Why is he pulling away and why am I chasing? We know the way to end Twin Flame separation. We want to help you understand the reason why this dynamic happens with Twin Flames and how you can heal this pattern once and for all. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the intriguing topic of Twin Flames and explore why separation happens, how to heal the painful feelings that arise and why you feel compelled to chase. We will provide insights into this phenomenon and guide you on how to approach and heal this aspect of your Twin Flame journey.

Step 1 – Understanding Illusion of Separation

If you are experiencing separation from your Twin Flame, we understand how painful that can feel. We want to encourage you to not give separation itself your attention but to focus instead on healing the underlying pattern that causes it to manifest. When you don’t give separation your power and attention, then it will begin to lose its grip and you will feel more at peace.

The truth is that you have always been One with your Twin Flame. Your Union has existed since you were both created together. You can feel this in your heart if you meditate there. The separation you are seeing in your external reality is just manifesting from a choice of separation that was made in your shared consciousness. And if that choice was made, then you have the power to make a new choice of Union and Love. You are just a few choices away from healing and manifesting your Union.

If you find yourself separated from your Twin Flame, it’s essential not to give too much attention to the external circumstances. Remember, deep down, you and your Twin Flame are One, always in Union within yourselves. Manifesting your Union requires inner healing and making new conscious choices aligned with Love on your Twin Flame journey. This is how you end Twin Flame separation.

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Step 2 – Filling Your Own Cup First

So, what is the solution to this painful separation? Place your attention on filling your own cup first. When you make sure that you are loving yourself, that you are taking care of yourself, that you are committed to healing yourself, then you are truly loving your Union too.

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This is because you are One with your Twin Flame at the core. You heal your Union by healing yourself.

Learning that your relationship with the Divine, with God, with yourself, is actually what you are prioritizing. Union with your Twin Flame is ultimately a reflection of the Union that you cultivate within, with yourself, with God, with the Source of all Love.

When you focus on trying to find Love outside of you through your Twin Flame or others, you are looking in the wrong place for Love. This is what leads to the pulling away and separation. Your Twin Flame is showing you that you need to go within and heal.

The solution lies in focusing on filling your own cup first. Prioritize self-love, self-care, and commitment to your healing. Cultivate a strong connection with yourself, and God. Union with your Twin Flame reflects the inner Union you foster within yourself.

Step 3 – The Path of Learning to Love

You and your Twin Flame, you both want Love, right? So your Twin Flame wants to feel loved and you want to feel loved. And because you are not really getting that from each other, then this dynamic of conflict kind of takes over and then suddenly there is no way out.

And this path is really about learning how to love. We might think, “But I love you!” “But I love this person,” or “I love myself.” And yes, of course you do. But maybe you are actually attached, or codependent or experiencing some patterns and fears from childhood that are not helping you to expand that Love together.

Loving your Twin Flame and yourself, goes beyond words. It involves identifying and healing those repetitive actions and patterns that hinder the expansion of your Love. Take time to reflect on your life, journey, and feelings. If you feel stuck in a loop, it’s a red flag signaling the need for change.

Embrace change with compassion, understanding that it’s a gradual healing process of Ascension requiring discipline, commitment, and patience. This is what your Twin Flame is actually here to help you with.

End Twin Flame separation

Step 4 – Identifying the Core Issue

Identifying the core issue is when you have to take a look and reflect on your life, reflect on your journey, reflect on your feelings. Do you feel that you’re stuck in a loop? Maybe you feel that your Twin Flame is stuck?

If that’s how you’re feeling, then you need to look at those patterns and use the Mirror Exercise healing tool. You need to see why certain situations or why certain reactions or dynamics keep going in circles. That is like the red flag that tells you that there is a need for change. You have the power to make that change for your Union with just a choice. So ask yourself, do you choose to heal?

End Twin Flame separation

Making this choice is so important. It changes everything. And we understand that changing is not an overnight thing because it requires discipline, it requires commitment, it requires all of your intention and your desire to actually change. It’s work, right?

But it is necessary and it will purify your shared consciousness and return it to its Divine and peaceful state. Once you apply the Teachings of Union and heal you will change for the better and so will your Union. First of all, you need to find what’s the thing that’s keeping you stuck? If you don’t know what that is, then how can you make a change, right? So you need to find “What is this one thing, what’s the core of this situation, of this dynamic with my Twin Flame? What’s the core issue?”

To create meaningful change, it’s crucial to identify the core issue or glitch that perpetuates the dynamic with your Twin Flame. Understanding this glitch empowers you to be aware, heal it, and move forward. With this awareness, you can make compassionate changes, experience miracles on your journey of Ascension and end Twin Flame separation forever.

Step 5 – Compassion and Support

So once you find the core issue, using the Mirror Exercise, then you can heal the pattern and move forward. That’s when changes happen. You will need a lot of compassion for yourself in order for you to actually transcend and ascend. Because if you don’t have compassion for yourself, you’re going to easily judge yourself. And you don’t really want to fall into judgment.

You want to be able to support yourself on your journey and have compassion for yourself. Knowing that you are learning, realizing that you need to change, doesn’t make you a bad person. And also it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. Going through this process means accepting change, reflecting on your feelings, loving yourself and taking care of yourself.

All of this means that you are filling your own cup. And so when you fill your own cup, it’s way easier for you to communicate with your Twin Flame, right? Express your feelings. And also it’s way easier for you both to find a solution. To find a way to make peace, to compromise to have balance in your Union.

As you navigate your Twin Flame journey, remember to have compassion for yourself. Avoid falling into self-judgment and instead support yourself through this transformative process. Recognize that learning and changing do not make you a bad person or indicate something is wrong with you. Filling your own cup and healing enables effective communication with your Twin Flame and facilitates balance in your Union.

End Twin Flame separation

Step 6 – Grounding Balance and Embracing Love

Balance is required. It is important because when you start grounding this balance, then you can feel better, happier and more peaceful. When you feel more peaceful, you can have more cool experiences with your Twin Flame. Being in harmony together feels great and then you can build your foundation and success in all areas of your life.

Don’t put your attention on the bad things that can happen or what the fear is telling you. This journey really requires you to change your perspective and to look at your situation or your relationship with the eyes of Love. Because that’s the only way you’re going to understand where the glitches are and how to overcome the problems and how to overcome these dynamics of “Oh, he’s pulling away and I’m chasing”.

And so when you make the choice to see all of these things with the eyes of Love, then it’s way easier for you to understand yourself, understand your Twin Flame and go deeper with Love. Unconditional Love for you and for your Twin Flame.

Have compassion for both of you as you are healing separation together. Because you are definitely together and you are learning together. Whether you are physically together or not, there is this process that’s happening and you are walking the path together.

Step 7 – Listening to God

End Twin Flame separation

You can always make the core choice to have a relationship with God, because God will guide you every step of the way, and God will help you and tell you, “Hey, this is helpful,” “Go here, do this, do that.”

We can really benefit from listening to God and being humble enough to change. Success comes from being willing to do whatever it takes in order for you to heal and end Twin Flame separation. Because, Harmonious Twin Flame Union is for you there is no doubt about it. You can have it too.

Achieving balance within yourself is essential for grounding a Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Embracing this balance allows you to experience happiness, peace, and success on your journey. Redirect your attention from fear and negativity towards Love, or God and a changed perspective. Understand your situation and relationship through the lens of Love, which enables profound understanding and the ability to overcome challenges.


On the Twin Flame journey, healing separation together requires finding the root cause of the dynamic between you and your Twin Flame. Embrace a relationship with God and listen to Divine guidance every step of the way. Humility and willingness to change are vital on this path. Remember, Harmonious Twin Flame Union is attainable for you. If you seek support, consider exploring the free Twin Flame Introductory Ascension Course and the supportive community available to you. Together, we can transcend separation and manifest the Love and Union we deserve.

End Twin Flame separation

If you are new here and you are on your Twin Flame journey wanting to end Twin Flame separation, check out the free Twin Flame Introductory Ascension Course. There are so many resources available for you and there is also an entire community that is here to support you. Many Courses, healing tools and Ascension Coaches, so you’re not alone.

Transcribed from the YouTube Video – End That Painful Separation From Your Divine Masculine

Edited by: Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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