We guarantee permanent harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame

through Twin Flame Ascension School


As you read these words, know you are about to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. Notice how you feel right now. Notice who you think you are. Do you feel like you know yourself thoroughly? That all is about to change as you continue this journey all the way to your Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You will come to know yourself on deeper levels than you ever dreamed possible, and it will result in the most wonderful and stupendous results for you. It will also result in your soul reunion and healing back into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


Twin Flame Ascension School is the magnum opus of Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame work. There is no richer, more complete, more powerful teaching on the planet for Twin Flames. This is the heart of it. Can you feel the energy of the information contained within the School? Feel into your heart chakra and tune to the vibration of Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS.) Do you notice the high vibrational frequency? Can you sense the enormity of it? Can you sense the rich and deep meaning it has in store for you? Are you willing to let it positively transform you and your life?


This is what it is designed to do, and it will do this and so much more for you, if you choose to allow it. The process is a gentle one which you can take at any pace you like. You will meet many wonderful people, some of them will become like family to you as you follow along with their journeys. You’ll see them triumph, you’ll see them confront challenges and fears, and you’ll see them all healing and going deeper into their fully healed state.


You see, you were created with a Twin Flame, a perfect Divine Complement. You know this is true because you feel the desire for them in your heart. You can even try feeling this desire right now as proof. You can never leave them and they can never leave you. However, somewhere along the way, you both invited separation consciousness into your minds. Separation consciousness separated you from God so you could explore the idea of being God. This experiment didn’t end up being very fun, and so now all of God’s children are working to end the experiment.


This is why so many people feel disconnected from their Source, from their Good, and from their Twin Flame. This is why your life doesn’t always work out how you hope, and upsetting things keep happening in certain areas of your life. This is how you can experience the illusion of separation from your Twin Flame…


TFAS teaches you an easy process to heal your separation consciousness through self love. It’s a very simple process which we go through again and again and again with every single student, each in their unique way. The process is simple, the teaching is simple, and the results are astonishing and miraculous.


If you have ever wanted to watch miracles occur right before your eyes, if you have ever desired to learn to work those miracles yourself, if you have ever wanted to see people and yourself transform and change in brilliant, healthy, Divine, and wonderful ways, then TFAS is right for you.


If you have ever wanted to learn to transform yourself into the most perfect version of you, the version God created, then TFAS is the right place for you.


It’s not just about watching students transform, it’s about letting their stories guide you and transform you. It’s about uncovering the Truth about Jeff and Shaleia’s miraculous teachings, and discovering the untold power and divinity they hold.


Twin Flame Ascension School starts out when Jeff and Shaleia had only a handful of students. Watch as the power of their work transforms even the recordings themselves. Watch Jeff and Shaleia transform and change, see their life story unfold over more than one hundred weeks of 90 minute classes.


When you complete the first free classes, you’ll have two options to choose from. If you’re on a tighter budget, you can subscribe for life to just one of the three classes. This will give you the basic experience of TFAS and allow you to peek into the world of spiritual healing and soul restoration. It will introduce you to a handful of wonderful people who carry the torch of reuniting with their Twin Flames, as their lives show you how you can do it too. The whole process is contained fully within each and every class.


As each class is unique, and each class holds secrets to God and Life, some subtle, quiet, spoken about openly, but only those who can read between the lines can see, a Great Gift is woven like a golden thread between all three TFAS classes. For this reason, if you choose to get the All Classes Pass and subscribe to all three TFAS classes for life, we incentivize the premium experience, so you’ll only have to pay for two. See our subscription page for the latest pricing details.




As we mentioned before, TFAS teaches you how to heal your separation consciousness from your Source. You do it within yourself. This process dramatically accelerates your ascension into your perfect, Heavenly state of being, just as you were created by God. By subscribing to TFAS and watching all the classes, you will unequivocally understand how to put this process into practice for yourself, thereby accelerating your own ascension into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


Some call this the “Awakening.” This is you waking up to your true Divine Nature. This is it. You will find the more separation consciousness you heal, the more aware you become. You will find you become extremely clear in your mind and heart, and things begin to happen magically and miraculously for you to bring you everything you desire, including your beloved Twin Flame.


The focus of Twin Flame Ascension School is Twin Flames as a path to your complete and total ascension into your Heavenly state. Meeting your Twin Flame is easy, and as of this writing, all 36 students have met their Twin Flames. You’ll find lots of chances to call in your Twin Flame through the classes you watch as you see your live classmates calling theirs in. You’ll also see them work through the process of identifying their Twin Flames so you can gain greater and greater certainty that yes, you have met your True Twin Flame.


There is just SO MUCH juicy GOOD in each and every class in Twin Flame Ascension School. Volumes upon volumes of books could be written about this Heavenly school of Twin Flame Union and Ascension. You’ll have to discover many of the riches yourself by subscribing to the classes.


With Twin Flame Ascension School classes, you’ll find each and every class builds upon the previous one as the collective consciousness of the school heals itself as a single unit, made up of many wonderful individuals who each walk their own unique paths.


As a result of this process, each and every class gets BETTER THAN THE ONES BEFORE IT, so EACH CLASS IS THE BEST CLASS WHICH HAS EVER BEEN CREATED!


This means you can safely look forward to something even better than the class you just finished watching. Not only is it a Divine Drama (which at times can become very entertaining for all involved) being played out within the comfort of a shared and open classroom, where real spiritual growth and dialogue is taking place for you at the touch of a button, but the Truth being displayed is unattainable without such a magnificent forum for it to be shown. Where and how else could you experience this except by being a private disciple of a great spiritual master as they guide you and your fellow, highly committed disciples to your Harmonious Twin Flame Unions?


You could certainly spend lifetimes exploring your own life experiences, but having the experiences of so many people take place right before your eyes is absolutely priceless. To have so many people open up their lives and stories for you to come into Permanent Harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame is an astonishing act of love and compassion from a group of absolutely loving and compassionate people for your spiritual benefit.


As you see them heal their separation consciousness, you will find you are healing yours right along with them. As you watch them go through their life challenges, you will find so many opportunities to relate, and to see them grow.


The process works every time for every person. You heal your separation consciousness, you receive your Twin Flame in Permanent Harmonious Union every single time.


Because you were created as One with your Twin Flame by your Source, you and your Twin Flame are already One in spiritual Truth. You are experiencing the illusion of separation from your Source and from your Twin Flame.


Twin Flame Ascension School will take you from ANY degree of separation all the way into your Harmonious Union and beyond.


Healing separation consciousness is simple and easy, but it can be extremely counter-intuitive. That’s why we have dedicated so much of our lives to teaching this to you. Experiencing the illusion of ego can be very tricky at times to resolve. It’s like having an itch in a place you just can’t seem to scratch. Sometimes you don’t even know it’s there because it has disguised itself so well. It can even creep its way into your spiritual practice and use your spiritual practice and beautiful spiritual understandings to its own warped, insane ends which do not include God or your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


Our students, even the most mastered of them, have found times where they are experiencing illusion and don’t even realize it. That’s why the deep, deep dive of TFAS is so essential and necessary for your Twin Flame journey. Many people take many months or years to come into Harmonious Union, and that’s okay.


Sometimes, when you are beginning this journey, you may get quick results and think it should happen all at once, and it can. But sometimes we don’t realize just how much love truly awaits us here. We think choosing a little less love, cutting corners or settling might get us our Twin Flame faster, but in every single circumstance with every single student, corners can never ever ever be cut with this one. You can either have the whole love, or Source will wait as you resolve each and every upset you have.


Don’t worry though, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO HAVE YOUR HARMONIOUS TWIN FLAME UNION! You just need to clear juuuuusst enough of this separation consciousness you hold that repels your Twin Flame from you. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you shout, no matter how good an offer you present to them, no matter how beautiful you make yourself or how masterfully you bat your eyelashes, this separation consciousness will keep you apart like magnets who oppose each other with the same polarity.


This is because of how much Twin Flames amplify each other. If you still hold so much separation consciousness that being around each other amplifies that separation consciousness primarily, it wouldn’t be worth it vibrationally to be close to each other. You would feel too much separation for it to feel good and be worth it. Naturally, you will vibrationally repel each other.


BUT! Once you clear juuuuust enough of that separation consciousness you hold in your mind and heart, miracles start to occur and they occur every single time with every single person. When you do the work we teach you in TFAS you too will experience this very same miracle.


The beauty of TFAS is that you will most definitely have your upsets touched upon by the students in classes. You will see them go through their upsets, share them, express them, work through them, and be done with them. You will most definitely relate to so many of their upsets because you probably hold something like that too within your consciousness.


The students who are learning will become your companions and teachers too as you work through your separation consciousness with the ultimate goal and end result of coming into Permanent Harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame.


We absolutely guarantee the results of our work because this is a basic spiritual science which has been tried, tested, and true every. Single. Time. And it will work for you.


So what are you waiting for? Isn’t your Twin Flame Union worth it? Aren’t you worth it? Aren’t you ready to experience the life of your dreams with your Ultimate Lover? Your eternal best friend? Your Perfect Partner? Your Perfect Divine Complement who Source created for YOU to be with you eternally? Your person? Aren’t you ready to be with your person again? Doesn’t your heart call for them with so much love and connection? Don’t you feel that? Aren’t you ready now? Isn’t it time?


Don’t worry, you can get started immediately with five, FIVE free classes in Twin Flame Ascension School. That’s SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS of content available for FREE!


You will know in your heart if this path is right for you if you feel good about the free classes. You have been guided here for a reason. Your spiritual help has brought you here very particularly and on purpose so you can experience the eternal life of your dreams with your One True Love.




We have taken extraordinary care to ensure every single class is RICH with powerful lessons, spiritual teachings, and deeper awarenesses not just about Twin Flames, but how you and the Universe work together as a whole. We have also taken care to not just provide a teaching that works, but provide a tremendous support system surrounding it. While there is no way you can come be part of the live subscription, you can still be part of the movement and community.


With our facebook group: Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum, TFAS classes are discussed regularly. Some students even elect to get together online via Google Hangouts and have weekly discussions on the classes they watched that week. You’ll find it so easy to make friends, connect, share, open up, offer help, and move through your process of dissolving your separation consciousness as part of a community.


Even if you are an extremely shy or private person, you will find it easy to be around the community and people because no one is trying to take something from you or get something from you. No one is trying to control you or make you do something. No one is there to harm you or increase your separation from your Good.


We have taken enormous care to develop a spiritual community of like-minded individuals who are seeking Perfect Union with their Twin Flame. Each person who is part of our community knows deep down that their presence and support for the community in turn supports them. Each person is part of something greater than themselves and contributes with their experiences and their support and sharing. They know, and you can come to know too, the power of a spiritual community and support system.




Making friends, developing relationships, having a support system is an incredible gift you can give yourself on your Twin Flame journey.  See below what real students of Twin Flame Ascension School have to say about it, in their own words.


“The moment I came across Jeff and Shaleia’s videos and started watching them, I knew instantly that they’ll be the ones who will change my life forever based on the good vibes they are emitting, and the rich body of information they kept presenting.

I changed exponentially throughout the past year. I became more peaceful, grounded, and patient. Gained a lot of clarity and achieved so much healing.

And as a result of jeff & shaleia and other devoted wonderful students undivided love and attention towards me; my twin flame started talking to me again after one year of disappearance! And it’s going really good and it gets better!

I have but three unique beings to give my thanks to for making this happen: God first then Jeff & Shaleia.

Buy their book, share their work, join the school, try their services, and talk about twin flames with your dear ones whom you feel may receive this information well.

Their work is a 100% worth every penny, and let me tell you: they know no bullshit too. wJoin today and enter a winning investment eternally.

Thank you once more Jeff & Shaleia for sharing your priceless gifts with the world, I’m truly in a forever gratitude ” -Miro Marzouq


There came a point on my twin flame journey, almost 2 years in, where I simply had enough. So many times, my twin and I appeared to be on the doorstep to union, only for it to fall away because I could not maintain the vibration. This was mostly due to control and massive separation consciousness. Not only was I blind to seeing that my twin was me, but complete separation from God. Add to that, horrible advice and guidance that I was receiving from so many twin flame “experts” out there that only fed on my fears and told me things like some twins don’t unite in this lifetime.

The thought of living out the rest of my life without the possibility of being with my twin was a thought too painful to bear. I knew there had to be another way. Unknowingly at that moment, I called in Jeff and Shaleia. God always planned for us to work together, but in that moment, I was ready! I binge watched their videos and bought and read their book and learned the mirror exercise. So many times they said that you WILL be with your twin flame if you choose to be and do the work.

I started doing the mirror exercise and my Twin Flame came back into my life. I was determined this time to succeed. I knew Jeff and Shaleia had a school and I kept thinking about it. At the time, I was in poverty consciousness… so I hesitated. But the pull to go to school was too great. The desire to be with my one true love was too great. Finally one night, I prayed to God… something I had not done seriously for a long time… and asked him to go to Twin Flame Ascension School. The next day, Jeff and Shaleia put out a video about their school (a sure sign) and I made the final decision. I had the exact date in mind when I would start – May 11, 2017.

I’m almost a year in now and when I joined, all I wanted was my twin flame. What I found, was so much more. I found a family. Not only in Jeff and Shaleia, but with all of my fellow students who love me and support me daily. I found God. What I had been seeking for so long in my twin flame was what I was seeking in God my whole life and lifetimes before. I used to curse God for burdening me with a Twin Flame, but now I see it was the greatest gift he could have ever given me. A living, breathing embodiment of His love for me. The greatest love imaginable and it is mine. I also discovered who I truly am in this moment and have always been! Every day more is revealed to me and every day I grow closer and closer to my Harmonious Union. I am eternally grateful for what I have found since joining TFAS. Now I am not only a student of TFAS but also Life Purpose class and creating my life purpose now! Thank you Jeff and Shaleia for showing me the way home!” -Aazhen Moggy


“I had met my twin flame, but I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know about twin flames or anything of the sort. I thankfully found Jeff and Shaleia after my twin was revealed to me. They’ve been overseeing and helping me along my journey ever since. They are so good to me. If there’s anyone who knows about Twin Flames, it’s them. They made it all possible. Thank God for Jeff and Shaleia. I love them so much. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have been able to to pursue my Twin Flame without them. They have helped me progress and taught me things most couldn’t. They taught me about my loving father God. He’s the most important and only they were able to teach me truthfully about him. They’re the best spiritual teachers ever!” – Anastasia Om



“I remember my first ever conversation with Jeff. I was wearing a mask of confidence and outwardly believed I was 2 seconds away from Union. But underneath that I was broken, confused, torn apart. I was on a daily roller coaster of incredible highs and disparaging lows. I truly didn’t know what or who to believe, Jeff assured me I was in the right place, he spoke to that part of me that I was hiding behind a facade. The part of me that was way too vulnerable for me to show to anyone, he was able to see.

I had no idea what to expect, but what I did know was that if I was ever going to rise above all the pain and confusion, Jeff and Shaleia were sent to me as an answered prayer. What started out as a means to an end for me to be with the woman I love has blossomed into so much more than that. I’ve learned immeasurable things about myself, love, God, and life. Jeff and Shaleia have helped me to completely transform into my truest self and reveal new layers of myself continuously.
I’m so grateful to be a part of this community Jeff and Shaleia have opened their hearts to create. We have formed such strong bonds with one another, we’ve been there for one another through thick and thin, we are a family.

As a result of everything Jeff and Shaleia have shared with me I have found such a beautiful inner peace and love for myself. I learned to live without fear. I realize my worth, my power, and continue to grow and expand upon the gifts that I have been given by God.

I’m not sure I would have been able to get to this place on my own without the love and support of this community. For that I am eternally grateful with all of my heart. ” -Jay Emerick



“Jeff and Shaleia through Twin Flame Ascension School and the community they created have completely and totally changed my life.

I met my Twin a year ago and had no idea what a twin flame was or what was going on or why my life seemed to be falling apart. I didn’t know what the connection was and it triggered me so badly that I ran away from it. I found that I couldn’t let it go, though, and so I started seeking answers.

I came across tons of articles and videos online about Twin Flames, but all of them sent me into a state of panic or fear or depression. There are SO many lies, myths and just terrible information out there! None of it was helpful. My heart was calling out for the truth and it felt like I was blindfolded and stumbling around in the dark.

I’m not sure I can even give justice to the domino effect of synchronicities that lead me to finding Twin Flame Ascension School. I was calling for it, like I said, and it was also calling for me. I watched the first 3 classes back to back one day in December 2017. I remember feeling like a fog was slowly clearing in my mind. I realized I had come home.

I knew the things I had experienced with the person I now know is my Twin Flame were real, intense and out of this world. I knew there was more to it all. I knew this was part of something huge. I subscribed immediately and then after only a month upgraded to the All Classes Lifetime Subscription. Best choice I’ve ever made in my entire life.

I found myself binge watching classes all day every day. It’s all I wanted to do with my time (still is). Jeff and Shaleia through Twin Flame Ascension School are bringing to Earth what’s needed now more than anything else: the Truth; lessons in how to love yourself, feel connected to yourself and God and experience the life you were meant to live with the person you were designed to live it with. They are leading all of us into the lives of our dreams in a world full of cynicism and fear. They are introducing us to a reality where miracles are normal and you can have whatever you desire.

With every class I watch I experience a shift in my consciousness. Sometimes they are small, subtle shifts. Sometimes I have to pause a class every 10 minutes to process because my mind is so blown. They are rewiring you and healing you always. In every episode they speak directly to you. I’ve found that no matter what class I decide to watch or when I decide to watch it, it will always provide me with the next piece I need to move forward on my journey. This is because they are master spiritual teachers and their teachings are eternal.

I’ve shifted from obsessing about my Twin Flame to understanding that he is me, and whenever I come into full alignment with God and my Higher Self, then Harmonious Union will happen naturally.
I have come to understand that all of this is so much bigger than being in a romantic relationship with someone. It’s actually all about inner healing, ascension and unity consciousness, returning back to your true Self. It’s the journey of a lifetime and Jeff and Shaleia are the best possible people to lead the way. The community they have created in the Twin Flames Universe Open Forum is actively manifesting New Earth. I can’t believe I found this place. I’m never going to leave.

My entire life I have been looking for something. No college or course of study could keep my interest for very long. I couldn’t seem to hold onto any jobs. I looked at the world around me and found myself intensely dissatisfied with all of it. I knew there had to be something more.

Well, this is that something more. Whether you’ve met your Twin Flame, haven’t met your Twin Flame, don’t believe in Twin Flames, or don’t know what you’re doing with your life, it doesn’t matter. Twin Flame Ascension School is right for you, because it’s made for all of consciousness. It will help you in all the ways you are asking for help both consciously and subconsciously. It will completely transform you and strip away every last piece of illusion you are holding onto and leave you standing with nothing but your truth and love.

Because of TFAS I have come to know myself on a deep level. I’ve healed my traumas from this life and lives past. I can now process my upsets and triggers in a matter of minutes where it used to take me weeks, months or even years. I’ve released old patterns, addictions and ways of being that were not good for me. I’ve come to know my life purpose. I’ve been welcomed into a community of healers, teachers, artists and innovators that I’m intensely proud to know. In Jeff and Shaleia I have found mentors, teachers, friends, and the true role models I was always looking for.

If you have questions, you will find your answers here. If you’re feeling lost, this is the way. If you’re feeling stuck, this will set you free. If you’re feeling confused, here you will find clarity.

Twin Flame Ascension School and the community Jeff and Shaleia have created is everything to me. I don’t want to imagine my life without it. Thank God I’ll never have to.” -Dee Pierce