You are Divine. You did not become Divine once you began your spiritual journey. You did not become Divine at a certain age. You were Divine before you were incarnated, you are Divine now, and you will be Divine after you leave this body. You were Divine in the womb and you were Divine as a baby and child.

You were created Divine. You are an eternal being. You did not begin when you were conceived and you do not end when you die.

Your Creator is a living being, the original Source of everything. You are in constant communication with your Creator and your Creator is in constant communication with you. Your natural state of being is Union with your Creator. Through Union with your Creator, you are One with All Things. You are in Union with All Things.

At seven months pregnant, I learned Grace could hear me speaking and recognize voices. I learned reading to your unborn child is a great way to connect with them in the womb. Shaleia suggested some of the many children’s books we had purchased along the way. We considered it, but eventually settled on one of the best books we know: A Course In Miracles.

Obviously, she won’t be understanding many words or concepts from “The Good Book,” as we call it to her, but she will receive the vibrations. She will pick up on the sound of our voices as we read it. She will pick up on our emotional state.

We talk to Grace in the womb. We have a relationship with her. We had a relationship with her soul for many years before she began her process of incarnation. We let that relationship guide our lives. We got clear on the kind of life we wanted to offer our child before we brought her into the world, and together Shaleia and I set about bringing that life into fruition long before it was time.

We knew the life we desired was ambitious, likely not realistic from where we stood when we made the decision. But we made the decision long ago and we set to work every day without stopping. That’s what it took for us, but that’s how we like to be. We like to stretch and grow and push the envelope. We like to find the limits of what is possible.

The relationship we have with Grace is simple. I tickle her feet a little in the womb and she pulls them away or kicks some, to encourage me to do it again. To express her joy and love for her dad. I sing her fun songs loudly as I march about the house when I’m feeling particularly saucy. I comfort her when she is feeling upset. I communicate my feelings about my relationship with her. I support Shaleia in her communications with Grace when appropriate.

Every night we read her “The Good Book.” She got to waking up from napping an hour beforehand and kicking mom to remind her that we need to read “The Good Book.” Shaleia notifies me of this. “She wants you to read to her.” She says, smiling.

“Yep, at bedtime!” I say. Every night.

I place my hand on Shaleia’s ever-growing womb. Grace kicks my hands, almost every night. I read a section of A Course In Miracles to my family and we all get what we each get from it.

Grace says she’s a baby and she likes when daddy reads to her. She doesn’t use words to communicate this, she communicates it with her being. Someone else interpreting what she communicates might use different words to describe what is being expressed. But if you can calm your mind, and by calm I mean that you let go of fear, then you too can begin to hear the One Language of All of Creation.

Written by Jeff Divine

Photography by Allen-Kent Photography

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