As December and all that has been the year of 2020 comes to a close, the Great Conjunction and Solstice on December 21st, shortly after the Solar Eclipse, helps usher in a new era on your Twin Flame Ascension Path.

The Great Conjunction consists of the planets Saturn and Jupiter meeting at 0 degrees Aquarius (meaning the very beginning of that sign in the tropical zodiac).  This event is a highlight to both astrologers and astronomers because this is the first time these two planets have been this close together in about 400 years.  The last time was the year 1623, which coincides with the first time Shakespeare’s work was published.  However, you have to go back even further in time to note when the last time was these planets joined and were visible to nightwatchers in the sky.  This was about 800 years ago, the year of 1226, worth noting was the death of Genghis Khan shortly after.

Since Jupiter and Saturn are often known as the Social Planets, having to do with them being the farthest planets from Earth which are visible, how they play into the fabric of society and your own personal journey is a key factor to consider at this time.  This alignment can be seen as neutralizing, because Saturn is down bearing and structural in energy, and Jupiter is known for its expansive energies.  Even looking at the planets’ compositions helps to put this into perspective.  The rings around Saturn are made of rock and ice, and also due to Saturn’s gravitational pull. While Jupiter has some similarities in composition, just looking at all of the beautiful patterns occurring on the gaseous giant of Jupiter gives you the sense of the inherent wealth and spiritual nature that is conveyed through this planet.

These two planets joining forces is a significant reminder of the light available to you in choosing to unite with your Twin Flame. This conjunction is shining brightly in the sky, and there has been some speculation over the centuries that the Star of Bethlehem could have been a conjunction, although there is no proof. The beaming quality of this event points you to the Christ Consciousness within you.  Here, within your heart of hearts, your true character is seen in all it’s peaceful, yet brilliant, glory by the divine.

This is also a reminder not to see your Twin Flame as an opposing force, or separate from you, but instead see the synergy that is created when you choose Oneness at your core. The social themes surrounding these planets, as well as the zodiac sign of Aquarius, indicate that you can raise your vibration to help you attract deeper levels of harmony with your true Twin Flame by putting the focus of your passion on clarifying and further planning out goals in your Life Purpose journey at this time.

This is also the day of the Solstice (Winter or Summer depending on your location) and it emphasizes the influence of the sun. The sun has to do with expressing your essence, and it’s the perfect time to be self-reflective, both planning as mentioned above, while also making the choice to release patterns that do not reflect the truth of your identity. It’s important to let go of self-limiting patterns and false identities because these can distort how you are perceived by your Twin Flame. As you relax into the true essence of who you are, it becomes much easier to magnetize and be with your one true love.

This energetic shift from the element of Earth to Air can also help you in practicing radical non-attachment, meanwhile not losing, but instead, going more intimately into your heart’s true desires. It is from this place of surrender that it becomes more simple and effortless to attract romance and abundance into your reality, especially when you have a malleable vision for you and your Twin Flame in place for how you wish to be supported in contributing to the greater good. A roadmap for your unique soul design’s plan can be discovered by following Jeff and Shaleia’s Dreams Coming True e-Course.  Realizing how you are designed to function in this world at your maximum capabilities and making choices to move toward your goals is bound to help you create the life of your dreams; your Twin Flame can’t help but naturally fall in love with your authentic, motivated, and confident self, as you expand in your passionate purpose on this planet.

As you reflect during this Solstice and the Great Conjunction, Shakespeare’s timeless words are inspiring to the heart and emphasize the true power of love:

“Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

(Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2)


About the Author:

Aldyn Richmond is a Certified Ascension Coach who incorporates astrology and art into her practice, if you are interested in working with Aldyn, you can learn more here. If you would also like to join Twin Flames Universe’s thriving online community and connect with like-minded people on their Twin Flame Ascension Journey, you’re invited to join Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum here.