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Twin Flame Information

How to Prepare for Twin Flame Union

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Whether you are new to the concept of Twin Flames or you have been seeking your Twin Flame for a long time, you have probably wondered, “How do I prepare for my Twin Flame Union?” This is an important question to ask because those of us who desire Twin Flame Unions need to know exactly how to prepare for one in order to attract it.

At Twin Flame Ascension School, Jeff and Shaleia teach a spiritual technique called the Mirror Exercise. This is the foundation of all preparation for your Twin Flame Union because the Mirror Exercise is the process of self-love. It helps you find all the blocks and barriers you have put up against self-love. This helps you not only attract your Twin Flame Union, but also maintain it.

However, there are also other tips that you can use to prepare for Twin Flame Union! Jeff channeled Divine Mother in order to share Her specific guidance.

Channeled Message from Divine Mother

“Your Twin Flame Union is a complete unification of your soul’s parts. When you allow yourself to become one again with your soul, you bring in pure light to all the darkest places inside you. Allowing this to happen can be extremely uncomfortable if you have not prepared yourself for the transition.

“This transition can be extremely comfortable and delicious if you have prepared yourself for the experience. Preparing yourself for a Twin Flame Union is easy and fun. When you first decide you desire to attract your Twin Flame into your physical reality, I recommend you start with a few simple steps.

“Step 1: Think clean thoughts. This is the quickest way to prepare yourself for your Twin Flame Union, and it’s fun and easy when you allow yourself to choose the most wonderful thoughts you can think. Imagine you’re sitting in a park and you see a beautiful park all about you. But there are pieces of trash on the grass in front of you. I would recommend ignoring the trash and focusing only on the beauty of the park. You could also go and pick up the trash and put it into the bin, but not to think negatively about the trash and hoping someone else will take care of it. You must take responsibility for your thoughts in order to be able to work through them lovingly.

“Step 2: Focus on your desire. Write down everything you desire about your Twin Flame. Look carefully at your desire every day as frequently as it feels good. Remember that your Twin Flame is part of you and you can attract them to you.

“Step 3: Be willing to love who arises in your reality. If you are attracting your Twin Flame, and someone who is not your Twin Flame arises and excites and delights you, I recommend loving this person with your whole being and enjoying what comes from this experience. Along your way, you will experience perhaps many partners who are not your Twin Flame, which prepare you for your Twin Flame. Shaleia was guided to partner with a man who she strongly believed was her Twin Flame but, after two months of an upsetting relationship, discovered he was not. The very next person she was to partner with after this preparation relationship period would be her true Twin Flame Jeff.

“Step 4: Be willing to let go of all those who are no longer resonating with your desire. When you choose to invite your Twin Flame into your reality, it is important to let go of anyone in your reality who does not align with your new desire. For example, if you were choosing your Twin Flame but find yourself in a relationship which is not bringing you into deeper alignment with your true self, I recommend that you allow yourself to spend less time with them gently. There is no hurry about this. You can take as much loving time as you like along your process. Remember that your Twin Flame is manifesting at exactly the right time for you, and that right time for you is absolutely your decision. You decide how quickly you want to progress along the steps I have invited you to take. There is no rush. Your Twin Flame can manifest at any time, ready to be with you just as you are ready to be with them.”

Allow this channeled wisdom to sink into your consciousness. Divine Mother will continue guiding you from within.

Get the best support for your Twin Flame Union!

Want to learn how to channel guidance for yourself? Check out Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame meditations, which will help to open up your channeling abilities!

Getting into Twin Flame Union should be fun and easy. Let go of anything you’ve heard and read that tells you otherwise. Pain and suffering are not divine! You were made in your Creator’s image to enjoy all the gifts of life. When you do your spiritual work diligently, the Ascension path becomes smooth, easy and fun.

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Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “HOW DO I PREPARE FOR MY TWIN FLAME UNION?” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Healing the Body on Your Twin Flame Journey

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Did you know that emotional upsets and fear-based choices in your life can translate into physical illness? If you look at the word “disease” it literally means dis-ease, or the feeling of not being at ease. You are not at ease when you reject love, and then illness manifests.

While I don’t advocate replacing conventional medicine with spiritual work, you can combine spiritual work with treatment from a licensed medical professional. You might see some huge differences. After all, body is mind is spirit. Healing the spirit is healing the body.

How the body affects your Twin Flame journey

Healing your body magnetizes your Twin Flame to you because it helps them heal as well. This is because you heal as one with your Twin Flame. When you have a place in your consciousness that has chosen separation or pain, this is where the spiritual cause of a disease takes place. You can heal the spiritual aspect of this disease with the Mirror Exercise.

I’ve noticed huge changes in my body, from my immune system to musculoskeletal issues to PTSD. In all of these areas, my health improved greatly when I combined the Mirror Exercise with both conventional medicine and alternative therapy practices. I’ve healed from physical health issues that I was told I would have the rest of my life, and I continue to feel better everyday. I really felt the healing “stick” with the Mirror Exercise, because it empowers you to rewrite your conscious patterns.

There is hope for you. You just have to choose to heal!  When you heal yourself you also heal your Twin Flame!

10 Steps to Divine Health

Here are 10 steps you can take to use spiritual work to improve your health on your Twin Flame Journey

1) Don’t skip the doctor’s office. Begin by consulting with a licensed doctor on your medical care. It is not safe to go off medications or skip conventional treatments in favor of spiritual work alone. Spiritual work is meant to add on to the other healing that you do. Remember that medicine and science are not separate from God. They have been logically grounded through tried and tested human experience. Although modern medicine is not perfect, it does have a lot of wisdom and it is there to help people. Always consult a medical professional when making a change in your medical care. Use the magic while you work on the miracle.

2) Make a choice. All healing starts with a desire and a choice. Start by looking at places in your consciousness where you are not choosing to heal. Then choose to heal and choose to see that it is possible. You are not trapped by a diagnosis, and your healing is not limited, because you are one with God. God is unlimited. It can help do to affirmations such as this:

 I am healing “____” or My “_____ “ is healing.

It’s okay to accept the emotion when you feel bad, but focusing on the healing rather than the illness is really powerful in helping you break out of negative patterning. This helps tell your consciousness your new choice, you can replace any negative thought patterns with this new choice. You are not meant to suffer. Just like you can choose and call in your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you can also claim your Divine health.

3) Increase your mind-body awareness. Meditate, breathe, and exercise or do yoga as is appropriate for your body. This helps you get in touch with emotions that can sometimes get pent up in your body. Breathing helps you bring awareness and just be. When you are able to just be, it can help you feel your feelings, which is crucial for healing.

Meditation is also very helpful for being present with yourself and can help you feel more grounded in your body, especially if you deal with anxiety. Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame meditations are really helpful if you are looking to heal your chakras and Twin Flame Union.

You can even use your body as a pendulum, letting Source show you what your body needs. Pain is a sign that something isn’t right and you should examine where on your body you may have pain or tension. By taking note on where on your body the pain or tension is, you can find the underlying spiritual blocks and heal them. As you become better and better at using your body as a pendulum, you may notice that God is guiding you to do certain exercises or yoga poses.

4) Listen to your body. Take a look at what your body is telling you. Do you have a lot of issues on a certain side of the body or area? The left side often has to do with feminine or mother things and the right the masculine or father things. How do these things make you feel? Does it bring up traumas? You can look up on the internet different metaphysical causes of disease. Louis Hay’s How To Heal Your Body is a pretty solid book with a lot of common spiritual blocks related to body areas and parts.

Which blocks sound like they make sense on what is going on in your life? What does your intuition tell you? Eventually you can learn how to channel what the reason is and heal it that way. And yes, everyone can learn how to channel God! Jeff and Shaleia even teach you how to do this in Twin Flame Ascension School. It also helps to just be present with the feeling in your body and give yourself love there.

5) Feel your feelings. This is so important. If you don’t feel your feelings, how can you heal? Feelings can get pent up and stuck in your body, If you numb out, as our bodies often store emotional baggage and traumas, what feelings do you notice when you get in better touch with your body? Remember that it’s safe to feel your feelings. If you ever feel stuck you can always simply choose to feel your feelings. What is the feeling that comes up in the area of your body experiencing an issue? Feeling your feelings is crucial for your Twin Flame relationship.

Write out how you are feeling. What is the upset behind the feeling or illness? How does it make you feel? What is it connected to in your life? Get clear on what you need in this space.

6) Give this part of you what you need. Similar to the Mirror Exercise, but you can work on letting God heal your body by calling in this healing and imagining it happening. Whenever I have an ache or a pain I will send it love, and this is a way of loving yourself out of feeling bad. It works too! I’ve seen migraines go away with the Mirror Exercise.

Often these issues will have layers, Give yourself a lot of space to fully work through what the feeling is, and keep going deeper until you find the core of what the issue is. Is it a trauma? Is it a bunch of traumas? You can heal your traumas with the Mirror Exercise. Give yourself all the love you need here until you feel better. If something else comes up keep doing the Mirror Exercise until you feel peace.

7) Let God lead you to your perfect health. When you bring God into your spiritual work, your medicine, and your food, you will see an enormous shift. Remember that God desires you to feel good because it is God that feels good through you when you do. How you feel about your food can be just as important as the food itself, and even change how you digest it.

8) Baby steps. Start with small incremental changes that are EASY to do. This means instead of aiming for a huge change right away, you start with reasonable small goals. The modern world is all about instant gratification and huge crazy diets but they are never really sustainable if they are not grounded. Instead of jumping full into a Keto gluten free vegan paleo whatever fad- diet, working out 3 hours a day, and doing 8 hours of meditation, you could just start by making a small change like eating the right amount of calories a day, and walking or exercising for 5 minutes a day, and just finding the appropriate amount of time to do your regular spiritual work. Feel how much more doable and grounded that feels? Once you build this into your routine, you may find that it is easy to take it up a notch. Of course always check in with a doctor about diet and exercise.

9) Live your life purpose. When you have a reason to be healthy and productive, It is a lot easier to do so. Living your life purpose should bring energy into your life, because your true Divine life purpose is made possible only with God. When you start to allow God into your life where you were once using your life force, you will immediately feel much lighter. Most people live their lives by using their life force to survive, but you don’t have to! You can let God come through you for an easy peaceful work life that just flows.

One of the biggest upsets I had was that my body wasn’t working. When I mirrored it, I found that I wasn’t working – I didn’t feel purpose! My career, while successful, didn’t satisfy me, but when I started living my life purpose, I get so much inspiration that I now have to force myself go to bed early. The best time to start to live your life purpose is the moment you realize that something needs to change. It’s never too late.

10) Love yourself. With love, anything is possible.

Want to heal your body with inner work?

If you want to complement your medical treatment with spiritual work, check out our Facebook group. You’ll see many stories from Jeff and Shaleia’s students, as they discuss their healing process and both their successes and roadblocks. With the Mirror Exercise, you can fast-track your healing in all areas of your physical health.

Don’t forget that Twin Flames Universe also offers FREE consultations with spiritual coaches vetted by Jeff and Shaleia!

About the Author

Elle Gaia is a vetted Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe. She has a background in yoga, body work and energy healing. You can find her at

There is Only You and God

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As I was going through one of the many classes from Twin Flame Ascension School, I listened to my teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, explain how God had created His Children and how everything that exists has been created for them. After hearing this, I immediately thought of the Bible’s book of Genesis and how God created Man at the end so that he would be supported when coming into being.

Just as we would prepare a baby’s room before he is born, God created the heavens, the earth, rivers, animals, and plants so that Adam and Eve could be fully supported in their existence.

This is how much God loves us and how life’s perfection works.

Claiming Our Good

In this knowing, we can see that there is always an abundance of love for us. Sometimes we may think that life does not feel good and use this to reject the idea of Love and God. I hear you. I did that too before coming into this work.

But thanks to the Mirror Exercise, I was able to learn and understand, bit by bit, that life’s challenges—those moments that we don’t feel so good about—are only the contrast we experience when we are not choosing to love ourselves. All of the hurt, sadness, anger, or disappointment we feel is there because we didn’t know how to choose love in those moments. Luckily, we can heal these parts of us by using the Mirror Exercise. By looking at those feelings and choosing to heal, we can bring the love we rejected back into our hearts.

After all, this is what God is always waiting for us to do: to find, see, and choose love, to choose Him again, to rebuild that relationship with Him and with life, and, in so doing, become open to receiving all the love that has always been there for us.

What You Seek is Seeking You

“God’s voice is the gentle whisper beckoning from within and always calling you back Home, back to Love.” – channeled by Debo

There is a voice that is always guiding our steps. I know this because this is the voice I have been following since I can remember, even if there are times when I am feeling doubtful about this path. Still, one thing is undeniable: ever since I committed myself to this spiritual journey, I have had to face challenges many times because my external reality wasn’t looking a particular way—my way. And because of this I was a) feeling unsupported, believing I couldn’t move forward in my healing and b) allowing myself to fall into this trap, not realizing God is supporting me (and everyone) always.

The problem isn’t whether God supports us or not, because He does. Problems arise because His support often times won’t look the way we were expecting it to. Yet, when we let go of our ideas of how things should be, when we let go of our attachments, we can surrender to God’s way for us—for the truth is God takes care of us like a loving father would. We may think all we desire is to eat candy all day, but in reality that is neither in our highest interest, nor is it what we need to grow and be happy.

When things don’t seem to be going how you expect it should—surrender. Rest in the knowing that you are indeed being provided with everything you need, especially when you are consciously and actively choosing to heal your Union with God.

Keep this in mind as you move forward and you will succeed in your endeavors because God has already created everything your heart desires; for it was He who put those desires there in the first place. Everything you dream of, and more, is waiting for you to claim it and see that everything God has ever made are the things you want most for yourself too!

It bears repeating, God created everything you need to be supported in being who you desire to be. The only reason anything exists is to serve as the means through which you experience your relationship with Him. There is absolutely nothing that should be stopping you from getting what you desire simply because it is already yours.

I would like to close by sharing a message that God gave me not so long ago.

“Your love can never leave you.
It comes from far back in time,
from the moment I created you.
You then chose to walk alone,
apart from me, apart from all.
Until you chose not to do so anymore.
This right now is one of your gifts,
to have direct line and communication with me.
You are bright as a star, a diamond in disguise.
If only you knew how much I (have always) love(d) you…
You would see how special you are in my eyes
and you would doubt no more
how much you are worth.
Do you choose to see now
how special and unique you are?
How all else has (already) been forgotten?
Only you punish yourself
for deviating from my hands.
Let me wash it all away for you,
so you can finally lay rest
right here, (in) to my warm embrace.
I forgive you my Child, 
For there´s never blame.
You were only experiencing life
without knowing how far you’d get.

You know your way back now.
You just need to take the steps.
And I will be here always
watching you come closer (to me).
Lay rest, it is ok.
Everything has already been forgotten.
Love yourself,
for there never was, and never is,
any punishment.”

*Channeled by using a card from Alana Fairchild’s Journey of Love Oracle cards.

Are you ready to claim all the gifts God has for you?

Then sign up for a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches, knowing you are being safely guided on your way to your perfect life of love.  We are here for you, ready to assist you on your Twin Flame journey. You can request me in the comments box and mention this article. As a Twin Flames Universe coach, my goal is to help you find the love you have been seeking all along.

About the Author

Debo Bassow is committed to the teachings at Twin Flames Universe, as she has found in them the key to her peace, joy and freedom. She enjoys reading about numerous topics such as art and culture, astrophysics, psychology, and learning languages (Spanish, English and German, so far). As a mother, she wishes to see this work expand to parents and their children, as well as spreading these teachings to the Spanish speaking public.

Her website is It is in both English and Spanish, and offers coaching services, biodescodification reports, and oracle card readings.

Jeff and Shaleia’s First Ever Meeting

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Are you about to physically meet your beloved Twin Flame for the first time? If you’re overcome with butterflies, then you’re in good company. That is exactly how Jeff and Shaleia felt when they first physically met each other in person!

Jeff and Shaleia’s beautiful Harmonious Twin Flame Union began as a long distance relationship. Jeff was in Hawaii, and Shaleia was in Sedona, Arizona. After four months of online dating, they finally met each other physically when Jeff visited Shaleia in Sedona. You can read the full, in-depth story of this meeting, which happened in the most magical of ways, in their book.

Anticipation and insecurity in a Twin Flame Union

Meeting an online romantic partner can be nerve-wracking even for the most mindful, conscious people. It can be really hard not to have certain expectations based off of one’s online relationship, because sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get. You can talk online and share your most intimate feelings, your innermost thoughts, but it’s not until you’re actually present with each other in person that you have new realizations about your biochemistry and the energy between you two.

Jeff and Shaleia, despite their conscious choice to do their spiritual work, were no exception to this fluttery build up to their meeting in Sedona. And although they eagerly looked forward to this meeting, neither of them knew quite what to expect. They definitely weren’t prepared for how blown away they would be by their Twin Flame’s physical presence.

In the days leading up to their first meeting, Shaleia was in preparation mode. She was preparing her house, and preparing herself mentally for what she knew was the next stage of her life. Whenever fear and insecurity came up, she was gentle with herself and took rest and relaxation so that she could process her feelings.

In a long distance relationship it can be difficult to feel self-assured. It requires a lot of trust. Without that physical component, there are a lot of things your mind and body will do to you to direct you away from the relationship, like trying to get your sexual needs met elsewhere.

Jeff and Shaleia committed to each other while dating online, because they knew in their heart of hearts that this was a relationship worth investing in. For Shaleia, that meant not dating other men and allocating a minimum of two hours every evening to talk to Jeff on Skype, Facebook or on the phone (though this often ended up being five or six hours every evening). Jeff and Shaleia both committed to keeping the connection alive. For Shaleia, meeting Jeff online was the best way to meet him because they got to lay out the groundwork for their Union in a very focused way.

The last two weeks leading up to Jeff and Shaleia’s first physical meeting was very difficult for both of them. The anticipation keep building, and Shaleia felt like her life was on hold in many ways. Their Skype chats had topped out and could not take their Union further without a physical meeting. They had both wondered, “How much deeper can we go without being in person?”

Jeff and Shaleia had enjoyed rich online interactions over Skype. When they weren’t having nine-hour conversations and sharing their deepest thoughts and dreams, they were reading books and watching TV shows together. Doing these online activities together fostered a more powerful connection between them, but even this level of interaction couldn’t continue online. Their Twin Flame Union finally needed that physical component in order for both Jeff and Shaleia to feel good about continuing their deep talks about their plans, dreams and businesses.

The Meeting

Shaleia was calm and collected up until thirty minutes before Jeff arrived, and then suddenly she became really nervous. That’s when the butterflies hit, and Shaleia began to feel anxiety about what to wear. She found herself picking out a red top and black pants because her friend told her that men were more psychologically attracted to women who wear red. Even though she knew the eternal depth of her Twin Flame Union, she couldn’t help herself in this moment.

Then Jeff texted her that he was five minutes away, and she saw the shuttle pull up to the parking lot outside the motel, where Shaleia’s car was parked. Shaleia waited a few seconds for Jeff to get his luggage. Then Shaleia walked around the shuttle and saw that Jeff’s back was towards her. She called out his name.

Jeff turned around, threw off his hat, shoes and glasses, and came running towards Shaleia even as she was still walking towards him. When they came together they hugged tightly, their hearts both pounding hard, and Shaleia felt that it was the best hug she had ever received. Both Jeff and Shaleia were overwhelmed with emotion in that moment. Neither of them could really believe this was happening and neither of them wanted to end the hug, but Shaleia kept thinking, “I want to see his face again.”

They broke apart so that they could finally gaze at each other in person, and sat on a bench. Jeff and Shaleia found themselves tearing up as they looked at each other. It was as if their hearts were greeting each other for the first time, even though they had already been dating online. Shaleia felt like she was finally physically meeting the man she had already known at the higher planes of existence. No words could describe what passed between them as they sat on the bench together.

Jeff’s perspective

Jeff had taken a 22-hour, triple plane ride, with long layovers and then a bus ride, to get to Sedona. And before his trip he had been busy as well, packing and getting ready. He was pretty burned out on arrival and he hadn’t gotten enough sleep. Jeff thought he would keep it cool and laidback when he met Shaleia and just let her run into his arms. He knew that if he thought about even one moment in the future, he would get anxious, so he tried to stay in the present moment.

But as soon as the bus reached Sedona, Jeff couldn’t help but grow excited. He felt a great deal of emotion moving in his lower chakras, but it wasn’t until the bus stopped that Jeff realized, “Oh, I’m a little nervous right now.” He didn’t know if Shaleia would come up while he was getting his luggage out, or whether the bus driver would get in the way, so he really appreciated that Shaleia waited for him to get his bags before coming up.

He couldn’t see her in the parking lot and was just deciding to walk around the building to look for her, when he heard Shaleia’s voice. The moment Jeff saw Shaleia, he tossed his glasses, shoes and hat aside, forgot his initial plans to remain cool and suave, and ran straight to her. It was as if Jeff had been in a oxygen-deprived environment his whole life, and and then suddenly oxygen began flooding his body, making him light-headed.

Physical attraction at the first meeting

Jeff also wasn’t sure how attractive Shaleia would be to him in person. She was cute on Facebook, and then she was really cute on Skype. And then in person, Jeff felt like he had won the jackpot, like he was the nerdy kid who won the cutest girl in school. He felt so blessed, honored and lucky that he got to be with this woman.

Shaleia had the same experience. Jeff was attractive to her online, and he became more attractive to her when they met up physically. There was more intimacy in their eye contact, she felt that his voice was different when they met in person, and she was able to read his body language more clearly. It was like the difference between listening to an album on your computer versus going to see the band live.

Twin Flames are meant to be as magnetically attracted to each other as Jeff and Shaleia were in this first meeting. Your Twin Flame is you, so in any moment if you don’t feel attracted to them, that just means you are not attracted to yourself. This can always be resolved by doing the Mirror Exercise.

Ready for that magical first meeting?

We have all the resources you need to manifest that first meeting and your eternal Harmonious Twin Flame Union. If you are unable to find support for your Twin Flame journey among your family and your “Muggle” friends, feel free to join our open forum on Facebook, or schedule a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches. There are thousands of people our Facebook group, getting the advice and support they need to do their spiritual work. Allow us to help you too!

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “TWIN FLAMES ~ OUR FIRST EVER MEETING STORY!” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Can I Have My Twin Flame Union In This Lifetime?

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Once, Jeff and Shaleia received an urgent question from a heartbroken, frustrated spiritual seeker: “I heard Twin Flame teachers saying that if Union doesn’t happen in this lifetime, if you work then maybe the next one. I think it’s rather cruel to live your entire lifetime of maybe ninety years fighting for this. If we have awakened to Twin Flame consciousness, shouldn’t we have the tools to manifest full Union in this current lifetime?”

Yes we should. And we do.

The only reason why you wouldn’t receive your Twin Flame in this lifetime is because you’re not choosing your Twin Flame. That’s the only reason why you would ever experience separation.

Healing into Twin Flame Union can happen really fast

You are already with your Twin Flame in Divine truth, so all you are doing is removing the illusion of separation. This illusion of separation can be healed at any moment. Here is where a lot of unhelpful Twin Flame teachers make mistakes, because they are thinking about Twin Flame Union in terms of time. There’s no need to start planning your next lifetime, because time is an illusion and everything is happening right now. Time is just a tool for you to realize that you don’t need time.

Every time you heal a layer of separation with the Mirror Exercise, you come closer to your Twin Flame Union. You don’t have to be perfectly healed to come into Twin Flame Union. When enough core blocks are healed, you could suddenly find you and your Twin Flame setting down a security deposit on an apartment together. On Friday you might be in separate towns, not talking, while you heal block after block alone in your bedroom. By Sunday, he could have left his karmic partner and asked you to move in with him. This is how efficient and powerful the Mirror Exercise is.

There is a persistent belief in the Twin Flame community that Twin Flame Union is an untouchable Holy Grail that only a lucky few vibe into. This is not rocket science, people. The path to Twin Flame Union is mathematical, repeatable, and much easier than you have built it up to be in your head.

Manifestation is not about morality

There’s nothing preventing you in this lifetime from being in your Twin Flame Union. Your Twin Flame is not a reward you get for being a good boy or a good girl. Your Twin Flame is not a reward you get for working hard. Your Twin Flame Union is a result of you manifesting by doing the Mirror Exercise.

Why are the most corrupt, selfish people in the planet often also the richest? You might watch them on TV and think, “They shouldn’t be rich! Why would God give them so much money?” It’s because those corrupt people are unconsciously really good at manifesting, and that manifesting power has nothing to do with their immoral actions. They just know how to manifest money because that’s what they enjoy focusing on.

That’s all it takes to manifest your Twin Flame Union. What are you focusing on? What are you passionate about? It has nothing to do with how virtuous you are, nor does Twin Flame Union mean you have more divinity in you than the next person. We’re all equally divine and spiritually potent. You don’t have to be perfect (though you already are perfect in spiritual truth), you just have to use the Mirror Exercise to remove the blocks and barriers that are out of alignment with the vibration of your Twin Flame Union.

That’s what Jeff and Shaleia did. Shaleia once said that it’s a really good thing to have a false Twin Flame, because they bring up the most crucial and critical thoughts and beliefs that are out of alignment with your Twin Flame Union. Jeff and Shaleia both experienced this, and they knew that in order to be with each other they had to diligently work through all the lessons presented by their false Twin Flames. So if you are struggling to manifest your Twin Flame Union, that is a question you can ask in a card reading: “What are the lessons I need to learn from my false Twin Flame?” And you can use that experience to catalyze the way into your Twin Flame Union. As Jeff and Shaleia say in their book, anything that upsets you is something that you can use as a way to get into your Union. The upset has come up to be healed.

Don’t let anyone tell you that only if you work hard, you can get into your Union. It’s not true. It took Jeff less than six months from the time he decided to have his perfect partner in his life, to go through his false Twin Flame experience, meet Shaleia, and then move in with her. Jeff and Shaleia have also seen so many students at Twin Flame Ascension School come into Union very quickly. Jeff and Shaleia simply help their students clear thoughts and beliefs at are out of alignment, and boom! By next week they are in Twin Flame Union. It can happen just like that.

Just don’t ever give up on yourself. Work through every upset that comes up and it won’t have to take ninety years or ten lifetimes. It could happen tomorrow, because you are meant to be in your Twin Flame Union now.

It doesn’t matter if your Twin Flame is married, or if you don’t have much money, or if your Twin Flame is really rude and disrespectful to you – those upsets are meant to be healed, and if you’re not healing them then you’re just using them as excuses to not come into Twin Flame Union. If you actually desire your Union, you can be in it.

Are you ready for your Twin Flame Union?

If you really want this, you’ll leave no stone unturned to manifest your Union. Learn to master the Mirror Exercise and you’ll sail through the kind of obstacles that make most people give up. If you are struggling with the Mirror Exercise, we offer a FREE consultation with our expert coaches to help you out!

If you’re looking for more support, please check out our resources. Our only purpose is to serve you.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “CAN I HAVE MY TWIN FLAME UNION IN THIS LIFETIME?” by Jeff and Shaleia.