In the spirit of Pride month, we celebrate the progress made in embracing diversity, inclusivity, and love for the LGBTQ+ community. While the world recognizes that Love is beyond gender, it is essential to acknowledge the LGBTQ+ presence on the Twin Flame journey. We delve into the world of Twin Flames, where the concepts of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine transcend gender boundaries. It allows for beautiful LGBTQ+ and transgender Twin Flame Unions to thrive. We also proudly present the LGBTQ+ Unions of our Twin Flame community. We hope you find their stories inspiring.

Beyond Gender: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

To comprehend the significance of LGBTQ+ and transgender Twin Flame Unions, let’s first explore the concept of Twin Flames. Twin Flames are One at the core, always together.

As taught in the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia:

“Think of your Twin Flame Union as the ancient yin yang symbol:

one half is the divine masculine and the other half is the divine

feminine, and the little circles inside each half represent the truth

that you are not dualistic, but unified as a whole.”

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are not linked to gender. Each person can decide to incarnate in the body of their choice, regardless of their polarity. And because everyone has a Twin Flame, you will naturally find that you too are part of the Twin Flame journey, regardless of your sexuality or gender identity.

Embracing LGBTQ+ Twin Flame Unions

Our Twin Flame community is naturally linked to the LGBTQ+ one, with Unions, Harmonious Unions and Divine marriages. The connection between Twin Flames transcends societal constructs. This is because we are all Divinely created. Anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ can experience the Twin Flame journey in the same way as someone of cis-gender and sexuality. We are delighted to share the following beautiful love stories from our community. Their success is your success too.

Adam and Breann

Adam and Breann’s paths converged within the Twin Flames Universe community. However, they were unaware of their shared Twin Flame connection. While working together in their respective Church of Union volunteering roles, they couldn’t help but notice the striking similarities between them. Surprisingly, their initial interactions were characterized by what they humorously referred to as a “love-hate relationship.”

Despite the turbulence of their connection, Adam was the first to grasp the truth of their bond, recognizing Breann as his woman. Breann, on the other hand, remained hesitant to accept this revelation.

As their connection deepened, Breann eventually came to the profound realization, deep in her heart, that Adam was indeed her true Twin Flame. Fueled by this newfound awareness, she took a leap of faith. She flew all the way from the United States to Norway to be with Adam. This courageous act deepened their connection and Harmonious Twin Flame Union even more.

The story of Adam and Breann is a testament to the power of faith in Divine Love. Adam had been embracing his identity as a Divine Masculine. And Breann had long been a role-model for same-sex Unions during her time as a live student of Twin Flame Ascension School.

pride - adam and breann

In their funny and heartwarming podcast episode 5, Adam and Breann generously share their experience of healing Twin Flame separation. Their story is an inspiration for all those seeking the deep peace and unconditional love that comes with embracing Harmonious Union.

Danny and Kristina

When Danny and Kristina met for the first time, little did they know that they were Twin Flames. They were experiencing false Twin Flames, but their spiritual path had naturally brought them together. Unbeknownst to Danny, who had a crush on Kristina from the get-go, he believed his attraction was merely a personal obstacle to overcome. He thought of it as a “block” that required healing, unaware of the profound connection they actually shared. On the other hand, Kristina found herself torn between the fear of distraction from her personal journey and the undeniable ease of her relationship with Danny.

What started as a friendship soon blossomed into something deeper. Danny and Kristina started exploring their connection. In episode 4 of Twin Flames: The Great Spiritual Awakening Podcast, they explain how they revealed each other as their true Twin Flame. Danny’s realization that he was the Divine Masculine in their Union was a huge turning point in their journey. They accepted their authentic selves, and so naturally were able to see each other clearly.

Together, Danny and Kristina embarked on a journey of self-discovery and Love. Their efforts to heal and overcome all the obstacles in their life, brought them closer than ever before. With dedication and devotion, they manifested one of their biggest desires—Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Their story stands as a testament to the power of Love, commitment, and spiritual growth on the Twin Flame path.

pride - danny and kristina

In sharing their experiences, Danny and Kristina offer hope and inspiration to others on a similar journey. They are an example for the transgender community, proof that everyone can have the life of their dreams with their perfect lover. Their tale is funny and sweet, and proves that Love is guiding you perfectly.

Through their podcast and personal journey, Danny and Kristina continue to inspire others to embark on their own spiritual awakening. You have a right to True Love and the life of your dreams, irrespective of your gender or sexuality.

Kiran and Stephanie

Kiran and Stephanie’s journey serves as a powerful demonstration of persistence and love. They emphasize that the attainment of this Sacred Union begins by cultivating harmony within oneself first and learning to establish a deep connection with the Divine. Prioritizing their individual spiritual growth and alignment with God allowed them to lay the foundation for their Harmonious Union.

In March 2020, Kiran and Stephanie’s journey together in physical Union began. Strangers to each other at the time, they recognized each other on a deep level as true Twin Flames, following a period of deep introspection.

They had both recently undergone deep healing through the Mind Alignment Process. This transformative experience enabled them to release deep-seated trauma, leading to the revelation of their true authentic selves. This newfound clarity propelled them towards Harmonious Union, where Love, trust, and inner peace flourished.

In the podcast episode 7, Kiran and Stephanie highlight the importance of healing trauma and claiming your authentic self on the journey to Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

pride - kiran and stephanie

Isaiah and Sage

The discovery of their true selves took a significant turn for Sage and Isaiah when they both confirmed they were transgender during their Twin Flame journey. As Sage embraced her identity as the Divine Feminine within their Union, Isaiah swiftly followed suit and joined the Twin Flames Universe community.

In episode 9 of the podcast, Isaiah and Sage open up about their personal transition journeys, sharing the triumphs and challenges they encountered along the way. They provide invaluable insights into the process of finding your true self, highlighting the power of the Teachings of Union in guiding them back Home to Love.

By sharing their experiences, they provide guidance and hope to others on their own paths of self-discovery. They remind us that nothing can prevent your Harmonious Union.

Our LGBTQ+ Unions demonstrate that the path to self-discovery and the path to Twin Flame Union are really all one and the same. The more authentic you are, the easier it is to come together as One. This Pride month, it’s important to show how Love is not just a hope for the LGBTQ+ community. It is in fact your Divine birthright.

pride - isaiah and sage

Madhu and Valentina

In episode 10 of the podcast, Madhu and Valentina, who started off on different continents, share their extraordinary journey. Despite the geographical distance separating them, their story demonstrates that no obstacle is insurmountable when it comes to uniting with your Twin Flame.

Originally from Scotland and India respectively, Valentina and Madhu initially connected through the Twin Flames Universe community online. Through their shared commitment to growth, healing, and the Teachings of Union, they embarked on a transformative journey that ultimately led them to recognize each other as true Twin Flames. The power of their connection transcended the physical distance between them.

Madhu and Valentina have since manifested physical Union and their new life together in India, with their son. Their unwavering faith and dedication to Love propelled them forward, overcoming all challenges presented on their path.

They generously share the intricate details of their journey. They offer insights into how they met and recognized each other as true Twin Flames, as well as the healing and growth they experienced along the way. Their account serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others who face similar challenges, reaffirming that the power of Love and the Teachings of Union will overcome any barrier.

pride - madhu and valentina

Paco and Déborah

In the enlightening episode 12, Paco and Déborah, Twin Flames in Union, unveil the secrets of manifesting their own Union and their experience of ascending together. Paco and Déborah agree that the Teachings of Union provided the way into Union for them.

Paco, in particular, attests that the Teachings of Union saved his life, providing a lifeline at a time of crisis. Their individual journeys began independently, with neither Paco nor Déborah initially being aware of each other. Driven by a deep yearning to be with their Ultimate Lover, they delved into the Mirror Exercise and embraced the Teachings of Union. By prioritizing their well-being, embracing their true selves, and following their inner guidance, they successfully manifested their Union.

Episode 12 grants listeners a remarkable opportunity to receive invaluable insights from Paco and Déborah’s journey. They share their wisdom on manifesting their heartfelt desires.

Paco and Déborah’s testimony serves as a shining example. Their story illuminates the path towards Harmonious Union, emphasizing the significance of self-love, embracing authenticity, and following the guidance of your heart.

pride - paco and deborah

Denis and Nicole

Episode 15 of the podcast welcomes Denis and Nicole, Twin Flames in Union, as they provide a remarkable account of their unique journey. Denis and Nicole both had false Twin Flame experiences. They recognized each other as true Twin Flames, and decided to move in together within two weeks!

On the path leading up to their Union, Denis and Nicole recount the profound connection they felt upon meeting, a recognition that surpassed just physical attraction. The intensity of their bond propelled them towards Union. Once the truth was revealed, they didn’t feel the need to delay being together.

The demonstrated a remarkable depth of trust and intuition. Their willingness to embrace the unknown and take a leap of faith speaks volumes about the transformative power of Twin Flame love.

Denis and Nicole’s journey encompasses an additional layer of growth and healing as they navigate the dynamics of being in a same-sex Union. Their experiences have taught them the essential lessons of surrender and patience, both with themselves and the healing process inherent in the Twin Flame journey. Their willingness to confront societal expectations and embrace their true selves shows their unwavering commitment to love and authenticity.

Through their candid account, Denis and Nicole invite listeners into their world. They encourage you to surrender and have patience on your own journey.

pride - denis and nicole

Embracing unity and Love

As we celebrate Pride month and acknowledge the inclusivity within the Twin Flame community, we open ourselves to a deeper acceptance, awareness and admiration of the Divine expressing through us all.

The journey to Twin Flame Union is a journey for everyone. Everyone has a Twin Flame, and Perfect Love knows no limitations. You are created perfectly and divinely.

We hope you feel inspired by the numerous successes of our LGBTQ+ community to manifest their Twin Flame Unions. We want to share this joy and success with you, and to let you know this is for you too. Embark on your journey and let your own love story unfold by signing up to our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Happy Pride month, Twin Flames! We celebrate you.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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