With Neptune Retrograde starting on July 24, the Universe is giving us a chance to look closer at our love lives. Neptune is usually the ruler of imagination and daydreaming. But in retrograde, the planet invites us into a reality check, or maybe a revelation in love.

Intrigued? Read about your sign and your significant other’s in the following card reading.


There’s just something serendipitous about the next 6 months for you, Aries.

Safe, sure love is in the books for you. Even when you don’t know what your next relationship is going to look like, something feels like you and that connection were destined to get together.

The end of 2024 is going to be very enjoyable for you. Rest assured that your dreams are coming true.

Your reality check is a pretty positive one! Feels like you’re reaping the fruits of everything you’ve worked for until now.

Be sure to write down any desire you have, because manifestation is coming in hard.


Taurus, keep moving forward. This season is going to be a bit challenging for you.

Your love connection may bring out a lot of stuff to heal. Relationships do that sometimes. The best ones push you to grow up to your best potential.

Don’t be too fast in letting go of relationships. Every one of them can have a spiritual lesson for you (as long as it stays healthy. If not, then you’re invited to put boundaries).

Your Union with your perfect person happens because you’ve learned to heal from these challenges.

A perfect match is one that makes you grow. Once you’ve relaxed in this knowledge of how relationships work, all of your dreams will come true.


The next 6 months are going to feel easy-peasy compared to the beginning of your year, Gemini!

A healthy routine and life? Check.

A loving relationship? Check.

Attracting your good with the flick of a finger? Check.

Much life Taurus, there seems to be an ease caused by all the hard work you’ve put in until then.

The only thing left is to learn to ask the Universe for what you want and allow yourself to receive.

I know you’ve been the “giver” up until now. Well, it is time to let the Universe repay you in kind, in this life.


Time for a new beginning. When Cancer season started, you were invited to let go.

It feels like you are finally opening your eyes to the truth of the love connections, and setting boundaries.

And honestly, Cancer? This new cycle is feeling so good. It feels like you can finally breathe, like you’re finding yourself again.

Next time you enter a relationship, you will know exactly how important you are and what you desire.

Having high standards is important. You are a dedicated lover, and you deserve nothing less than an equally dedicated partner.


Leo, you are invited to put your social skills to good use during the next 6 months.

Be a go-getter. If you desire something, you can make the first move towards it. Believe that you can have everything you wish for.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry about that relationship you’ve been thinking about. You have been hesitant to move forward with it, but the Universe wants to assure you that you’re not imagining.

You deserve these things you have been dreaming about. Dreams do come true, because it is a universal law.

Don’t be afraid to want it and show it. The Universe is teaching you that it’s possible to go after it.


Virgo, it feels like there was a little bit of a slump in your love life for this first half of the year.

But during Neptune Retrograde, you will do a 180.

It seems like an important life event will change everything for you. The energies at play in your love life will be woken up.

Be very attentive to how issues get resolved in the next 6 months. Use your observations to resolve just about anything that troubles you.

And above all, take care of yourself. Put boundaries on people that don’t align with this new energy you are cultivating.

Life is giving you options; you only have to move towards one of them. Continue to move forward and you will be fine, even when everything seems mysterious around you.


Libra, there is absolutely nothing to fear. Even when everything looks very bleak, know that you are protected during this Neptune Retrograde.

Do you know how safe it is to test out new things that people feel are scary?

I know you may feel indecisive about this current love connection. But what could hurt in just getting to know the person? Be friends?

You don’t have to commit if you’re not sure. You can just enjoy their presence and friendship in your life.

Take your time, compare and balance things out, like you know how to do. Do it fearlessly, and you’ll be surprised what awaits you on the other side.


Scorpio, something is going to happen during Neptune Retrograde; deja vu, a touch, a gesture from someone you love.

This “something” is going to ignite a feeling that was dormant in your heart until now.

Scorpio, you have no idea how good the next 6 months are going to be to you.

Enjoy, the sweet summer dates (alone or with your special person), the autumn walks, the holidays spent around the fire.

This sense of warmth, tenderness is coming for you. This is everything you’ve dreamed of.

If you desired to build a family nest, this may start to take shape right now.


Time for action, Sagittarius!

Yep, Neptune Retrograde is definitely calling you to look at your reality.

It feels like you have so many dreams and projects to accomplish. Even for your love life, it seems like you have a definite vision of what you desire.

Well, these dreams really do need to be followed by action. Sometimes, action is just healing and amping your vibration until you attract what you need instantly.

It’s essential that you are not sitting in a waiting energy this half of the year. Like attracts like; meaning that your waiting energy will only result in more waiting.

Trust that you’ll always be supported by the Universe if it calls you to take any action.


Capricorn, during this Neptune Retrograde, the sky will sometimes look gray. It may feel like nothing is changing or advancing for you.

That is simply not true. While you may think that, everything is moving behind the scene.

It’s probably the best period to do your Love List or a mood-board of what you desire in a love match. That way, you’ll always have something to look up to during the days when it’s the hardest.

A few months or years from now, you’ll look back on everything that happened to you, and it will all make perfect sense.

It is the beauty of having faith; you’ll be glad you never gave up on these dreams.


The next 6 months are going to be beautiful for you, Aquarius. because, just by being yourself, you will attract that ideal relationship and life you’ve always wanted.

Aquarius, life may have been confusing for the past year. However, Neptune Retrograde really is all about gaining clarity on what is actually going on.

Everything will seem to run smoothly from that period on. Because you have been working on yourself, all parts of your life are going to improve drastically.

Welcome that change with open arms. Allow yourself to be surprised by all the blessings the Universe has in store for you, and how quickly a challenge can transform into something good.


Pisces, you have the same card as Aries. As a matter of fact, when it was time for your reading, the card jumped out of the deck twice!

Pisces, your love connection wants you to know that you are cherished. They can’t get over you.

They want to reassure you that this is an eternal love. Yes, you have eternity together.

Don’t be too disappointed by the moments you’re not spending together now. They serve a purpose for the both of you.

Live your life to the fullest, as this is where your lover will recognize you and join you.

Love is all around you, Pisces.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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