“Spiritual work should be free. If you go to church, it’s free. Spiritual work comes from God, so you shouldn’t have to pay for it. I have bills to pay, food to buy, plus I kind of really need to buy that massage because I don’t feel so good right now.”

Thinking like this stems from entitlement and a lack of respect for the time, energy, resources, and expertise of the spiritual practitioner. Did you know that becoming a Certified Ascension Coach means investing nearly $10,000 in training support and materials and a significant investment in time and energy to have the tools and expertise to be able to support you?

A Master Certified Ascension Coach requires over 750 hours of training and experience before they can claim the coveted title, and many have well over 1,000 hours before they get Master Certified.

This level of training and expertise (while deeply satisfying and enjoyable for the Coach) requires a huge investment of their time, resources, and energy. This time could be spent working a minimum wage job in the United States, earning nearly $10,000. That’s a $20,000 opportunity cost! Not to mention all the unclocked time they spent processing their feelings, dialoguing with colleagues, and going through coaching themselves to be ready to support you.

Spiritual support requires not just expertise, but inner resources to support you through your upsets and help you to heal your consciousness. Certified Ascension Coaches first have to go through extensive training, which usually only begins after a significant investment of years or decades, lifetimes of spiritual study and seeking. They need to fill themselves up within, and these inner resources are far, far more valuable than the money they earn from Ascension Coaching.

Inner resources require self-care, and these enormous inner resources required to support you through just one session could be invested into other things. To be a Certified Ascension Coach means you have mastered filling yourself up inside so much, that you can now overflow into others. These inner resources could be used on other things like hobbies, relationships, and even their own spiritual journey. You are not entitled to their inner resources.

A Certified Ascension Coach can only become certified and support clients successfully if this work is their Life Purpose. This means they are serving their highest function, not for the money, but for the pure joy, compassion, and pleasure of service to God. They see you, their client, because they love you and desire to see you grow in love and joy in your life and overcome your spiritual challenges.

Their satisfaction in your success is their true payment. This is the true meaning behind the thought that spiritual support should be free. You can’t do it for the money because spiritual satisfaction and fulfillment must be the reason you do it. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to pay them. They invest huge resources to be able to help you.

It took huge resources to be able to create Twin Flame Ascension School, Life Purpose Class, and the other products of Twin Flames Universe. Not paying for them does not respect the one who brought the teaching and the enormous spiritual cost to bring them to you. Not only to record them and share them with the live students, not only to develop the community support system, but also to walk through hell and the unknown to bring back the treasure of this work at all.

“I don’t have enough money to pay for support, that’s why I need support in the first place!”

This is backwards thinking. We each have a limitless supply of energy within ourselves. The problem of not enough money to do what we desire is usually a problem of where we are placing our attention. If you lack the funds to give yourself the support you desire, then you can simply make new choices about where you are placing your attention. Usually this is a very easy fix and one session with an Ascension Coach, even if you have to put it on your credit card or borrow a little money from someone, can point you in the right direction. Certified Ascension Coaches are well trained in supporting their clients through this exact challenge and have witnessed and supported many, many financial miracles surrounding this work. Book your session with your Ascension Coach today.

Maybe it means a part time job, taking on extra hours, making coffee at home instead of the luxury designer coffee. Sometimes it means letting go of a luxury activity that fills you up inside, but you can’t actually afford. Having a balanced life is essential and balancing your finances sets you up to be able to pay for the spiritual support you really desire. Is that $40 bottle of wine really going to make you feel better? Maybe for an evening, but then the next day you’re right back to where you were before. But spiritual support can truly make you feel better and working your Ascension process will absolutely change your life for the better forever.

Think about it, what is your biggest problem or challenge you’re experiencing right now? What if I told you that I knew of a way that could make it go away? What would it be worth to you? Your answer depends upon how much you value yourself. The only correct answer is any price. Because if you have a problem in your life, you should be willing to do whatever it takes to resolve it. That’s why Ascension Coaching and our spiritual tools and support are priceless. Because even though there is a small fee to pay in order to get them, the value they provide is invaluable. You cannot pay enough to honor the value they give you.

What would it cost you to not solve the problem? How much does it take from you? How much would you pay someone to take away that pain for you for just one day? How much would you pay in order to not experience that pain for only one day? What would that be worth to you? How would you spend that day? What would you be doing?

We spend so much money on temporary solutions like vacations, drugs and alcohol, going out to restaurants or bars, entertainment, clothes, cosmetics, etc. expecting them to fill us up inside. And they do, temporarily. But what if you could do something that would fill you up permanently. What would that be worth to you? And if you understand that you’re an eternal being, you know this would remain with you lifetime after lifetime; so you could continue to invest in your everlasting soul and eternally improve your vibration. That is a model for limitless spiritual wealth! That is worth investing in. That is worth giving up a few things temporarily to have something forever.

But, maybe you think you can do all of this by yourself. Perhaps you are like those who would navigate their own complex legal matters, rather than pay a lawyer. Perhaps you prefer to put your health and life in your own hands and diagnose and treat your own medical conditions, rather than seek the professional support and expertise of a medical doctor. Maybe you’re someone who would rather save a few dollars and navigate the intricacies and nuance of a real estate transaction when you buy or sell your home.

People like this believe that they actually save money by doing it themselves, rather than hiring a professional. This is actually poverty thinking and keeps you poor. Yes, you see the money if you do it successfully, but how much more money could the professional have saved you? It is far less expensive overall to hire a competent professional than to do it yourself. If your legal matters, your real estate transactions, and your medical issues are important to you, you’ll hire the professional and get yourself the absolute best result possible for the lowest cost possible by paying their fee.

What about your spiritual life? Is there even a certified, competent professional who can help you with navigating the complex and new path of Twin Flame Ascension? Of course there is, and you’ve come to the right place. Why would it make sense to navigate an extremely treacherous path alone when you could equip yourself with a professional who has access to the best tools, resources, and support? You could fly through those blocks, conquer your career, discover and deepen your Life Purpose, and have your perfect relationship with your true Twin Flame in Harmonious Union, if only you would make the decision to give yourself the support you need in order to achieve it in this lifetime.

The time is going to pass anyway, you might as well make something of it. Your life is yours to create as you see fit. Equipping yourself with a Certified Ascension Coach is like taking the red pill and deciding to unplug yourself from the matrix. It’s going to change your life for the better forever, all you need to do is make the commitment. Don’t be afraid, your Coach is ready to love and support you all the way Home!

Supporting an Ascension Coach requires a little money so they can help support you on your Twin Flame Ascension Journey. But the enormous expense of not equipping yourself with this support is crippling the life of your dreams. There’s no reason to hesitate, act now and equip yourself with the support you need to live the life of your dreams.


Heaven on Earth is waiting, here are the keys.