Is it possible to have a false Twin Flame experience?

I know what you are thinking.

You met this person, you are having an incredible connection, and all of the sudden, things no longer seem to go well between you two.

You might be questioning:

“What happened?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Did I scare this person away?”

Before you know it, these doubts creep in, and now all you can think of is:

“Is this person truly my Twin Flame or is it a false Twin Flame?”

Afterall, the connection is there. You’ve been following all the signs, but when it comes to having an actual relationship, this person seems nowhere to be found. 

How can this be? Have you been reading the synchronicities all wrong? 

The answer is “No.” Your feelings have been guiding you perfectly, even if they are a false Twin Flame. And here is why.

Why Might I Experience A False Twin Flame?

revealing a false twin flame

Going through this experience is more common than you think.

Many members of our community have gone through a false Twin Flame experience, including Jeff & Shaleia.

In the Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover book, the founders of Twin Flames Universe write about this step in their journeys, and share the meaning behind this experience.

“One of the (…) purposes of your false Twin Flame is to reveal to you all your major blocks and upsets to your true Twin Flame.”

The purpose of a false Twin Flame is, then, to awaken you to this path of unconditional self-love and acceptance.

What Is A False Twin Flame?

A false Twin Flame is someone who resembles your true Twin Flame, yet they are not “the real deal.”

They are not the person with whom you’ve been created as One. They are not the person with whom you can harmonise and live your life as One.

Being in permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union means being in harmony with all of who you are as a Divine Child of God.

It is a spiritual achievement that comes from aligning yourself to the vibration of unconditional love.

For many of us, having a false Twin Flame experience means going through the process of healing the barriers we’ve built against love.

This experience allows us to experience the bliss of being with our One True Love.

False Twin Flame vs True Twin Flame

Being with a false Twin Flame and being with your true Twin Flame is as different as day and night.

With a false Twin Flame, you experience distance, struggle, and abandonment.

The opposite happens with your One True Love.

Being with your true Twin Flame feels light, easy, and fun, even when moving through challenging times together.

They are EVERYTHING you dream of, and more.

When you are with them, the relationship feels peaceful and grounded, and you know you’ve arrived Home.

How Do I Reveal My True Twin Flame?

Because a false Twin Flame will resemble your true Twin Flame, knowing who is who, is key. 

So, in the midst of all these feelings, mixed signals, and confusion, how can you reveal if the person is, in fact, your true Twin Flame?

Simple, you can apply easy yet very effective steps, which will lead you to your True Love.

Revealing your true Twin Flame is a sacred process only you can go through and be successful in.

As you choose to try on the Teachings of Union and use these tools, we assure you, your success is guaranteed.

discovering a true twin flame

How Can I Speed Things Up?

If the fast-track to your true Twin Flame is what you seek, here are 3 steps you can follow, that will provide you with the success you seek:

1. Write A Love List.

A Love List is a list with all the traits and attributes you desire in a relationship with your perfect partner.

This list will also include your core values, the aspects that are important to you in a relationship. 

Examples of core values: honesty, loyalty, communication, commitment, etc.

You can sit down with your thoughts and feelings, and find out what your own personal core values are.

In the Romance Attraction e-Course, Shaleia shares how powerful this list was upon meeting Jeff, as it provided her with the clarity she needed to reveal him as her true Twin Flame.

As they both got clear on their values, they both realised these were the same, as well as the traits they desired from their perfect partners.

They were able to recognize each other in their hearts, and maintain their permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union ever since.

Both a false and a true Twin Flame are always revealed when you achieve this clarity.

2. Heal Your Blocks To Receive Love.

The purpose of a false Twin Flame is to prepare you to receive your true Twin Flame.

This means healing the places where you haven’t felt loved before and where you hold false beliefs about who you truly are.

It is important to address these places and love yourself unconditionally, to be best prepared to meet your Twin Flame, and be ready to be with all of who you are.

at peace after a false twin flame experience

Your Twin Flame is a perfect mirror to the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and the world, and will show you these misaligned beliefs so you can bring healing there.

Doing so cultivates the vibration of unconditional love necessary to sustain your permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

You can heal these misperceptions with the Mirror Exercise, bringing love to these hurt parts within you.

The more you heal in these places, the higher the chances of being with your Twin Flame forever.

3. Receive All The Support You Need.

The Twin Flame journey isn’t always easy, which is why it is so important to have all the support you can find.

Many of the members of our community have already tried these Teachings on and were able to transcend their false Twin Flame experiences. As they did, they are now living together with their One True Love, and enjoying their wonderful life together.

This can be you, too.

Sign up to our Free Twin Flame Introductory Course and begin taking the steps towards your Permanent Harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame. We look forward to your perfect life of Love!

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