Hello, Twin Flames Universe, we are Alexandra and Laurentiu. We have been a part of the community since 2018 and attained Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU) in May 2019. As a part of our commitment to the community that has supported us so deeply, we have decided to share our story on the blog through a series of articles. In these articles, we will speak about a variety of important topics and give you the inside scoop on our journey. For our first article, we discuss the process we went through while doing our spiritual work and committing to our teachers deeper and deeper.

In the summer of 2018, we joined the Twin Flames Universe (TFU) Open Forum. Initially, we were fairly inactive members who would read the posts and comments in the community. Admittedly, we were fairly skeptical about this “Twin Flame thing.” We had an understanding of what it was about, but not really. Our understanding was that this “Twin Flame thing” was two souls, made for each other, that are supposed to be partners and share a purpose together. Simple, right? Well … not really. Our online research seemed to indicate it was this awful thing with a lot of pain, suffering, short-lived awesome happiness, great sex, and then eternal misery. Anytime we encountered information on the subject, it left us with a bitter taste in our mouths. Despite this, we made the choice to enter the community because it was referred to us by our trusted friend, Silvia. “Let’s see what this is all about!” we thought.

After some time, we decided to watch the free classes for Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) and Life Purpose Class (LPC). We were drawn to Jeff and Shaleia, and found we resonated a lot with what they had to say. What they were sharing was not the same things we had been reading online — this was different — and we wanted to learn more. With the help of some vetted coaches in the community, we subscribed to Twin Flame Ascension School. We immediately felt immense support. We started doing the Mirror Exercise, watching the classes, and applying the teachings of Union.

Even though we were being supported so well by the community, our finances limited the amount of help we could receive. We found ourselves very resistant to working with a coach for the first few months, as we were unable to purchase sessions consistently. We desired to subscribe to Life Purpose Class but, again, our finances felt like an obstacle. However, we did have a small sum of money saved, an amount that had been set aside for holiday months, prior to finding this work. That money was off limits. One morning, we had a fight about this— Alexandra felt like going on holiday was a waste of money and that we should use our funds to join LPC. Laurentiu, on the other hand, wanted to go on this trip as it was something he had desired for a long time. We both chose to feel our feelings and used the Mirror Exercise to heal what was coming up.

When we arrived at a place of peace, we still desired the same things. As we understood that we are not separate, we realized that we both desired both of these things equally, so we chose to trust that God would fulfill both desires. We looked at our finances and used some of our money to subscribe to LPC, while saving the rest for our vacation. We also claimed an Ascension Coach, Carina, and we continue to work with her regularly.

Soon after making this commitment, we received an unexpected increase in our finances. Purchasing the eCourse, Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True, seemed like an obvious use of our extra cash. We continued to watch TFAS and LPC classes, while working through the lessons in the eCourse and reading Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. With these resources available to us, we continued to diligently do the inner work, and healed multiple blocks in different areas of our lives. We were living freely and genuinely enjoying our lives.

Since joining the TFU Community, we found ourselves persistently surrendering to God. We had times when we discovered we were arrogant, and this called us to go deeper with God. We chose to be humble and teachable. As we did this, we found the community loving us more deeply as well. At every moment, we always did our best and it was always perfect. We were learning was that there was no way to fail — the idea of failing was an illusion, and we discovered that only love is real. In the classes, we discovered that the choices were only ever love or contrast, and that choosing contrast always guides one deeper into love. No matter what choices we made in the past, we know that they helped us to get to where we are now. We are so grateful for those experiences. As we committed deeper to God and this work, we were able to achieve deeper levels of peace and we received even more support from God.

We partnered more fully into our Life Purpose and joined the Coaches in Training program Twin Flames Universe offers. There was a technique that we used to heal before learning the Mirror Exercise, and we believed it was something God wanted us to provide through our services. However, one day, God told us to release this idea, even if it felt like we were letting go of our identity. We knew that this was something we had to do, in order to allow God to show us even more clearly who we truly are at our core. As we surrendered this all to God, He showed us in a miraculous way that the skills we were using remained with us. We understood that these skills would never be lost, merely transformed. It felt good and peaceful to do this, and to embrace this new level of knowing ourselves.

Soon after this, we were given the opportunity to work on our Life Purpose on another level by working to create video games. This opportunity was presented to us in the form of Divine Gaming, created by Jeff and Shaleia. This had been a dream we felt we could never actually achieve, but God guided us perfectly to it. A lot of fears arose to be healed, and we were so grateful for this. We experienced many miracles, as we diligently did our inner work with the Mirror Exercise.

There were many times when we were asked if we were in Harmonious Union, and many times we thought we might be. However, in truth, it didn’t feel fully peaceful yet. We kept surrendering to God and doing the inner work, which continued to help us a lot. Surrendering to God and the journey was the best choice to make, so we kept moving through blocks and healing.

One morning, we made the choice to surrender even more deeply, and we claimed our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. As it was a “normal” Tuesday, Alexandra had to leave for work. Laurentiu meditated for a bit in a nearby park and continued to claim our HTFU even more deeply. After this, he entered a store to buy food and noticed a girl looking at him. He went on about his business, but noticed she continued to look at him and then smiled. He began to feel strange and felt like maybe he was attracted to her. When he got home, he told Alexandra about his experience and it upset her a lot. She began to think that we were not even Twin Flames! We chose to heal this obvious upset together and after doing the inner work, it was clear to Alexandra once again as she thought, “this man is my Twin Flame.”

Soon after this, a post was made announcing our status as Vetted Ascension Coaches. On this, Jeff commented that we were dangerously close to HTFU. This revelation freaked Alexandra out and she had to go back to her inner AND outer work (as she was still at her job).

Jeff reached out to Laurentiu and helped him get clear on what HTFU really is. When Alexandra got home from work, we discussed it. We finally understood the oneness we have. As we fully claimed this understanding, it was soon announced in the forum that we were in Harmonious Union.

We want to thank our community for supporting us so passionately. We couldn’t have done it without you! Stay tuned for more articles on our journey.

Laurentiu & Alexandra