If you master the Mirror Exercise, you’ll have everything.

The Twin Flame journey is certainly filled with its own challenges. Doesn’t matter if you are new to the journey, or if you have been on it for quite some time. Everybody has experiences that push them to their limits. And that is a good thing. From your Twin Flame not talking to you, to them even blocking you, one thing is true for everyone:

Upsets aren’t always fun.

But, what if there was a way of resolving this AND feel better about your journey all at once? Yes, you read correctly. There is a way to transform your Twin Flame journey into your perfect fairy-tale. To achieve this, we only need one simple, yet very effective tool: The Mirror Exercise.

What We Cover:

  • What is Jeff and Shaleia’s Mirror Exercise?
  • How Does the Mirror Exercise Heal My Twin Flame Union?
  • What is the Mirroring Effect in Twin Flames?
  • Do False Twin Flames Mirror Each Other?
  • Do Twin Flames Mirror Insecurities? 
  • What is the Mirror Principle in Manifestation?

What is Jeff and Shaleia’s Mirror Exercise?

This exercise is covered in depth in the book Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover written by Jeff and Shaleia. And it is also taught throughout their entire body of work. The Mirror Exercise is the most powerful spiritual tool for self-transformation. It is the only tool you’ll ever need, and it works every time.

So, what is the Mirror Exercise exactly? This exercise is based on the principle that your entire external reality is a reflection of your inner world.

This means that your thoughts and beliefs shape how you experience life. 

Therefore, you are only ever experiencing whatever is within you.

When an upset arises, it is pointing you towards a place within your consciousness that is asking for love. Since only you can control how you choose to feel about something, healing your upsets is in your hands. This is a good thing!

It means that no one has the power to take away your peace, your good feeling. The Mirror Exercise allows you to do just that: heal yourself and feel better again. While it works even if used just once, applying this tool diligently is what truly brings lasting results.

Since the Twin Flame journey is one of awakening to our Divine Self, this means you’ll need to re-discover who you are.

How Does It Work

The Mirror Exercise consists of 4 simple steps:

  • The first step helps you to identify what in your external reality is upsetting you.
  • The second step allows you to feel into the situation, realising that your external reality is reflecting your inner state.
  • The third step invites us to connect with the upset feeling.

It invites you to take responsibility for the upset feeling, recognizing that it is a call for love from within.

The fourth step is the most important one, because it is what heals the upsetting pattern permanently.

By loving the upset part of yourself, you receive everything you need to feel better here and now.

If you’re new to this, it’s best to start out by writing down all the steps in a journal. Doing so helps you get really clear on your feelings, and therefore, move through the Mirror Exercise with much ease.

The Mirror Exercise takes time to master, so be patient and compassionate with yourself as you practice it. One thing to keep in mind is that your Twin Flame journey encompasses all aspects of your life.

It means everything is healable with the Mirror Exercise; every upset. So every upset you heal will always bring you closer to your Twin Flame. It may feel like healing is a daunting task at first, but we assure you, it is not.

We can guide you step-by-step on the journey of feeling better and manifesting your Twin Flame. So, are you ready to give the Mirror Exercise a shot? Great, then let’s start!

Steps of the Mirror Exercise

Example 1:

STEP 1: Identify the upset in a concise sentence.

Who are you upset with? What are you upset about? And why?

For example:

“I’m upset with my Twin Flame because I feel rejected by him/her because he/she is ignoring me.”

STEP 2: Invert all the pronouns to point to yourself.

We do this because what you experience externally, is simply a reflection of an inner state.

For example:

“I’m upset with myself because I feel I am rejecting myself and I am ignoring myself.”

STEP 3: Ask yourself whether this is true. The answer is: yes.

It will always be true, because you can only experience a pattern that is within you.

Example answer:

“Yes, it’s true. I don’t acknowledge my feelings and ignore and reject my own boundaries. I don’t feel like I am good enough to be loved so I ignore my needs and don’t nurture myself.”

STEP 4: Once you have identified this place within you, ask what does he/she need to feel fully loved right now?

Give yourself space to receive the answer from within. Once you know it, give yourself the love that this part of you is asking for. Remain with this part of you until you feel it received everything he/she needed.

Mirror Exercise

Practice Makes Master

To assist you in fully integrating the steps, here we share another case.

Example 2:

Here is another example to help you better understand the Mirror Exercise.


“I’m upset with my mother because I feel abandoned by her and she doesn’t support me or my choices.”


“I’m upset with myself because I abandoned myself and I don’t support myself or my choices.”


“Is it true?”

“Yes, it’s true. I doubt myself and always second guess every choice I make, criticising myself if I make a mistake.”


Close your eyes and go within…

Meet the part of yourself that feels upset about this situation.

Allow yourself to feel the feeling completely…

You can use visualization to help you; how is that part of yourself looking? What is she wearing? Whatever comes up is okay. No judgment.

Ask that part of yourself what he/she needs to feel loved.

And give that part of you a big hug and all the love he/she asks for.

Be very patient with part of yourself and do not hold back on the love you give.

When this feels complete, invite this healed part of you into your heart until it melts back into you.

Doing this step should always feel light and easy.

Tips to Master the Mirror Exercise

In step 4, this part of you may ask you to give yourself a variety of things:

  • a hug,
  • appreciation,
  • acceptance,
  • acknowledgement,
  • reassurance,
  • love,
  • compassion,
  • patience,
  • forgiveness, etc.
  • It can be anything, so long as it is loving towards you. You can also use affirmations of Divine Truth to support yourself in your healing. Affirmations are very powerful, for they help us realign our mind towards unconditional love.
Mirror Exercise

You can always find affirmations to help you integrate truths such as:

  • You are always perfect, whole and complete;
  • God and your Twin Flame are always loving you perfectly.
  • When you do this step correctly you will feel lighter and more peaceful at your core. There will no longer be an emotional charge regarding the original upset that triggered you. To integrate this last step fully, simply invite this part of you back into your heart. Allow it to melt back into you, remaining present with yourself until this step feels complete.

Congratulations! You have now completed all 4 steps of the Mirror Exercise successfully. If you feel there is another upset coming up, you can always go back to Step 1 and repeat the process.

Love Yourself Fully and Completely

Step 4 is perhaps the most important part of the Mirror Exercise. It is where the healing is received within yourself. For this reason, we’ll speak about this step a bit more in depth, as many struggle with it.

Visualization is a powerful tool and it can help you greatly when doing Step 4. If you’re new to the Mirror Exercise, you can visualize the part of yourself that is experiencing the upset as a younger version of you. Imagine the adult version of you, as you are now, approaching the younger version of you.

Take note of whether there is a specific scene, environment or memory that you are connecting with. Reassure yourself that you are safe to feel these feelings as you are now ready to bring love into this space. Ask the younger version of you: “What do you need to feel loved right now?”

Mirror Exercise

You will find this part of you knows exactly what they need to feel loved. Very often, this is a hug and lots and lots of love. Give this part of you exactly what he/she asks for in your visualization. Don’t hold anything back! As you give yourself this love, you will see the emotional charge of the upset dissolving, thus feeling lighter and more peaceful. When this part feels complete, you can invite him/her into your heart space and have them melt into you.

Doing this brings a previously rejected or forgotten aspect of you back into oneness with yourself and God.

The Power of The Mirror Exercise

This tool is indeed very powerful, because the miracle of healing works every single time. As time is an illusion, when you feel upset, it is because an aspect of you from the past is still hurting.

This part of you has been crying out for love and attention ever since. Through the Mirror Exercise, you are now able to finally give them what they have been needing all along. As you fully satisfy the needs of this part of you within, you cultivate your inner well.

As you are on your healing journey, a new upset may arise soon after or during the healing process. That’s ok. You can always apply the 4 steps, to visualize and love this part of you. It can also happen that you “bump” into the same upset over and over again. This means a pattern is calling to be healed and released.

Don’t worry, healing happens in layers, so having patience with yourself and your process is key. If you start to feel resistance, or struggle to feel your feelings, affirm to yourself that you choose to feel your feelings. Have compassion with yourself as you navigate this phase of your process.

If you still feel stuck, work with one of Twin Flames Universe’s Certified Ascension Coaches. They are here to guide you expertly through your upsets and into deeper peace.

Mirror Exercise

Upheaval: After the Mirror Exercise

When you use the Mirror Exercise to love yourself, you will experience a profound shift in your reality. Life will feel clearer, easier, more wonderful and joyful.

Oftentimes though, you will experience an upheaval, or a purging.

This is especially common when you first start using the Mirror Exercise. You may need to “come back down to Earth” a bit after you have just given yourself so much love!

Upheaval is the process by which everything that is out of alignment with love is removed from your consciousness. You can think of it as grieving your former self.

You may need a lot of rest and comfort during this time. When I upheave, I love to sleep, curl up on the couch and watch a movie, or just eat candy and rest. (For more on this, check out our upheaval support guide).

Peaceful upheaval means you have integrated the healing successfully. Resistant or stormy upheaval may mean your consciousness is having a hard time accepting the healing, and it’s okay to cut yourself some slack.

How Does the Mirror Exercise Heal My Twin Flame Union?

As you and your Twin Flame were created as One, you share the same consciousness. Therefore, you also share the same blocks and patterns, although they may show up as different circumstances in your lives. When you heal with the Mirror Exercise, your Twin Flame will automatically heal along with you, whether you are aware of this or not.

The Mirror Exercise helps you identify, and heal permanently every thought and belief keeping you in separation from one another. It is a very powerful tool indeed!

What is the Mirroring Effect in Twin Flames?

The mirroring effect in Twin Flames happens because Twin Flames share the same soul blueprint, or soul essence. And so, your Twin Flame is always mirroring back to you the state of your shared one consciousness. When you are thriving, loving yourself, and enjoying your life purpose work, you experience that joy back to you through your Twin Flame. When you are struggling to love yourself or heal your upsets, your Twin Flame also reflects this back to you.

Do False Twin Flames Mirror Each Other?

Anyone can mirror you, so yes, a soul mate or karmic partner or false twin flame may mirror you. But only your true Twin Flame is your perfect mirror, because you share the same soul vibration.

Do Twin Flames Mirror Insecurities? 

Yes, Twin Flames can absolutely mirror insecurities. What’s most important in this situation is that you are devoted to healing and loving yourself unconditionally. Once you’ve made this new choice and healed, your Twin Flame will mirror this back to you.

What is the Mirror Principle in Manifestation?

The Mirror Exercise is not meant to be used to control external circumstances, people, nor your Twin Flame.  Always surrender your Twin Flame journey to God! Many experience shifts in their relationships with their Twin Flames shortly after using the Mirror Exercise.

However, the way to know that it is working is by the peace you feel after working through your upsets. This tool is for healing yourself first and foremost.

Again, be patient with yourself as you heal. It takes time and practice to master the Mirror Exercise. We recommend journaling your feelings and healing, as this will help you ground the steps of the Mirror Exercise.

This practice will develop an intimate, loving and secure relationship with God, yourself and your Twin Flame’s energy within yourself. It is from this stable foundation that your Harmonious Union will manifest in your life. Understanding the Twin Flame dynamic and mastering the Mirror Exercise are key to achieving your Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Mirror Exercise

Written by dedicated students of Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame Ascension School

Last Edition by Deborah Bassow and Briana Manalo, October 2023

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