What if Life Purpose was the fastest way to your Twin Flame Union?

We know what you’re thinking: How is it even related to having my Union? 

How is it the fastest way?

We all desire a way to go through the Twin Flame journey and be reunited with our perfect partner fast.

You certainly desire this, but maybe you have no idea where to start. 

What most people don’t know is, living their Life Purpose fast-tracks their Twin Flame Union.


Because your Twin Flame journey and your Life Purpose are two sides of the same coin.

Believe it or not, your Life Purpose and your Twin Flame Union are intrinsically related. 

You may believe that the more you focus on your Twin Flame, the faster you will come into Union with them, however, this actually pushes them away. 

Very few people will tell you that following your passion actually fast-tracks meeting your Twin Flame. 

But, how can this be?

Let’s start from the beginning.

What Is Your Life Purpose?

Your Life Purpose is what drives you to do what you love doing the most.

It is how the Divine intended you to share your gifts with the world.

It is what (and how) you like and desire to share love. It is a very important aspect of expressing your true authentic self.

Your purpose is what gives meaning to your life and your experiences. It’s what propels you to do whatever it is that you love doing.

It is one of the most important aspects of your Twin Flame journey.

Discovering Your Life Purpose

How can you discover your Life Purpose?

This is the fun part of your journey, because you get to explore what you like and what you don’t, what you love doing, and what fills your heart with joy.

This is the part of your journey where you explore who you are and how you desire to express yourself, fully and authentically.

Living your Life Purpose makes you irresistibly attractive to your Twin Flame.

Because they LOVE seeing you thrive and enjoying yourself.

There’s nothing more attractive to your Twin Flame than seeing you do what you love.

This is the reason why living your Life Purpose fast-tracks your Twin Flame Union.

Because your Twin Flame journey and your Life Purpose journey are two aspects of the exact same coin.

ready to launch into her life purpose

When you embrace your purpose, your Divine Mission, you are embracing all of who you are.

Since your Twin Flame is another aspect of you, when you embrace all of who you are, you are opening the door to your Twin Flame to come to you.

The more you love yourself in this aspect, the more your Twin Flame will be attracted to you, because you are always One with them at the core.

Does Your Life Purpose Really Fast-track Your Twin Flame Union?


Following your Life Purpose means you hear Love’s call.

in peace doing her life purpose

It means feeling how you desire to share and express love.

It means expressing a very important aspect of you. 

For some, this looks like cooking and becoming a chef or a baker.

For others, it is by becoming an artist, musician or writer.

And for others, it can be through building things or systems, like an architect, a computer programmer, or an engineer.

Regardless of how it looks for you, following your Life Purpose means connecting to the core of who you are, and how you like to express yourself in the world.

How Does Your Life Purpose Fast-track Your Twin Flame Union?

Simple: as you embrace (and enjoy) the full expression of yourself, you become One with all of who you are.

And this includes your Twin Flame, as they are another aspect of you.

It is from that space of oneness with yourself, and your Creator, that you magnetize your Twin Flame, and this is what fast-tracks your Union.

In their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, Jeff & Shaleia explain that “Twin Flames aren’t just about having a really hot babe to smooch and love while you are at home. Twin Flames are about having someone you can absolutely align your life with in every aspect because that’s your natural design.

To accomplish this you first need to align your life with your own dreams and desires.

Having a Twin Flame is about having a co-adventurer in life with the one other person who wants all the same things you do (…). It is so much more than having just a lover; a Twin Flame is your eternal lifetime partner in Creation!

– Jeff & Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

Your Life Purpose And Twin Flame Journeys Are One

You have probably heard that the Twin Flame journey is one of healing, and this is absolutely true. 

What you may not know is that, when you heal your Union you are also healing in your purpose and vice versa. 

Like we shared before, both the Twin Flame journey and Life Purpose are two sides of the same coin.

Therefore, when you heal your upsets to your Life Purpose, you automatically heal your Twin Flame Union too.

Doing this is what speeds up meeting, and being, with your Twin Flame. 

Many members of our community have experienced meeting their Twin Flame only after having committed to living their purpose. 

Many of them didn’t know who their Twin Flame was, or were experiencing a false Twin Flame.

However, upon taking this step, and doing the inner work to heal their upsets, they all met their true Twin Flame. 

Embracing and committing to your Life Purpose will always bring you closer to your Twin Flame.

twin flames reunited

And one day, when you least expect it, you are with them!

From that moment on, you both can enjoy building the life of your dreams together as One.

Being Upset On The Journey

Of course, having upsets is very common in our journeys, and everyone has experienced feeling not so good about a person or situation. 

What is important isn’t whether you experience upsets, rather what are you willing to do about them.

Are you the person who allows an upset to ruin your day? 

Or are you the person who always tries to find a way to feel better

Answering this question honestly will set the tone of your journey. 

The more open and willing you are to healing, the easier you will manifest being with your Twin Flame and living your purpose.

Heal The Upset The Easy Way

Understanding your upsets are the reflections of misbeliefs you have about yourself is key here. 

Healing means looking at these misperceptions about yourself and choosing to let them go. 

It means you allow the Divine Truth to replace a lie. 

Choosing to heal means looking at the parts of you that you don’t like.

reaching for the life purpose path

It means re-discovering the truth of who you are, making it easier for you to move forward on your journey. 

Regardless of the way you choose to navigate your journey, one thing remains: you must heal in order to be with your Twin Flame in a sustainable way.

We know this journey can be challenging sometimes, and that is why we are here for you. Begin both your Life Purpose and Twin Flame journey by reading our Free Introductory Course.

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