When it comes to spiritual connections, Twin Flames are a hot topic! But what is it about Twin Flames that has everyone so curious? Are they a hot romance or a forever friend? Some made-up, imaginary fairytale or a real, tangible experience? What’s really the purpose of Twin Flames? For all the answers to your questions and more, read on to find out!

To start out on the Twin Flame journey is to embark on a quest for deep Love, meaning and understanding.

Whether you’ve met your Twin Flame yet or not, you can feel there’s a deeper magnetic pull towards the spiritual and the mystical.

As industry professionals, we understand the struggles most people go through on this journey. Because the Twin Flame connection goes far beneath the surface to the depths, it’s important to have the right information, so that you feel empowered in your Twin Flame relationship instead of disempowered.

What really are Twin Flames? Are they meant to be together? Is there a deeper soul purpose Twin Flames share? If so, what exactly is that purpose? We invite you to open your mind and heart to the possibilities that lie ahead, as we dive deep into this topic!

The Twin Flame Purpose: Why Are Twin Flames Created?

To better understand the purpose of the Twin Flame connection, we must take a look at why Twin Flames were created in the first place.

When souls are created by the Divine, they are always created with a Divine partner. Just as you have physical DNA traits, you also have soul traits. You and your Twin Flame were created based on the same soul blueprint. Twin Flames are not carbon copies of each other, but perfectly complementary. One Twin Flame expresses as the Divine Masculine energy, while the other expresses the Divine Feminine energy. This is what makes their connection so romantic and juicy!

Your soul longs for a deep, spiritual Love. This Love is your Twin Flame. They are the reason you feel a deep longing within for a life partner; someone who is meant to be by your side for all of eternity.

What is the Difference Between Soulmates and Twin Flames? (VERY Different! 2 Distinct Purposes!)

Twin Flames and soulmates are very, very different things. A soulmate can be anyone you connect with on a deep level. They can be friends, teachers, parents or family members. You may even have a soul pet!

Alternatively, your Twin Flame is your perfect, complementary partner for all of eternity. They are the only person you’re designed to experience deep romance and everlasting Love with. You will only ever have one Twin Flame lover, with whom you’re meant to experience blissful, perfect Love with.

Your Twin Flame is the reason why, deep down inside, you can feel a soulmate is ultimately not right for you. When evaluating potential partners for romance, you may find a soulmate to temporarily satisfy some or even most of your needs. But at the core, they are simply not designed to be by your side forever like your Twin Flame.

When you recognize that every single soul has their own Twin Flame, you will naturally come to the most loving conclusion that it is best to let all soulmate partners go. This way they too can make a choice to be with their Twin Flame when they’re ready.

Don’t be afraid to set firm boundaries in your romantic, spiritual life, especially when calling in your Twin Flame Union. Doing so demonstrates your desire to the Universe that you wish to only be with your one True Love, your true Twin Flame.

Do Twin Flames Always Love Unconditionally?

Although Twin Flames are created as One and designed to be together, they may very well experience challenges along the way.

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The Truth is, Twin Flames are One at the core. Because of this, your Twin Flame is always reflecting your own choices back to you.

If you choose to live from a place of unconditional love, your Twin Flame will reflect this back to you. If you choose to reject unconditional love or create blocks to giving or receiving unconditional love, your Twin Flame will also reflect this choice back to you.

With unconditional Love at the core of your being, any experiences you have that are outside of unconditional Love are simply resistance to your true nature. Therefore, the Twin Flame journey is not about pursuing unconditional love, but rather surrendering to it.

Once all the blocks to your Union have been cleared, you and your Twin Flame will naturally vibrate in harmony with each other.

Do Twin Flames Need to Be Together?

This is another myth I love cracking! The Truth is – Twin Flames are already together. Any outer appearance of separation is simply an illusion.

As I spoke about in the previous section, the more you surrender to your natural state of being, the more you naturally find yourselves together.

Everyone has free will, and you can always make whatever choice you want to. From my personal experience, you and your Twin Flame will always tend to naturally find yourselves together because you choose as One. So it’s best to address the problems and upsets because they are going to come up anyway. Being together in your physical reality is still absolutely a choice, and a choice you must personally make for your Union based on your own free will.

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What is the Soul Mission of Twin Flames?

Deep in your heart, you can feel you have a dream, or a larger sense of purpose. You know you have a sense of purpose, because you are on planet Earth. You did not arrive here unknowingly, but through a series of choices that brought you here, and through a series of choices that continue to keep you here.

Everyone has a distinct purpose, or soul mission, they are meant to complete while on Earth. As you go about your daily life, you may notice you are drawn to certain things, ideas, and people. Nearly everything in your life can be tied back to your deeper sense of purpose. 

Because you and your Twin Flame were created as One by the Divine, you share the same or similar soul missions. You may have many soul missions that you’re meant to fulfill.

What is the Purpose of Twin Flames?

Finally, it’s time to address our most sought after question! What is the REAL purpose of the Twin Flame connection?

The purpose of your Twin Flame Union is not deep romance, although that is a natural component of it. The purpose of your Twin Flame Union is not perfect partnership, although, again, that is a natural component of it. The purpose of your Twin Flame Union is Ascension.

This is the reason why it can sometimes feel unbearable to be around your Twin Flame, and why this person has the ability to trigger upsets in you more deeply than anyone else.

You share the same One consciousness, so your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. At any given moment, they are reflecting back to you your choices.

The more aligned you are with the Divine and Love, the more you and your Twin Flame naturally co-exist in perfect harmony with each other.

If you and your Twin Flame are still in physical “separation,” not to worry! Separation consciousness can be cleared easily when you choose to commit to healing your inner blocks. Learning to heal with the Mirror Exercise is the perfect way to begin.

Final Thoughts

Twin Flames are an experience of Divine Love. Whether you have met your Twin Flame yet or not, you know deep in your soul you have a perfect partner, with whom you are meant to share your life.

Every upset either your Twin Flame or the journey itself triggers in you is a gift, but you must choose to receive the gift and do the necessary inner work in order to experience its full rewards.

With patience, compassion, and commitment, you and your Twin Flame can experience an endlessly blissful and real Love, to enjoy for the rest of your beautiful eternal life together.

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Written by Briana Manalo

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