Pride Month is the perfect time to celebrate your authentic self. This June, Twin Flames Universe (TFU) is celebrating its community members’ journeys by offering a safe space to share their LGBTQ+ stories and experiences. This is what they wanted to share.

Finding Acceptance

Finding and engaging in a healthy, loving community is so important on the LGBTQ+ journey. Doing so can provide emotional support, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. All things that lead to a greater relationship with self and others. These are all core values of TFU and its community. Twin Flames Universe is happy to shine a light and provide a safe space to get to know yourself better and explore who you truly are inside. Here’s how TFU’s LGBTQ+ community members have found the strength, courage, love, and support that they always needed to thrive as their true selves.

For Paco, this was the first community that helped him be 100% his authentic self. “I feel safe, accepted, and respected as a trans man without depending on other people’s approval to be who I am” thanks to TFU, Paco said. Twin Flames Universe has helped people like Paco give themselves the approval that they’ve been desiring all their lives, surrounded by a supportive community of friends who love and support them.

For Kiran, who is also a trans man, the spiritual classes at TFU “made things finally ‘click’ for him in regards to Divine Feminine and Masculine energy” and who he really is inside, said his wife, Stephanie. The Teachings of Union “really answered the burning questions that he had about himself and his energy for many years that it seemed no one else was able to. It brought him great relief and understanding within himself and has helped him to have a peaceful and joyful transition.”

Finding True Love

As TFU community members have found out from experience, when you’re loving yourself for who you truly are, you’re going to inevitably attract someone who adores and recognizes the real you, too: your Twin Flame.

Twin Flames Adam and Breann shared, “Before [finding] the Teachings [of Union], we had both rejected our true selves to the point of not recognizing ourselves or each other. With the complete body of work provided by TFU, we feel at home with ourselves and one another. We understand that our expression is a gift meant to be shared with all. We are eternally grateful.”

Kiran and Paco both found their Twin Flames, Stephanie and Déborah, not long after they accepted who they really were and came out as trans men. The same was true for Denis, who found his true Twin Flame, Nicole; Madhu, who reunited with his Twin Flame, Valentina; and Isaiah, who finally realized that his friend Sage was his Twin Flame all along. Being yourself attracts all the things that are truly meant for you—including your eternal romance.

“I was able to experience [acceptance] and feel loved here, where I hadn’t loved and accepted myself for a long time,” said Denis. “This is how I was able to attract my true love into my life and relax into being my true self.”

Isaiah and Sage both came out as transgender and then found each other in the Twin Flames Universe community. “Both of us took time to come out initially because it was buried under the fear of family rejection and social challenges,” they said. With the help of MAP (Mind Alignment Process), Isaiah and Sage both healed childhood trauma about family rejection and found deep acceptance within themselves. They finally felt safe standing in their truth. Isaiah came out as a man after contemplating it for a long time, and Sage finally got in touch with her femininity. They became closer friends, recognized each other as Twin Flames, and then became lovers not too long after.

Taking Pride to the Next Level

If you want to thrive as an LGBTQ+ person, all you have to do is love yourself and choose a loving, supportive community and relationships. You deserve that kind of love in your life: the support you need to heal, be who you truly are, and have your Twin Flame by your side. Cheers to a fabulous 2024 Pride Month filled with unconditional love, courage, and breakthroughs.

If you would like to share your story, receive support, or read about other people’s Twin Flame and LGBTQ+ journeys, you can join the Twin Flames Universe Open Forum or LGBTQ+ Forum on Facebook.

Written by Sage Woodward

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