Hi, I’m Jason. I’m a human being who desires Love, just like you. Not just any Love — True Love. I started my Twin Flame journey several years ago (not that I knew it at the time) when I accepted a seemingly innocuous job offer, and met a woman that changed the course of my life forever. Her name is Lauren. She’s dynamic, stunningly beautiful, full of life, extremely intelligent, caring, incredibly strong, and instantly adored by anyone she graces with her contagious personality. Lauren is 10 years younger than me so I had some skepticism at first, but we very quickly became best friends, a friendship which blossomed into the most loving romance I have ever known. It was full of unexplainable synchronicities that made us aware of a connection much deeper than we’ve ever seen or experienced before. This is my story:


What’s happening to me? I felt like every ounce of my life was just sucked out. I stood motionless. Numb. Catatonic. 


The person I spent nearly every day with for three and a half years, my best friend on the planet, told me she doesn’t love me anymore. But her eyes said the opposite. It was as if we were being pulled apart unwillingly. 


She’s crying hysterically and looking at me for an answer. I don’t know what to do; I’m frozen. This makes no sense to me. Everything at once flashes in my mind: What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? Why didn’t she talk to me beforehand? Is this really happening? 


She sat there crying for over an hour. I didn’t know what to say or do. I honestly just wanted her to leave. I couldn’t bear to see her this upset and I just wanted to be alone. 


She stopped and looked at me one more time before she left. She looked shattered. I didn’t understand. I was very confused. 


I did my absolute best to cope with what happened, but things were dark, really dark. Did I want to be with her? Yes. Did I have any idea how to fix anything or even have a clue how this happened in the first place? Not at all. 



What I did know was that no matter what was to come, I wanted to stop feeling so bad. The pain was relentless. I remember doing Abraham Hicks meditations constantly, which would help for a little while, but eventually the pain would come back. What I realized was that the meditations were just getting me high and, just like any other high, what follows next are extreme lows. That roller coaster of emotion was pretty brutal. When I felt good, I felt really good, but it was very short-lived, and the slightest thing could trigger me in the opposite direction. The meditations weren’t actually getting me to the root of my issues.


After many, many months, I decided that enough was enough, and I was going to stop wallowing — it was time for me to have a life and enjoy myself. I no longer wanted this to prevent me from finding happiness. My mind wandered relentlessly. Maybe I misjudged the whole situation. Maybe we weren’t meant to be, and she was just a stepping stone for me to realize this kind of Love really does exist and I would find someone even better. But nothing I did could get her off my mind. It’s like she was there the whole time, staring at me in my consciousness, begging me to “wake up,” so I surrendered. If she was not going away, then I wanted to know why. 


I started searching the internet for what I was experiencing, which led to finding information on Twin Flames. As I found more information on what Twin Flames were, it seemed obvious to me that she and I were in fact just that. Through all of the articles and YouTube videos there was one major consensus: you have to heal to come back together. 


Heal what? How the heck do you heal? What is there to heal? What the articles and videos weren’t mentioning was how to actually heal what is keeping Twin Flames in separation. One self proclaimed “Twin Flame Healer” YouTube person said “I can heal your blocks to separation over the phone, I don’t know how I do it I just do it.” Huh? Is that a joke? 


What I realized was that I needed help. More importantly, I needed help from someone who knew what they were doing. That’s where the problem was. There was no shortage of people recycling Twin Flame information and spewing garbage. So how was I going to get what I needed? Was this Twin Flame thing even real or just a gimmick? 


So, I decided to follow my heart. The only thing I knew for certain through all of this was that she wasn’t going away. There was a reason for that. There’s a reason why we had the most incredible connection I had ever seen or experienced. I chose to pursue what was in my heart, and it was full steam ahead, because I was going to find the truth no matter what. I can’t explain enough how quickly things fell into place when I made the decision to follow my heart. Situations arose that led me to quitting my full time career as a chef. I had no idea what I was going to do beyond that point. 


However, in God-like fashion, I was immediately led to Jeff & Shaleia. I had a consultation with Jeff and he gave me the tools to heal my blocks that I could do on my own: Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. Finally, there was tangible material that, when practiced, allowed me to find relief and move forward. The birth of Twin Flame Ascension School occurred the following week. I made the choice to follow my heart and was led to the effective resources I was looking for. 


I didn’t care what it cost. Maybe it sounds crazy considering I just quit my job, but I didn’t care. My desperation to put an end to this suffering was way more important than just some insignificant details I could figure out as I go. God was leading the way. All I did was say yes. Yes, I wanted to know how to heal what was keeping me physically apart from my Twin above anything else. Yes, I was going to get to the bottom of this. Yes, I am willing to do whatever it takes for Love. Yes, I’m all in. Yes, I am fully committed to solving this puzzle. 



I followed my path. I didn’t let fear dictate the right choice for me. My heart knew the way, and I had to trust that it would lead me safely. This journey started off being all about my Twin Flame, but it’s been so much more than that. I found peace, I found relief, I found happiness, and I’m constantly uncovering deeper levels of those things. 


My life has transformed completely. My relationship with my Twin Flame is far beyond what it once was even when it was at its best. I operate two businesses: I coach Twin Flames and I help people repair their relationship with food, eating properly, and looking and feeling confident and good about themselves to attract their desires. 


All of my success thus far was not a product of me waiting for something to happen or watching time go by; it happened through loving myself. My success came through building my relationship with God and allowing God to direct my life, because I knew that when I do that, I cannot fail. 


Through doing this work, I came to the awareness that I wasn’t broken, I didn’t mess up, our relationship didn’t fall apart because we did something wrong. We were headed in a direction that neither of us knew how to navigate. We didn’t know how to handle what was arising between us. It was the most compassionate thing for God to give us space to figure this whole thing out. I could accept that because the last thing I wanted was some kind of Jerry Springer episode.


I desired to succeed. I was willing to put aside anything and everything I thought I knew in order to do that. It was humbling to say the least…


If there’s one piece of advice I can give, or if there’s one thing you should take away from this whole story it is this: let go of the need to be right. If you need to be right, or you’re one of those people who always has a rebuttal/response for everything, you’re only affecting yourself and your Union. Closing yourself off from learning and/or finding the real truth (God’s Truth) isn’t spiting anyone but yourself. 


Let go of all the hopelessness, and stop believing in all the insane nonsense you hear about the Twin Flame journey. Do NOT allow anyone’s personal opinions to discredit your own heart’s desires. Love is all there is. That’s just a fact. Believing anything else in any situation is not helping you in any way nor will it ever. Be an eternal student of life and God will show you the way.


There are plenty of Certified and Vetted Twin Flame Ascension coaches ready and willing to support you throughout your journey. Many offer free coaching sessions for joining Twin Flame Ascension School and/or Life Purpose Class, which are the key foundational teachings to lead you step by step into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Sign up for a Free Consultation for more details.


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Jason is a Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe. He is a long time live Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class student of Jeff and Shaleia. Jason continues to experience life-changing effects with this work in all areas of his life and shares this work so that others may experience their own life changing occurrences. Through Twin Flame coaching at As One Guidance and Divine Dish, he helps people find harmony with their Twin Flames and also within themselves through food.