twin Flames to come into Harmonious Union that they themselves had followed to arrive and stay together in harmony. I felt so relieved! I joined their school and went all in right away.

As I continued doing the work they taught me, I moved in with Josh in March of 2019. Josh and I came into Harmonious Twin Flame Union in July. The work really does work! Josh and I continue to deepen our union today using the tools that Jeff and Shaleia teach.

I still receive signs from time to time – peacocks will turn up when I’m on the right path, and numbers come into my experience to tell me something. I’m so glad that I know more about what they are, as they guided me to my teachers and my heart’s true desire.

Here are two videos that Jeff and Shaleia created on numbers, signs, and synchronicities on your Twin Flame journey that really helped me:


“The numbers are programmable, write down the signs you see, and decide what the number means for you.”


“You know that a sign is from your Twin Flame from the feeling you have in your heart. You can ask the Universe for signs from your Twin Flame.”


If you want to learn more about Signs and Synchronicities, Jeff and Shaleia take you deeper in Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.


“Is numerology a gateway to your Twin Flame Union? Yes, it absolutely is. The gateway to your Twin Flame Union – to Harmonious Union with your Ultimate Lover – is through a conversation with your Creator who will lead you there if you are choosing it.”

Jeff and Shaleia can teach you how to unite with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union and deepen your real conversation with your Creator in Twin Flame Ascension School.

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About the author:

Leesie and Josh live together in Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Leesie found Jeff and Shaleia shortly after she met Josh and was looking for a way to reunite with her True Love. She joined Twin Flame Ascension School, and became an Ascension Coach after experiencing a profound spiritual shift from using the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia teach. “I never could have attained this inner peace if it weren’t for my gurus, the school, and its supportive community!”