Jeff and Shaleia w/ Alice Hines
A long-time hater and former Life Purpose Class subscriber reveals his admission of conspiracy

First, thank you for taking the time to read our actual story here. We categorically and emphatically disagree with the article written by Alice Hines in Vanity Fair’s Holiday 2020 issue. Alice Hines completely misrepresented herself and her true intentions, which were to misconstrue and devalue the beauty and grace of a Spiritual Community that is beyond her self-decidedly shallow depth of comprehension. We are deeply saddened and shocked by the content of the article written by Alice Hines and the conclusions she chose to arrive at. We feel incredibly violated by our experience of working closely with her for nearly a year and vehemently disagree with her article.

Alice Hines is not an undercover investigative journalist, she is a predatory writer who went on a crusade to harass and further burden our peaceful spiritual community in order to garner attention for her career and Vanity Fair. She is not interested in uncovering the truth, but rather hovering just close enough to it so she can manipulate it to her whims and get away with it. She doesn’t respect the moral responsibility of a journalist, nor does she respect its code of ethics. She doesn’t see people as humans but rather as “subjects” to be socially experimented upon for her reputational gain. She is cold and hateful, and arrogantly viewed us as an easy target because we were already being illegally victimized by multi-billion dollar VICE media. Now this article in Vanity Fair perpetuates deeper harassment of our community as stated in this link.

Alice Hines has an education from Brown University in Comparative Literature. Instead of upholding the moral and ethical responsibilities she is beholden to as a journalist, she acted like a fiction writer who lacks the creativity to develop characters and stories of her own, so she instead engaged with us as dehumanized “subjects” who she used to develop this article. She treated us as if she was using us to create make-believe characters for a story who she didn’t actually care about or have a connection with. You cannot intimately know and tell someone’s story without actually getting to know them. Alice Hines kept a distance so she could manipulate our characters and smear us for attention. Keeping our attention on herself was why Alice Hines took nearly a year to write such a poorly crafted piece of meaningless drivel that could have been plopped out within a couple afternoons of work. Self-proclaimed “cult expert” Sarah Berman from VICE media had already done much of the work for Alice in her two defamatory articles about us. This article in Vanity Fair barely does more than slightly expand the already established completely fabricated story based upon lies deliberately concocted by Katie and her hate group to defame us.

Alice Hines originally found out about us on a cult thread, maliciously cultivated by “Katie” and her hate group, on Reddit which is an unchallenged forum where anyone can say anything they want about anyone. Whenever we would challenge allegations made about us on Reddit, they were deleted so our voice would not be heard and the cult-shaming and abusive conspiracy could continue. That’s when Alice Hines decided to prey on us.

She came to us under false pretenses and presented herself as a helpful professional who would get to the truth of the matter and present a peaceful solution to the public. We welcomed the opportunity to have a deep investigation into our characters, our lives, and our thought system which has been under vicious attack by Katie since it was revealed to be highly effective at miraculously bringing Twin Flames together into Harmonious Union.

Our spiritual community has developed our work into a functioning religion, and people are experiencing countless miracles in their lives as a result of their adherence to it. It is a vetted system of thinking that is revolutionary, produces astounding positive results, and draws its roots from the fundamentals of all religions. This is why it draws support from all different kinds of people from all different kinds of cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds. It’s universal, and it works every single time for every single person who honestly applies its principles and practices. This is because it’s based in fundamental reality, not a fictitious version of reality.

Alice Hines did not investigate us in order to find the truth. Alice Hines spent a year prying into our lives to violate us, frame us, validate her already formed judgments about us, and expand a non-newsworthy story and frame designed to further harass and bully us and exact harmful negative consequences on our life and business in order to advance her career by getting more attention for herself. Alice Hines presented herself as an independent, critical thinker, and unbiased third party who would bring justice to a situation which was clearly unjust hatred against our community. She and her editorial team used every trick in the tabloid book to manipulate the reader into believing what she thinks about us, including darkening our photos with heavy contrast shadowing to make us look sinister, but she didn’t use honesty and she didn’t follow the basic tenets of journalism.

“We had thought she maintained a professional distance because she wanted the truth and justice of our story. Alice merely wanted to run her own sick social experiment by making up her own story about us.”

The article Alice Hines wrote for Vanity Fair magazine follows our primary hater and former student who hides under the pseudonym “Katie.” The article reveals that Katie is a clearly unwell person. It quickly glosses over the fact that Katie had been filled with a sense of purpose, healing, and joy, and had upstanding friends from all over the world loving and supporting her while she was part of our community. It makes a sad attempt to pin all of Katie’s misery and unhappiness in her life on our community and its teaching. Furthermore, it attempts to pin our community as having encouraged Katie to pursue her believed Twin Flame through a restraining order, which resulted in jail time and a potential 2-4 year prison term pending her trial.

Katie’s actions are solely her own responsibility and no one but her can be blamed for her choices and actions. Furthermore, the article neglected to point out that Katie had failed to communicate essential details of the incident to us, so she would not have to face the full consequences of her actions. This pattern of violating others, then running and hiding is recurrent in Katie’s life story.

For example, Katie made it seem as if she accidentally ran into her believed Twin Flame at the club and then accidentally encountered him a second time outside it. The court documents in the article revealed that Katie was actually stalking him and purposely approached him. In our interview with Alice Hines we told her that we became aware of this stalking behavior when approximately six months after the stalking incident in San Francisco, Katie revealed to us that she was attending music festivals in Germany in hopes of running into her believed Twin Flame because she knew he would be most likely there. In fact, in one of our recorded classes of Twin Flame Ascension School, she revealed that she “heard him walk by her tent.” This made us feel very uncomfortable and it was the beginning of the unravelling of our relationship with Katie, who had finally revealed her true intentions as someone trying to use us to justify her stalking addiction.

Katie manipulated these details so she could look like a martyr rather than a criminal. A martyr is someone who lays their life down for a cause they believe to be just. Every spiritual or religious thought system lends great support for a martyr because of their selfless acts of unconditional love and service to humanity and the Divine. This is how Katie presented herself and without any evidence to prove otherwise, we had to accept Katie’s word about her character until she revealed herself as being something else.

Alice Hines failed to dig deeply into this critical and central detail of her article which she balanced everything else around. She purposely avoided digging to the core of these matters with us while she instead grilled us in a manner that suggested we deserved every abuse and attack. She spent nearly her entire time potently pressuring our character and actions, pouring over every statement we made which could be construed as dark or villainous, and peeling apart anything anyone had said or done which could frame us for being evil cult leaders. We thought she was doing this in order to help present us properly to the world because she understood that we are good, honest, hardworking people who genuinely help people. We believed Alice Hines saw how we were being bullied and victimized and wanted to help us set the record straight and reveal our exciting and revolutionary work on Twin Flames to the readers of Vanity Fair magazine.

We had thought she maintained a professional distance because she wanted the truth and justice of our story. Alice merely wanted to run her own sick social experiment by making up her own story about us. Alice is a lot more like an evil Nazi scientist performing extremely harmful experiments not yet covered by laws, because of all the grey areas allowed on all the media platforms in this new Digital and Virtual Age of the Internet. But it doesn’t make what she has done and continues to do any less heinous, harmful, or damaging to society and its vulnerable fringe members.

We are not the only people who have been victimized by Alice Hines’ articles. “Alex” reached out to us the same day her Vanity Fair article was announced when they found out we were interviewed by Alice. Alex told us their friend was interviewed by Alice for an article about “incels” in NY Magazine. Alex warned us in great fear, “Be very careful of Alice Hines. She isn’t who she says she is and will do anything for her career. She’ll think nothing of ruining your reputation. She did that to a very close friend of mine. She’s a sociopath… Her Brown classmates Mimi Dwyer and Belle Cushing are VICE producers. She never tells you who she’s working for.”

The Vanity Fair article makes “Katie” into a victim, but Katie is an entrenched criminal acting as an evil cult leader of a hate group who has been attacking us since we found out her true nature and motivation. Even when we did discover Katie as being disingenuous after she was passed up for the position of CEO of Twin Flames Universe, our community still loved and supported her. When Katie went to jail, one of our members drove a six hour round trip to rescue the dog she was pet-sitting which would have starved without our help, and to gather Katie’s possessions for her. Katie’s ungrateful mother reached out to us to blame us and abuse us for Katie’s arrest, then expected us to take care of Katie for her while she and her husband flew out to Hawaii for their vacation. Our community loved and supported Katie anyway and now Alice Hines and Katie are taking advantage of that compassion and support to try to abuse us and extract everything they can from us in any way they can.

Wikipedia states: “Religious persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or a group of individuals as a response to their religious beliefs or affiliations or their lack thereof. The tendency of societies or groups within societies to alienate or repress different subcultures is a recurrent theme in human history… in many countries, religious persecution has resulted in so much violence that it is considered a human rights problem.”

This Vanity Fair article about Twin Flames Universe is also a clear-cut case of religious persecution perpetrated by baseless hatred and an extreme intolerance for the religious and spiritual beliefs of others. This is tolerated by the mainstream media because it does not usually cover matters of a spiritual or religious nature and is generally an entirely secular aspect of society which we find is resulting in it taking up a strong religious belief system of its own: atheism.

Twin Flames Universe, its community and founders are being bullied and marginalized, and our religious and spiritual thought systems are being attacked and covered up by mainstream media in order to further a cold and meaningless profits-first, people-and-truth-last agenda. The mainstream media appears to be threatened by the beautiful lives of the people who adopt our teachings, and seem to be focused more on the divisive opinions of others rather than evidence-based facts which point to actual reality. Instead of reporting the facts, mainstream media outlets VICE and Vanity Fair decided to publish polarizing, defamatory, hate pieces aimed at stirring up drama for clicks at the expense of dealing huge emotional, psychological, and reputational damage to Twin Flames Universe and its community.

This type of reporting is harmful to the public and to those who are being “reported” on because not only is the damage inflicted disturbingly real, it’s unethical and highly immoral. They are not reporting on reality, they are manipulating reality to fit their own agenda regardless of whether it’s appropriate. Twin Flames Universe is an undeserving recipient of this unjust, baseless, and blind hatred brought by Alice Hines, Vanity Fair, VICE media, and Sarah Berman (reporter for VICE media and author of two baseless defamatory hit pieces written about Twin Flames Universe).

There is industry-wide collusion happening where a hateful bigot like “Katie” and her followers can walk up to journalists and feed them false stories designed to sell or get views, and have them published widely in a way that represents them as equal to whom they are defaming, and as reality in a cultural environment where “cult” is a hot button.

Hate groups like Katie’s can use morally corrupt journalists like Alice Hines, who lacks empathy and derives pleasure from using her position of power to conduct highly destructive social experiments with her writing, and her highly-questionable predatory interview style, to abuse their expressed enemies and further their divisive, corrupt, and malicious agendas.

Alice’s goal is to enslave those she writes about. This article was supposed to be our story, when in fact, it is a twisted and deluded hit piece designed to weave us into a web of endless lies, conspiracy, and hatred and paint us as evil and destructive cult leaders so the media could swoop down and leech from us whenever it wants to write another cult piece. Is this what has become of journalism and our mass media corporations who hide behind the protections of the constitution? Is this what Vanity Fair and Condé Nast actually stand for? Is this what the good people of the United States of America are supporting? Is this the actual intent of our Founding Fathers when they wrote the constitution and afforded sweeping protections for freedom of speech and the press?

We have repeatedly been harassed and received threats of violence and been subject to an endless tirade of violent rhetoric on our social media, Reddit, our book reviews, and other places on the Internet. “Katie” and her hate group even went so far as to give out our home address on Reddit and rallied trolls to file police reports against us as cult leaders kidnapping people, which ultimately resulted in detectives coming to our door and investigating us a mere 15 minutes after Shaleia returned home from surgery to recover. The detectives quickly discovered they were duped by online haters who were using them to abuse and harass us and left without further incident. So when Alice Hines mentioned in her article about us that “I recalled with momentary comfort that I was sharing my real-time location with my editor via WhatsApp.” It was deeply insensitive, incredibly disrespectful and rude, and violated our right of protection because we had asked her not to disclose our address for exactly the above reasons which we had made her aware of. And why would you disclose that thought to the world anyway? And why were so many very personal irrelevant details shared about us in her disturbing Vanity Fair article?

Our words and communications have been taken wildly out of context from our private group and private communications in order to frame us as evil, dehumanize us, and marginalize us so the hatred being directed at us can be justified by a criminal and her hate group, and the finger could be pointed at us rather than the real criminals. We are peace-loving spiritual people who desire nothing more than harmony and joy and to be left in peace to practice our religion centered around God and the Harmonious Union of Twin Flame lovers. We have been pulled against our will into a circus of hate and division. Not because we are deserving of such abuse, but because we are peaceful, kind, and generous. Haters and the media believe us to be easy targets for their sick aggression and insatiable need for control and attention. Is this the kind of society and social environment which we should be allowing the media and its unscrupulous, unchecked journalists and its enraged bigot sources to create?

Our business and religion is entirely online, and these environments no longer appropriately reflect the nature of the work we have done to build trust and help people heal, nor the excellent reputation we have developed in this field of work. Instead they reflect the bigotry, division and religious persecution of malicious media machines and haters whose sole agenda is to see us exterminated because they got caught out in our community for being duplicitous, having ill-intentions, and being unwilling to change their behavior when approached.

The sad part is that Alice Hines knew all of this, and because of her own bigotry she used this Internet hate mob as an opportunity to disguise herself as an honest person, dig as deeply into our lives and community as she could in order to exact as much damage as possible for her sick experiment. She acts like a champion and protector of vulnerable cult victims, when she is actually preying upon the real victims of harassment and crimes because we practice our own religion and stand up to bullying, discrimination, and criminal behaviors.

There is severe danger to real cult victims being prevented from receiving the support and attention they need for help and change when bullies and criminals like Katie disguise themselves as cult victims (who have the audacity to e-beg for $200,000 USD on GoFundMe after the first VICE article) and take the resources for themselves to exact abuse on an innocent spiritual community and religion.

“What Alice did not, and refused to understand about us, is that we are unselfish people who lay our lives down in service and love for God and all of humanity every day.”

When will our true story be told by someone other than us? When will the truth about us be heard? When will honesty, truth, and actual journalism prevail in our society instead of hateful extremists having a voice in the media to spread their agenda of bullying, bigotry, deceit, lies, and hatred? When will we be given an honest opportunity to speak to an actually unbiased party about our thought system and its miraculous benefits which are literally healing people and dramatically changing their lives for the better? When will our thought system be openly challenged to honest scientific inquiry?

  • We are miraculously bringing together Twin Flame Unions! No other system of thought ever created has been effective in bringing perfect partners together and giving them the tools to cultivate healthy marriages.
  • We are healing psychological traumas! No trillion dollar Western medical system has been able to do anything better than merely treat the lifelong symptoms of traumas, but we actually completely resolve them in the vast majority of cases. The scientific, medical, and military health communities have largely shut us down without doing more than glancing at our work because one quick Google search about our revolutionary healing technique which systematically produces extraordinary results yields countless trash results about divisive drama, abuse, and cult accusations.
  • We are changing the world for the better. Not just with empty words and spiritual practices which make you feel good but which leave you empty later, but with real, measurable results arising from using the scientific method. We are changing the status quo by providing next generation results using next level solutions. These solutions are in the mind and are where spirituality and science meet harmoniously. We arrived here by thinking logically, experimenting using the scientific method, and adjusting our methods based on the results we experienced, just like how Silicon Valley’s best do. We think outside the box and leave no assumptions unchecked. The status quo is threatened by us, but should be inviting us to the table to actually properly test us, rather than defame and smear us without reason except clinging to their control and complacency with the untenable state of how things currently are.

Alice Hines left many, many assumptions intentionally unchecked, even though she knew what she would find when she actually checked them. She is a shallow-thinking, unfeeling, and hateful leech on society and people like her should be checked, especially people in the high position of journalist. People like Alice are the very reason mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness systems like mine should be thoroughly explored, tested, and ultimately brought into widespread public use. So societal deviants like Alice Hines, “Katie”, and Sarah Berman can be corrected and reintegrated into society in a healthy way, rather than left to run amok, unchecked, and hijack systems of power like our mass media by taking advantage of its unfortunate systemic shortcomings.

In a society which supposedly prides itself on scientific thought, when does logic actually take precedence over mobbing the intrepid explorers who dare think, say, or do something different than the status quo? When will honest people stand up to the voice of hatred and decide they desire something better for themselves than this?

Hater group hacked TFU Twitter Account

Under false pretenses, Alice Hines put us on the grindstone for a year. But when “Katie” planted extremely damaging false evidence against us by creating a fake Facebook account and impersonating Jeff, Alice just moved on when she presented us with the fake message asking if we said it. When repeated dishonesty and the bullying agenda of Katie and her hate group were pointed out and evidence provided again and again, Alice moved instead to try to find evidence of our duplicity! She was frustrated because she could find none and instead decided to distort our image and character in her article to satisfy her desire to paint us as duplicitous and put us on equal grounds with a hateful criminal and bigot and her hate group who have been in collusion with her the entire time.

The only thing Alice Hines seemed to legitimately pin us for was when we would say apparently contradictory things, when in reality we have been rock-solid in our integrity without even the slightest deviation for years. In our career, whenever we made anything which could be even remotely construed as a mistake, we always immediately made amends and we repeatedly demonstrated this to Alice Hines. She made us out to look like arrogant and infallible leaders whose word is God’s Law, when in fact we regularly and repeatedly humbly submit ourselves and our thought system to the logical inquiry and scrutiny of our students. We do not control an army of brainwashed sheeple, but courageously lead a group of independent thinkers who we have painstakingly nurtured to think for themselves and repeatedly test us and our thought system for themselves using the scientific method.

What Alice did not, and refused to understand about us, is that we are unselfish people who lay our lives down in service and love for God and all of humanity every day. That our lives are an act of humble service for all and our work and community are a manifestation of that love and compassion for the very hurt you see being perpetrated upon us right now through this grotesque and pathetic series of deluded soap opera garbage tabloid articles.

We see a great need for our work and its compassionate thought system which extends love to one another, rather than an endless war of hatred and division between one another that Alice and her media would perpetuate ad infinitum. We seek peace and harmony, not war, bigotry, discrimination, and persecution. We will continue to work every day to bring this beautiful work into the light, despite the insane conspiracy growing all around us to attempt to bury this perfect gift for all of humanity.

We do not do one thing and say another, and we never contradict ourselves even if the words seem contradictory. We use words to help point each person to a feeling within themselves which will help them have a relationship with God, their loving Creator, and create a beautiful life for themselves.

Katie stated in the article that she “associates love with pain.” If love is mistakenly associated with pain, it then becomes clear that there is a misapprehension of what love is or should be, and so, real love cannot be seen, accepted or even experienced. Which resulted in Katie leading a growing hate campaign against Twin Flames Universe, because the amount of love Twin Flames Universe has actually given Katie and others, would never have been understood, or appreciated, but instead vehemently opposed and seen as something to be destroyed. Katie hates us because we have loved her, and since the love we had given her always remains in her consciousness, she is torn between the truth of reality, and the hateful association she chooses to cling to, rather than resolve. No matter how hard she tries to make us hate her instead of love her, we will never deviate from who we are. We absolutely and unequivocally refuse to hate anyone, even people as sick and malicious as Katie and her hate group, Alice Hines, and Sarah Berman.

Is the appropriate solution here the one that Katie and her hate group present? That Twin Flames Universe cease all operations, eliminate its loving thought system which produces miraculous results in all areas of life, and support Katie and the haters in their criminal and hateful behaviors? All because “Katie,” (who is afraid to use her real name for fear of being publicly outed as the shadowy puppet master of a hate movement, which draws stupendous support from mass media because its cult shaming rhetoric, abusive bigotry, and ferocious assault campaign get clicks and attention) associates pain with love, and encountered an extremely loving, kind, generous, and compassionate movement designed to do only one thing: liberate her and others from their suffering so they may experience peace, harmony, joy, love, and prosperity.

Katie has repeatedly put her own fearful and hateful thought system up against ours and it repeatedly fails to produce anything but misery for herself and those who adopt it. Her thought system results in bigotry, baseless hatred, and mindless persecution of a loving community and religion whose sole goal is to create peace, joy, love, and prosperity in the lives of people in the world. Alice Hines believed that Katie should be the highlight of this article in Vanity Fair and her twisted projection of us should be the main order of the show.

Alice Hines wants you to believe that she fears us because we are evil controlling cult leaders, when in fact we showed her nothing but extraordinary kindness, courtesy, hospitality, generosity, friendliness, deep care and compassion, and herculean support for this very article which she used to attack and abuse us. She never made any indication in any way that she felt anything but loved, supported, appreciated, and protected by us. It is because of her own duplicity that she was afraid and found comfort in a tracking app. Alice Hines was afraid of being caught out for being a venomous snake by two people who See rightly.

We beseech you, the reader, instead of allowing the harassment to continue, please support us and our collective right to religious freedom by speaking up against hatred and bullies like “Katie” and her insane hate group. Stand up to mass media and its dark underbelly and corrupt VICE correspondents like Alice Hines and Sarah Berman who perpetuate a culture of endless hate, polarization, and division. If they were any kind of professional with the sort of power and authority they have in society to influence someone’s life and how they are treated by the public, they should have their “license” taken away and should be put on trial to make amends and pay their debt to society for the crimes and injustices they perpetrated on the victims of their stories. They rob society of our collective right to honest reporting so we all can know the truth of what is happening in the world, rather than be pulled into more divisive content which gives you nothing and wastes your time, energy, and attention only so their media company overlords are appeased and can make more money and rob society further.

Only I have a right to my energy and attention. No one else has the authority to control and manipulate my attention through duplicity. The angry child who throws tantrums and misbehaves to get attention at any expense is not doing themselves a favor, and eventually is ignored to play out their tantrum alone. The way to get our attention is not by attacking us, it’s by loving us, respecting us, and honoring the gifts we bring. This is basic human relationships 101 and something you are supposed to learn as a young child. When you treat us right, you will find we are extremely generous, just as we have been generous with society in serving these deeply disturbed adult children with discipline by pointing to their bad behaviors, their underlying motivations, and their overall patterns.

Only I have the right to share my story; only I have the right to say what it is. Only I have the right to say what legacy I am creating for myself based on the actual results of my work. No one else has the right or authority to twist and manipulate my story or tell lies about me and who I am, and then have it published in mass media for all the world to see to exact false judgements and perceptions upon me.

No one else has the authority to define or say who I am. Only I have that authority and that right, and no one else, ever.


Jeff and Shaleia, co-founders of Twin Flames Universe

Due to online harassment of members from the Twin Flames Universe and Church of Union community their identities are kept hidden for protection purposes.