Jeff and Shaleia offer the most cutting-edge teaching on how to experience the life of abundance you desire in Sermons of Life Purpose Class. Listen in order to receive invaluable insight on how to create the life you have always dreamed of. In Sermons of Life Purpose Class, Jeff and Shaleia go in-depth on how to approach your life in a way that leads to ever-increasing fulfillment and satisfaction.

Whether you are a long time Life Purpose Class student, or you simply desire to dip your feet in, the sermons offer exactly what you are looking for. Each sermon covers one topic in depth, so it is easy to find the message that will speak directly to your heart. They are the perfect complement to full classes, and a great starting point for those who desire to learn more.

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This collection offers the most powerful moments of Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia. It is comprised of 49 sermons; over 15 hours of leading-edge teachings on building a meaningful and thriving career.

The Sermons of Life Purpose Class will teach you how to:

  • discover your true Life Purpose
  • make money by loving others and yourself
  • spend money so that you are always making an investment in yourself
  • navigate your challenges with ease

The Sermons of Life Purpose Class will guide you from poverty to wealth of all kinds: spiritual, material, and social. Unlock the next level of your Life Purpose today!