What is upheaval?

Upheaval is the process by which all that is out of alignment with love is removed from your consciousness. Upheaval occurs after an upset is healed with the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia teach in all of their materials. You can consider the misaligned belief or illusory thought as a thorn. The thorn is first revealed or reflected to your consciousness (often this occurs through Twin Flame mirroring, or other triggers.) When you identify this misalignment, you pull out the ‘thorn’ by giving that part of you love with the Mirror Exercise. When the upset is healed, all that is out of alignment upheaves from your consciousness. It can feel uncomfortable as the energy moves out – all kinds of emotions can come up – but remember: that’s the yuck leaving and making place for love and peace. That layer is now healed. Permanently.

Upheaval comes with a variety of symptoms, but, generally, you may experience fatigue or emotional sensitivity for a few hours up to a couple of days. An upset feels polarized or charged, but upheaval does not. When you try to use the Mirror Exercise on upheaval, it feels like it can’t grasp on to anything, there is no upset there to heal. Just let it come out!

This collection of materials was put together by Jeff and Shaleia’s students who have gone through upheaval and desire to support you through it. Great love awaits you on the other side!

Remember: upheaval has an end. Once your upheaval symptoms dissipate, it’s time to get up and follow God’s call to love. You’re meant to live life to the fullest. Enjoy your fresh, new state of peace!

Twin Flame Ascension School classes that address upheaval

“When you call in big love, as you go deeper into new levels of loving, the old energy that has been out of alignment is going to come up for upheaval. That’s what you can expect as you continue to call in deeper levels of love. You don’t want a shallow life. You don’t want a shallow love. This is the price you pay. It’s a wonderful price to pay. You called in more love, which means you called in more God. Isn’t that Perfection? Isn’t that perfect?”
– Jeff & Shaleia

“It’s always important to ask for what the truth is. This is part of the spiritual work, not attaching to the upheaval and getting upset about it, because that just creates new upsets. Newer people on the spiritual path get tripped up on, like, “Aren’t I supposed to feel better and better?” Well, you are. But this is part of getting better, this upheaval, clearing house, clearing out because all these upsets have been residing within you the entire time, so it’s got to come out somehow. It’s called purification. This is the way to Ascension.”
– Jeff & Shaleia

“We feel good about ourselves, we did some spiritual work. ‘I healed that big block, now I’m in upheaval!’ Sure, all the old stuff’s gotta go away and all the new stuff’s gotta come in, that’s great, but are you focusing on all the bad-feeling things while you’re in upheaval? Or, are you focusing on the good-feeling thing? Even the most awkward, uncomfortable, yucky thing is a treasure.”
– Jeff & Shaleia

More resources to support you during upheaval

Our favorite upheaval activities


Listening to your favorite music

Playing video games


Going on a walk


Looking through funny memes


Spending time with pet

Eating warm, comforting foods

Working (work that may not involve high degrees of responsibility)

Drinking warm, comforting liquids

Speaking to your ascension coach

Taking a bath

Talking about and sharing your symptoms in your discussion group

Wear comfortable clothing and lounging around

Being gentle with yourself

Watching your favorite movies or TV series

Singing or toning

Working out, playing sports


Enjoying time in nature


Doing things you enjoy

Watching fun movies/Anime


What NOT to do:


Don’t fret: it’s just the bad thing leaving, so let it come out

Don’t push yourself to perform

Don’t try to stop or control the upheaval

Don’t make important decisions while in upheaval

Common questions and answers

Q: What’s the difference between an upset and upheaval?


A: Upsets feel charged or polarized. There are lots of projections in upsets. Upheaval is feeling the feeling that’s present in the upset, but it no longer feels charged because it’s on its way out after healing. You also will notice that when you give that part of you love, nothing happens, since all the work has been done during the upset.


Usually, the order goes like this: upset → healing → relief → upheaval.

Q: How long does upheaval last?


A: A few hours to a couple days. You will notice that you feel better, lighter afterwards. The healing has been done. This is the peace you have attained!


Q: What are some of the symptoms of upheaval?


A: Symptoms range from gentle, peaceful fatigue (like you just got done running or swimming) to having flu-like symptoms, a bit of dizziness and nausea for a day or so. This will pass.


Q: What can I do if I experience discomfort during upheaval that doesn’t seem to go away?


A: Contact your coach or post in the Open Forum where we can support you during healing. Coaching for upheaval is brief and takes just a few minutes of supportive, gentle, reassuring words.


Remember any discomfort you feel during upheaval is not a sign that you are failing, it is simply the release of old energy leaving your system. You don’t need to identify with it, just welcome it and continue to love yourself through the process.

To help us not take upheaval too seriously, Twin Flames Universe created a selection of comfortable ‘Massive Upheaval’ merchandise. We hope you enjoy it!