When the Toronto Ascension Workshop was first announced on May 4, 2019, I was perfectly trained by fear, ego, and illusion to immediately react, thinking “It’s impossible for me to be there.” Easy, no need to stress myself with THAT again, eh? Just thinking about the amount of money we would need to be there, and all of the other obstacles like a passport and visa, I started fantasizing about the next workshop and how I would be much more prepared for that one, rather than this one. That felt easy, comfortable and yet very, very yucky.

As we were attending Discussion Groups, we witnessed people buying tickets and preparing for the event. I was still comfortable in my yuckiness, but Laurentiu expressed a desire to be there, which made me very, very anxious. Again, how were we supposed to gain THAT much money? “No way,” ego kept whispering.

At some point my coach Carina asked me if I was coming to the event. In my comfortable numbness, I invented some excuses and politely pointed towards the next workshop—maybe THEN we would have enough money to be there. After giving her my response, Carina asked, “Oh, so you don’t want to see me in the flesh?” My heart stung. It was the first time I actually felt pain from such a simple question. The truth was that I did; I did desire to meet her “in the flesh.” 

I started to feel my desires then: my desire to be there with all my friends, my desire to meet my spiritual teachers, my desire to just explore and have fun in a foreign land. As I started to feel those desires, incredible sadness washed over me as I realized the apparent distance between me and my dreams. It was time for inner work and the Mirror Exercise. In that moment, I claimed my spot to be in Toronto physically, and to meet every one of my friends. I claimed to be part of this workshop. I claimed both my good and support from God. I claimed everything. I said yes to each desire that came into my heart and surrendered them all to God. If God wanted me to be in Toronto, God would make it happen!

Laurentiu and I continued healing everything that came up around the subject. On May 21, we attained Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU), and we believe the healing that brought us to Toronto was also a big part of this achievement. After attaining HTFU, Jeff asked us if we were going to be in Toronto. We expressed our desire to be there and he guided us to go deeper into our Life Purpose and become Ascension Coaches. We listened to his guidance. We realized that this would be the only source of income that would make this trip possible.

As finances for the trip still seemed to stall, we continued diligently with our inner work. We peeled layers and layers of upsets, and we claimed more and more support from God. Everything that came up, we healed. 

My paycheck in the month of May arrived and Laurentiu claimed his passport. I was fairly unsure about it, as the cost of the passport was a good portion of our money, but I surrendered and chose to trust in God. Still, as we have experienced some fairly uncomfortable contrast in the past related to money, I wanted to be EXTRA sure this was the right next step. I went into my heart and talked with God. “God, please give me a SUPER OBVIOUS sign that Laurentiu and I are supposed to be in Toronto! I choose for it to be fun and easy to get there. Please, if You give me a sign, I will go above and beyond and I will trust You. I choose to trust You now and I choose complete faith and surrender.”

We continued to do our inner work, specifically around finances. We needed a miracle, and we claimed it!

Laurentiu made his passport with great ease; the process was easy and fun, as we had chosen it to be. Still, the money for the actual event was nowhere to be seen. We peeled layers and layers of blocks and illusions, and released a lot of anxiety as we saw the ticket sales being a great success. Event tickets were selling FAST.

That weekend, we heard Sama was offering some support to those wishing to go to the event. We claimed our support and contacted Sama. She kindly agreed to help us, and scheduled a meeting that Sunday. Just a few minutes after contacting her, Laurentiu remembered a potential source of income we had completely forgotten about. He rushed to the bank to see if the money was truly there and indeed, it was. In an instant, we had the money for the event tickets AND my passport. This was the miracle we had asked for. On May 29, we purchased the 79th and 80th tickets. The next day, there was an announcement that the tickets had sold out.

We still had the meeting with Sama, claiming more support and help. After the meeting with her, we estimated that we needed approximately $3,300 for the trip. We needed to make this money in one month. But before worrying about this, I had to keep my promise to God. That Monday, I made my passport, one week after Laurentiu made his.

The next big challenge was acquiring the plane tickets. I was terrified each time I looked for them, as the prices fluctuated a lot and increased with each passing day. At the very best, the tickets were around $1,900, with multiple stops on the way and a travel time of 12 hours. I was devastated. Again, I felt it was impossible for us to truly be there, but I kept doing my inner work. God showed me the miracle, and now it was my turn to heal everything that stopped me from having miracles happening all day, every day. God showed me a direct flight to Toronto (travel time 8-9 hrs). Now, that seemed juicy! However, the price for  those opportunities were always over $2,200. I claimed it anyway! I claimed my direct flight to Toronto! I claimed for the trip to be easy and fun. I said yes to the desire of having a direct flight. Then, I surrendered it to God. It was God’s job to make it happen. He showed me the juicy option, I saw it, and I said yes to it. God wouldn’t tease me with this if i couldn’t have it.

We persisted in doing our inner work. We kept going deeper and deeper. The deeper we went, the higher the price for the plane tickets got. I surrendered at every step as it was obvious I could not do this alone and I could not control it. One day, as I was coming back from my job, I cried tears of joy and surrender. I said to Laurentiu, “You know, I finally get it. I can’t make it to Toronto.” He seemed puzzled by my statement, but kept listening. “I can’t make it to Toronto. It’s the truth. Because it’s not my job to make it there. It’s God’s job. I just have to allow God to work through me. I don’t have to do anything but surrender to God. He wants us there, it is obvious, so there is no need for me to do anything, just surrender to His will.” I cried happy tears as I imagined giving myself to God. Enough with trying to do this alone! Enough with control! It’s all God.

The next day, I felt guided to speak with a person from the community. I found out that she was also attending the event and had two open spots in her AirBnb. Interesting! I had some resistance accepting the offer, because I would have felt much more comfortable to have the plane tickets first. I mean, if I could afford the plane tickets, I could definitely afford the AirBnb. But I could feel that this was me controlling. It was obvious God wanted for us to have the AirBnb first. We kindly accepted the offer she made to stay with her and, by that evening, we had paid for the AirBnb. Funny enough, this meant we would be staying with Sama as well.

By now, we had a clear picture that we would be there. We had passports, we had obtained the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization, which gave us permission to travel to Canada), we had a place to stay, and some money was rolling in from our coaching business for food and leisure. Oh, but the plane tickets, the mother effing plane tickets! What a bittersweet desire. We were tempted many times to just go for the cheaper option, but we could not even afford those at that time. We almost had enough for one plane ticket, but just one of us was not an option!

Before a group coaching session with Keely and Colby, I searched again for the plane tickets. The prices had increased and no direct flights could be found. I broke down internally and Keely gracefully helped me through this in the session. I had a deep, deep fear about money, and that my only option was to take a loan from the bank. This option was unacceptable to me as I already had one loan that I just wanted to finish paying. Refinancing that loan and getting money for the plane tickets was NOT an option for me. In the session, Keely helped me claim God as my source even deeper and afterwards I caught myself saying this: “You know Keely, I could have the money NOW if I wanted, but I don’t want it in THAT way!” Notice how both God and ego spoke in that sentence? God told me I could have it now. Ego replied, not in THAT way (aka God’s way). 

I caught this later in the week and healed it. I surrendered to God and allowed Him to provide for me in all ways. I healed everything that came up about taking money out of the bank: being a failure, not being good enough, not being able to do it the “right” way, etc. I worked through all the illusions. God wanted me to have the money this way and it was obvious. I chose to accept it no matter what it looked like on the outside. I chose to accept God in all ways. I chose to accept God’s support in all ways, unconditionally. No more excuses.

Meanwhile, Laurentiu remembered he had an acquaintance that worked as a travel agent. He spoke with him and the agent was able to find us direct flights from Budapest (we wanted Bucharest initially, but surrendered that) AND he offered us transportation from the comfort of our home to the airport and back at the marvelous price of… $2060 (approximately). This was way cheaper than anything we found online. We claimed it, I took the money out of the bank, and the plane tickets were ours.

Event tickets, plane tickets, Airbnb, passport and eTA. All done, right? Friday, one week before the event, I was inhaling and exhaling peace and victory, thinking that “Oh God, we actually did it, we are actually going to Toronto.” Oh, the arrogance. The next day, we received some rather unpleasant news: our AirBnb was cancelled due to some people dropping out. A multitude of feelings arose from the situation, feelings that demanded attention. We focused again on our inner work, while trying to remain present with the situation and on the lookout for a new Airbnb. In all this mess, Jeff’s sermon from a Life Purpose Class came to me: “Just because you are in front of your dream house, with the key in your hand, doesn’t mean you can stop. You still need to make the steps towards your house and use the key to open the door and enter the house; and once you’re in the house you can celebrate arriving home.” My inner Jeff kindly reminded me that I was not in Toronto yet, so I must not stall the inner work. I listened. By Sunday we had a new Airbnb.

Jeff spoke again to me, this time through a Twin Flames Ascension School Class, when he asked the students: what is going to be the fear that stops you from attaining your HTFU? What is going to be the illusion that keeps you away from your desires and dreams? He spoke directly to my heart. I chose then NOT to allow any fear to stay in between me and my desire of being in Toronto.

We diligently did our inner work in the week of the workshop, and no major outside threat appeared… until we arrived at the airport in Budapest. We were supposed to check in our luggage. Nothing too extraordinary. Since the luggage was on Laurentiu’s ticket, he proceeded to the check-in counter with it, while I watched him from a distance. I saw that he was stopped before the counter by a guy who seemed to ask him a lot of questions. While the other people seemed to pass through easily, Laurentiu was stuck. I felt anxiety and panic coming up. This was it. This was the place we would fail. For a precious second, I even wondered how we would even be able to get home from here since we would not be allowed on the plane. Those pesky fears. I focused on my breathing, giving love to myself, and surrendering to God. At this point there was clearly nothing for us to do other than trust. Meanwhile, Laurentiu was getting shredded by the border guy. I saw he was anxious too. I kept grounding and loving myself. At some point, the guy waved for me to come as well. He just needed to check our eTA and put a sticker on our passport and then he let us through. He had apparently asked Laurentiu some basic questions about how long we were staying in Canada and when would we return. In his own anxiety, Laurentiu forgot all this information and gave the most shady answers ever. However, when he told the border guy we were going for an event over the weekend and staying a few days more to explore Toronto, he gave in and let us through. With those shady answers, it was a miracle we passed this checkpoint.

The plane departure was two hours late, which again caused panic and anxiety to come up. A storm started outside and I was terrified even thinking about experiencing a storm while on a plane. We kept healing and feeling our feelings while we waited. We departed and, overall, the flight was enjoyable. Before landing we had to give some sort of declaration. Even though the procedure is standard, we had never encountered it before, so once again I was hit by anxiety and fear. My fear was saying they would not let us in Canada because we brought chocolates from Romania! As silly as it sounds, it was a real fear I had to release. The guy from the border check was unimpressed by the Romanian chocolates we brought and let us enter Canada.

And so, by overcoming our fears and working diligently through all our blocks, we were free to roam the Canadian land and attend the Ascension Workshop of Jeff and Shaleia.

About the Authors

Alexandra and Laurentiu joined the Twin Flames Universe community in 2018. Dreaming of achieving Harmonious Twin Flame Union, they persisted through block after block, and attained this beautiful realization in May 2019. Alexandra and Laurentiu love to play video games, and it is their Life Purpose to bring the fun they experience to others. The couple offers Twin Flame coaching, and many have received deep healing through the compassion with which they hold their clients. A sacred space is truly shared through the Union of Alexandra and Laurentiu. Visit their page for details on how to schedule your own session.