Are both Twin Flames spiritual? Can it be so even if only one of you knows about Twin Flames and is doing the inner work? 

Being the one seemingly doing all the spiritual work can feel lonely at times, especially when your Twin isn’t right next to you.

It may appear like you’re doing everything while they’re relaxing or off doing something else or even with someone else. 

Sometimes it can seem like they aren’t spiritual at all. 

Maybe they didn’t believe you or thought you were crazy when you told them about Twin Flames (or maybe this is your fear). 

So how do you know if your Twin Flame is spiritual at the core, as you are?

Twin Flames are One at the Core

Twin Flames share one consciousness. This means you and your Twin Flame make the same core choices.

You are One at the core; there is no separation. Therefore, you can’t make different core choices

If you’re choosing to do the inner work and love yourself, so are they. 

You are on the Twin Flame journey and are likely to be doing the Mirror Exercise with Harmonious Twin Flame Union as your ultimate goal. You may be the one who is receptive to the concept and to the inner work.

However, your Twin Flame is on this journey with you. There is no separation, they are always with you. 

No matter how things look on the outside you are on this journey with your Twin Flame. They are your perfect mirror and they show you upsets because they love you and desire you both to heal.

the path of spiritual twin flames

If you feel like you are doing all the work in your Union, it’s because you are.

We are responsible for our feelings and we create the reality we experience.

So, you are doing all of the inner work presented to you to heal and come into Union. That is your responsibility and your Twin is doing the inner work that is presented to them.

The Twin Flame journey is a spiritual path guiding you into Union with God, and your Twin Flame is on this journey with you. There’s no way they couldn’t be walking the path with you.

You share One consciousness and make the same core choices. This path inevitably guides you together and dissolves the illusion of separation.

So if you are on a spiritual path, so is your Twin Flame.

Twin Flames are Divine Complements

Twin Flames complement each other perfectly. Your core values and vision for life align. You each bring pieces to complete your vision for your life together. 

However, this doesn’t mean you’re identical copies of each other. You are a unique individual with a unique purpose. You are not a number or like anyone else on Earth. There is only one you and there is only one of your Twin Flame. There is no one else like either of you. 

Complements go together perfectly. The expression of you and your Twin Flame together is your Union. You each have different pieces to bring into your Union.

Every Union has a masculine and feminine. This is not always reflected in the physical body, this is energetic. 

The Divine Masculine is a giving energy and the Divine Feminine is receiving. In receiving she is overflowing and giving to the Masculine. 

You share One consciousness with your Twin but one of you is the masculine expression and the other the feminine expression.

Together, your Union is where you both express yourself and only there can you be the fullest expression of yourself. Complements complete each other.

You are both individuals and your Union is your complete expression of your One consciousness.

twin flames dining together

Each Twin Flame has Their Own Unique Relationship with God

You may be One and in Union but this doesn’t mean you have the exact same relationship with God. As stated previously you are complements not copies.

The relationship you have with God is completely unique to you. You and God relate to each other in an entirely different way than anyone else, including your Twin Flame. They have their own unique relationship with God and it may appear different than yours. 

One of you may connect with God through meditation while the other through yoga or physical movement. One may be more expressive artistically and so on. 

We all connect with God differently and we all know God in a way completely unique to us. Through sharing our gifts, or living our Life Purpose, we share God as we know Him with others. 

Your Twin Flame is one aspect of your relationship with God. Your Union has its own unique relationship with God.

Final Thoughts 

So, are both Twin Flames spiritual? Yes, they are. 

You are One with your Twin Flame and share One consciousness. This means you are both on the journey together (and yes this is a spiritual journey).

Regardless of how things appear on the outside, you are walking the path together. You are both reflecting to each other the parts of your shared consciousness that is out of alignment with love.

the spiritual universe of twin flames

You and your Twin are whole on your own and you both have your own unique relationship with God. Twin Flames are complements not copies. In complementing each other perfectly, you are completely in Union.

You are on the journey together no matter how things look because you can never be separated.

They are just as spiritual as you because of this Oneness. It may look different to you but remember they have their own unique way of relating and connecting with God. 

If you desire to go deeper and learn more about the Twin Flame journey check out our free Introductory course.

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