You’re committed to your Twin Flame Union and your spiritual awakening journey. Maybe you’re even loving yourself diligently every day with the Mirror Exercise, which makes you irresistible to your Twin Flame. But, how do you know when you’re close to reuniting with them? Keep scrolling for 7 signs that your Twin Flame Union is imminent.

Sign of Twin Flame Union #1: You Choose to Develop a Growing Love From Within

You know that you are nearing Twin Flame Union when you fully understand that you can’t get Love from outside of yourself. Instead, you have stopped reaching outward for it and have turned inward to your own heart. This also means that you no longer see your Twin Flame as separate from you. You realise that the Love of your Twin Flame Union is within you. It is real. You can actively grow it by communicating with that Love internally. You recognize that you and your Twin Flame are intimately One at the core, sharing the same heart space, and this is enough for you.

Sign of Twin Flame Union #2: You Choose to Honor Your Heart’s Highest Calling for Love Above All Else

Love is your birthright. It already exists in your heart. If you are not experiencing it, you can simply choose to dissolve the blocks to it. This is something that is taught in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. When you honor your heart’s highest calling for Love, none of the naysayers can dissuade you from your goal. You are that powerful, and you can manifest your Twin Flame Union.

Your social circle or your family members, might not understand your journey. They may even try to convince you that there is an easier way of doing things. That it might be easier to settle down with a soulmate, rather than pursue your Twin Flame Union. However, what is truly easier: being with your eternal lover, or settling down for a relationship that isn’t completely fulfilling?

There is a reason. In your heart, you desire something pure, real, magnificent and complete. Listen to its calling. The one that says that a Love as great as the fairytale-like stories exists. Continue to choose and honor that call in your heart. Never settle for less, and you will have Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

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Sign of Twin Flame Union #3: You Choose to Honor Your Inner Voice Above Any Other Voice That Says You Can’t Do It

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There will be plenty of opportunities for your inner critic to pop up with loud opinions and even louder tantrums. That’s what ego does when it doesn’t want you to have something. Ego’s voice speaks first and the loudest, but you will certainly find Love’s peaceful voice underneath. It requires practice to learn how to listen to Love’s voice, so be patient with yourself.

Pursuing your Twin Flame Union requires a lot of discipline and commitment. It requires that you go “all in” with yourself. Your inner critic (and outer critics) might try to deter you, but these voices don’t matter. Your inner Divine voice does. Ignore the naysayers and sceptics. You can have your perfect Union with your Twin Flame! Don’t listen to any voice that says otherwise. You honor your inner voice by continually choosing Love and God and yourself at every fork in the road. This choice will become more automatic with time.

Sign of Twin Flame Union #4: You Have Let Go of Attachments

Letting go of attachments doesn’t mean releasing the desire to be in your Twin Flame Union. It means letting go of control over how your Twin Flame comes to you and who your Twin Flame is. This is what being non-attached means.

Feeling increasingly grateful, peaceful and content in the present moment are signs of being non-attached. When you accept the present fully and let go of the desire to control your Twin Flame journey, you are on the right path.

Sign of Twin Flame Union #5: You’re Committed to Healing the Spiritual Blocks as They Arise

Upsets come up in layers, and there is no way of telling when these layers are all going to be healed. The only thing you can do is simply take the next step, and heal what is coming up for you.

The deeper you go in your healing process, the more you’ll encounter certain blocks or patterns repeating themselves. This doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. It means you are healing, one step at a time.

Releasing old thoughts, beliefs or patterns is a process, so make sure you are being compassionate with yourself as you move through them.

Your journey will continuously invite you into making this choice of healing. Make sure to be open to saying “Yes” to it and your success will be guaranteed.

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Sign of Twin Flame Union #6: You’ve Accepted That There is Nobody Else for You and That You Desire No One Else

After Shaleia’s false Twin Flame experience, she decided that there was nobody else for her on the planet that she could be happy with but her true Twin Flame. After making this choice, Shaleia still went on dates and explored the attractions she felt, searching for her one True Love. But usually between 1 and 3 dates Shaleia could tell if she needed to phase this person out based on her Twin Flame Love List. She would check whether each person she dated matched her Love List. If not, she would not continue seeing them.

A Twin Flame Love List is the absolute best way to identify your true Twin Flame. It is a list with which you get clear on what your core values are in a relationship. It is not about physical appearances, hobbies or life interests, although some of these may be really important to you. A Love List is there to assist you in getting clear on who you are and what you like in a relationship.

Sign of Twin Flame Union #7: You Read The Signs Along Your Path Honestly

The journey to finding your Twin Flame can be challenging at times. However, there are signs to help guide you on this journey. These signs are not just about finding your perfect partner but about finding a deep, meaningful soul connection that goes beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

As you navigate the twists and turns along your path, it’s important to read the signs with honesty and authenticity. Trust your intuition and listen closely to your heart. Signs that your Twin Flame Union is imminent will include a deep sense of connection and peace with yourself and others. You will also experience many synchronicities that are way too coincidental to be random.

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Regardless of how your journey looks, trust that you are on the right path and that the signs are guiding you towards your deepest desires. Embrace the journey with an open heart and a willingness to learn and grow, and you’ll be amazed at what these signs reveal about your Twin Flame Union.

How Many Signs Resonated For You?

If you read through this list and resonate with all of these signs, take a minute to honor your hard work. Your Twin Flame Union is inevitable!

You feel you are not experiencing many of these signs yet? That’s okay, remember this path is all about your spiritual growth. It’s about the journey, and not so much about the destination. As we shared previously, healing always unfolds at the perfect pace for you and it happens in layers. Your miracles will happen as soon as you allow them to take place.

The journey to manifesting your Twin Flame Union is a process, and you don’t need to figure it all out by yourself. This is a path to your spiritual Ascension and as such, you deserve to receive support. Check out Jeff and Shaleia’s Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course, to discover more about how to attract and maintain your Union permanently with a strong foundation.

Written by Students of Twin Flames Universe, and adapted from the video “7 SIGNS YOU’RE READY FOR YOUR TWIN FLAME UNION” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Edited by Déborah Bassow, April 2023.