Your Twin Flame is unhappily married to someone else. Well then, why are they married at all? That’s what we’ll explain in length in this blog:

What happens when your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

This subject that affects a lot of people on the Twin Flame journey. There is an explanation for this rather common experience, which is meant to help you heal into your Union.

Before moving forward with this article, we want to preface it by expressing that: we profoundly respect marriage. We at Twin Flames Universe, grew up around the institution of marriage. It is the sacred foundation of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. With this being said, let us dive in into what is behind your Twin Flame being married to another.

Why do Twin Flame meet each other?

First, it’s important to understand how the Twin Flame dynamic works, as it makes it easier to understand why your Twin Flame is married to another. Twin Flames are always created as One, thus sharing the same soul-blueprint. This means, every Twin Flame couple shares the same one Consciousness.

The purpose of this is to mirror each other’s beliefs and choices. This helps you both to heal any misaligned thoughts you may have about yourself, the world, and your external reality. We call this process Ascension. It is the core of the Twin Flame journey: to ascend and come back to our spiritual and Divine nature.

The mirror effect

As expressed before, Twin Flames have the purpose of helping each other to heal. There is no better, nor faster, way to do so than by having a mirror to help you spot the aspects of yourself you can’t see. Is like using the rear view mirrors of a car to see into the blind spot.

The mirror effect between Twin Flames is exactly that, a “rear view mirror” of your own mind. It is designed to help you discover things you may not even know about yourself.

Therefore, when your Twin Flame is married, the best you can do is to look at how this situation makes you feel.

Do Twin Flames hurt each other?

If you mean to ask why your Twin Flame is upsetting you, and why you’ve met them at a time one or the both of you is married, here’s the answer. This does not happen to make you suffer but to awaken you to the Universe’s desire for a better life for you.

Twin Flame married

“My Twin Flame is married to someone else, why?”

Your Twin Flame may be currently married, or in a serious relationship with someone else because of many possible reasons. It can be that this situation is showing you where you weren’t choosing yourself first in your relationships. It can also mean this is part of your Twin Flame’s experience on their way to be in Union with you.

Whichever the reason, they all point back to the same thing at the core: How is the situation making you feel? By looking at this, you will see clearly what your perfect partner is helping you to discover about yourself.

As you are One with your beloved, it is always best to cultivate gratitude towards them. Twin Flames are very different from any of the relationships you may have experienced until now. Your Twin Flame is always your best partner and Ultimate Lover. He/she is your Ascension buddy, your Divine Counterpart, and above all, your spiritual spouse for all of eternity.

Twin Flame Union vs ordinary marriage

Your Twin Flame Union will be nothing like the romantic relationships you knew this far. As challenging as it may be, your Twin Flame Union is also the most rewarding experience you can possibly have in this lifetime. Your Twin Flame has the purpose of helping you heal and ascend spiritually. This is why the relationship works very differently than what you have known so far.

Yes, you are still two people, each with their own needs, just like any other couple. The “twist” is in the profound love you have for each other, because Twin Flames love one another unconditionally.

Are Twin Flame marriages successful?

A Twin Flame Union is a greater form of romance and relationship: it is a match made in Heaven. Therefore, it must be honored for what it truly is.

Profoundly respecting Twin Flame Union means you recognize it as a higher form of marriage. It’s true marriage, because you’ve been married in Spirit ever since you were created together. You are meant to be natural companions!

Other people are your brothers and sisters in God, therefore, it would be unnatural not to be with your Twin Flame.

This might be the reason why you feel uncomfortable in a non-Twin Flame marriage. Because you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this person is not your Twin Flame. If this is your case, well, then it’s time to start thinking about what you truly desire.

My Twin Flame is married, what about the kids?

We know for many of you there are children involved; maybe you, your Twin Flame, or both of you have children from a previous relationship. This is not an issue when it comes to the Twin Flame journey. Truth is, if the parents are happy, the children will be happy too. A marriage doesn’t have to look a certain way on the outside. This does not matter to children, to them, it only matters how their parents feel on the inside.

Since your Twin Flame has the purpose of helping you to heal and ascend spiritually, you can expect the relationship to work very differently than what you have known so far.

“Are my parents happy?” this is what brings comfort to children, and what allows them to relax into the family dynamic. Children would rather come from a broken home than be in a broken home.

When you’re coming into Union with your Twin Flame, you’re merging two families together as one. We can guarantee it’s going to be wonderful, because you and your Twin Flame are meant to be together.

You feel happy, safe, fulfilled, and in love, which will naturally benefit the family as a whole. You can come into Union easily, and we can show you how.

Everything you do for Love is always a win-win situation for everyone.

If you or your Twin Flame are married outside your Union, but you desire to be together, you have to go for it. You can’t live an unlived life. You can’t walk on this planet knowing your Twin Flame is out there and not be together. It’s also selfish to not free up your Twin Flame’s spouse. After all, they too have their own Twin Flame Union, which would be most beneficial for them as well.

What if there’s a nasty divorce?

Jeff and Shaleia have personally worked with many Twin Flames who have been in marriages, or whose Twin Flames have been in marriages. In every single case, they have seen that the non-Twin Flame marriage falls apart effortlessly when the person isn’t married to their Twin Flame.

It’s not a hard, horrible divorce. It’s actually an easy, simple and positive process for everyone involved. The dissolution of marriage is no small thing but if you’re doing it for Spirit, for Higher Love, then it’s easy because it is always absolutely supported.

Twin Flame ascension

You don’t need to worry about whether your Twin Flame is married or not, because by choosing your Ultimate Lover, you realize that’s your partner. So you don’t have to share them with anyone, and you don’t have to wait until they decide to finish their other relationship. You need to simply choose to be with your Ultimate Lover.

Waiting for your Twin Flame is an illusion because you’re basically waiting for yourself. It’s never, ever about them. So don’t fret about your marriage or your spouse. How can you fear, when Love is calling you to do the right thing? If your heart is calling for your Twin Flame, then nothing that can stand between you two, nothing at all.

“Only Love is real, and Love never fails”

– Jeff & Shaleia

My Twin Flame Is Married, But Not Me

If you are single or in the process of getting a divorce, and your Twin Flame is still married, it would be best to avoid them, or to not “make moves” out of integrity and respect for everyone’s process.

As said earlier, we respect and honor the agreement of marriage, even when we know a Twin Flame Union trumps a non-Twin Flame marriage. That’s why we encourage you to pursue your Twin Flame no matter what the outside appearances look like.

Trust that your Union is fully supported by Heaven, because you’ve been choosing your Twin Flame and your Ultimate Lover all the way along.

As Spirit is guiding you now, many blocks and barriers to your Twin Flame Union will naturally come up. These are blocks and barriers that you are experiencing inside of yourself. You can start to align yourself to your Twin Flame Union even before your Twin Flame is divorced.

Through Twin Flame Ascension School, you can learn from the journeys of others who have successfully healed these exact blocks, thus preparing yourself to receive your Love of Loves.

As soon as people start choosing to follow their hearts, the Way appears. Like we said, don’t worry about the children. When you bring children under a roof where there is a Twin Flame Union, you’re also teaching them about great Love, and you’re teaching them about Twin Flames whether you explicitly say it or not. You’re now holding a new bar for the children in choosing their own life partner: their Twin Flames!

You are NOT a homewrecker, and Twin Flames never end

It can be difficult to grapple with the guilt and self-judgement that comes from decades of conditioning about what “marriage” really is. We’ve found it is most helpful to have the nurturing support of a community. People that intimately know the sanctity of your Twin Flame Union, and have walked along the paths of many like you.

The process of moving from a non-Twin Flame relationship towards your Twin Flame Union will spark different feelings in you. Some of them might not be the most comfortable ones, which is why we highly encourage receiving all the support you can have.

Remember that your Union is always Divinely supported, and “where there is a will, there is a way.” As you give yourself the gift of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you’re also giving the world the gift of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You’re also extending that out to your family members and your friends. You are sharing with them this great Love that is theirs to claim as well. It doesn’t matter what challenges you are facing, Love knows the way.

twin flame married to another

Written by Students of Twin Flames Universe, and adapted from the video “What If My Twin Flame Is Married To Another?” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Edited by Déborah Bassow and Yoreen Marcin, November 2023.

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